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According and Daily
According to the liner notes of the 1995 compilation Love Story, Young stuck with the album project long enough to arrange the track " The Daily Planet.
According to the Daily Express of April 24, 1934, Leni Riefenstahl had read Mein Kampf during the making of her film The Blue Light.
* Siddur Zehut Yosef ( Daily and Shabbat ) According to the Rhodes and Turkish Traditions, Hazzan Isaac Azose, Seattle, Washington: Sephardic Traditions Foundation, 2002
According to a September 2007 article in the Daily Telegraph, Nicks says she is again selling her home, her recently purchased Pacific Palisades home ( purchased two years before by Nicks, right down the street from a rental home she had for years in Pacific Palisades ).
According to the New York Daily News, “ Blaine can lay claim to his own brand of wizardry.
According to The Daily Commercial, Sumter County's unemployment rate as of March 2009 is 13. 2 percent.
According to Motion Picture Daily, " opening day business at the Music Hall was close to capacity.
According to Tom Utley, writing in the Daily Telegraph, the site is connected to One World Action, a charity founded by Glenys Kinnock, and to Kinnock herself.
According to the Eastern Daily Press it had been Norfolk's wettest ever September day.
According to her obituary in the Daily Telegraph, a diamond swastika was among her jewels.
According to the McKeesport Daily News, Duquesne has the worst performing schools in the state of Pennsylvania.
According to The Daily Item, in 2007, Selinsgrove also reached adequate yearly progress standards for the first time since the progress analysis began during the 2002-03 school year.
According to articles published by the Daily Mail and the Times in December 2008, Jonathan, a Seychelles Giant tortoise living on the island of St Helena may be as old as 176 or 178 years.
According to The Daily Telegraph, Kim was a chain-smoker.
According to one widely reported account, newsman Ed Lahey wrote this lead for the Chicago Daily News: " Richard Loeb, despite his erudition, today ended his sentence with a proposition.
According to the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat ( hangul: 승정원일기, hanja: 承政院日記 ) King Yeongjo wanted to revive the glorious times of King Sejong the Great, and so read chronicles of Sejong's era.
According to the Daily Telegraphs analysis, the speech contained a warning to David Cameron " that a ' slack ' attitude to immigration will result in the Coalition repeating the mistakes made under Labour, when the vast majority of new jobs generated before the recession were taken by immigrants ".
According to a study looking into immigration patterns, Wisbech was once identified as the seventh " most English " town in Britain by Sky News However, on 16 February 2008 a report in the Daily Express titled " Death Of A Country Idyll " wrote about how the influx of Eastern European immigrants may have caused the increase of crime and other illegal activities.
According to an August 2005 YouGov / Daily Telegraph survey, Britons ' feelings toward abortion by gestational age are:
According to Robert Gore-Langton of the Daily Express, in his review of the original 2000 production, " blood from a severed arm sprayed over my lap.
According to Robert Gore-Langton of the Daily Express, in his review of the original 2000 production, " blood from a severed arm sprayed over my lap.
According to Robert Gore-Langton of the Daily Express, in his review of the original 2000 production, " blood from a severed arm sprayed over my lap.
* According to Sharaf ( p. 379 ), Bangor's Daily News reported on 24 July 1953:
According to the Columbia " Daily Register " the speech " was the sensation of the meeting.

According and Telegraph
According to Telegraph journalist Simon Heffer, both Powell and Heath believed that Powell was responsible for the Conservatives ' losing the election.
According to the Belfast Telegraph, "... 70 separate police intelligence reports implicating the north Belfast UVF man in dealing cannabis, Ecstasy, amphetamines and cocaine.
According to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, " the school was closed in 2005 because of budget problems and declining enrollment ," and on April 5, 2006 the 85-year-old Welton School building was demolished.
According to the Sunday Telegraph, Kim had US $ 4 billion on deposit in European banks in case he ever needed to flee North Korea.
According to a report in the Daily Telegraph ( Australia ), illegal brothels in Sydney now outnumber licensed operations by four to one ; according to a 2009 report, in Queensland only 10 % of prostitution happens in licensed brothels, the rest remains either unregulated or illegal.
According to the Telegraph, " The most prestigious group of scientists in the country was forced to act after fellows complained that doubts over man made global warming were not being communicated to the public ".
According to Lance Tingay of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Gibson was ranked in the world top ten from 1956 through 1958, reaching a career high of No. 1 in those rankings in 1957 and 1958.
According to The Daily Telegraph, between 2004 and 2008, he himself claimed a total of £ 87, 708 for his constituency home including £ 18, 800 for food.
According to a 2001 interview with The Telegraph, Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson said that his son Darren, who was at tryouts for Eredivisie rival Heerenveen at the time, begged his father, " You've got to sign Van Nistelrooy right away, he's fantastic.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the minister claimed a total of £ 86, 277 over four years in additional costs allowance – close to the total allowed under Parliament's green book.
According to the Daily Telegraph Davies spent £ 4, 000 renovating his designated second home before losing his seat in 2005.
According to a psychologist quoted in the Daily Telegraph, since Bo Xilai assumed power, " depression, burn out and suicides have all risen among officials … Officials now make up the largest share of patients in counselling in the city .”
According to The Daily Telegraph he has been described as the Jeffrey Archer of the art world, a purveyor of " badly conceived soft porn ", and a painter of " dim erotica ", According to Vanity Fair, critics say Jack Vettriano paints brainless erotica.
En-route they would reportedly hold corroborees at the current site of the Pymble Reservoir in Telegraph Rd and " camped on the hill ... at the junction of Merrivale Rd and Selwyn St ." According to Robert Pymble II " the Aborigines had faded out by about 1856, mainly because of smallpox.
According to Wallis Myers of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, she was ranked in the world top ten in 1936 and 1937 ( no rankings issued from 1940 through 1945 ), reaching a career high of World No. 1 in those rankings in 1937.
According to Lance Tingay of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and Bud Collins, Haydon-Jones was ranked in the world top ten from 1957 through 1963 and from 1965 through 1970, reaching a career high of World No. 2 in those rankings in 1967 and 1969.
According to The Daily Telegraph of 26 August 2004: " In 1998, he was at the centre of a scandal after he lent huge sums of money at exorbitant interest rates to more than 900 local police officers and civil servants in Cape Town.
According to Jan Moir in The Daily Telegraph, she was seen " shouting at sobbing, fat women while forcing them to eat quinoa and undergo frequent sessions of colonic irrigation enthusiastically administered by her good self.

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