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According and Tom
According to Tom Roberts, author of Alex Raymond: His Life and Art ( 2007 ), Capp delivered a stirring speech that was instrumental in changing those rules.
According to Tom McArthur in the Oxford Guide to World English, " For many people.
According to Tom Landry, the Cowboys were very confident.
According to Tom Jr .: This anecdote never made it into IBM lore, which is too bad, because it would have helped explain Father to the tens of thousands of people who had to follow his rules.
According to Nicks, friend and former musical partner Tom Petty was responsible for convincing her to write music again when he rebuffed her request that he write a song with her.
According to Charles Greville, Melbourne said to his secretary, Tom Young: " I think it's a damned bore.
According to a NASA press release, APOLLO researcher Tom Murphy said, " We got about 2, 000 photons from Lunokhod 1 on our first try.
According to statements from Joe's brother Tom to biographer Maury Allen, Rosalia's father wrote to her with the advice that Giuseppe could earn a better living in California than in their native Isola delle Femmine, an Italian town in North-Western Sicily, administratively part of the province of Palermo.
According to Hecht, the film will likely be produced in a combination of live action and CGI, or motion capture ; the character will be set in the present day, with Tom Swift working for leading green company Swift Enterprises.
According to Wozniak, reading the Tom Swift books made him feel " that engineers can save the world from all sorts of conflict and evil ".
According to Light, at that time Tom McLaury was already struggling away from the fight, although other eyewitness accounts placed Tom's movement later.
According to J. Bowyer Bell, in the Secret Army, " With the possible exception of Tom Maguire, who went along, the Dáil members felt that the IRA request gave them the moral recognition so long denied by all factions and that their conditional devolution of power would in turn give the IRA the moral basis for the impending campaign " of 1939 – 45.
According to Tom Utley, writing in the Daily Telegraph, the site is connected to One World Action, a charity founded by Glenys Kinnock, and to Kinnock herself.
According to Tom Barr ( Caves of Tennessee, 1961 ), as many as 300 men worked in the cave removing the nitrous earth to the leaching vats located near the entrance.
According to the Anglican Bishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Dr Tom Wright, the novel is a " great thriller " but " lousy history ".
According to an 1826 article submitted by a person well-versed in local history identifying himself as W. Reader, there was already a well-established tradition before his time that there was a certain tailor who had taken a peek at Lady Godiva, and that at the annual Trinity Great Fair ( now called the Godiva Festival ) featuring the Godiva processions " a grotesque figure called Peeping Tom " would be set on display, and it was a wooden statue carved from oak.
According to Israeli historian Tom Segev, Maariv asked for the opinion of the minister of religious affairs, Dr. Zerah Warhaftig, who did not refute the rabbinical ruling, but quoted from traditional Jewish sources according to which Jewish doctors had saved the lives of non-Jews on the Sabbath, although they were not required to do so.
According to Callan: " I mentioned, just in the course of conversation, that I was Jewish – at which Lady Mosley went ashen, snapped a crimson nail and left the room ... No explanation was given but she would later write to a friend: A nice, polite reporter came to interview Tom Mosley was known but he turned out to be Jewish and was sitting there at our table.
According to Garrett, McCarty was buried the day after he was killed in Fort Sumner's old military cemetery, between his fallen companions Tom O ' Folliard and Charlie Bowdre.
According to Mello, " Maurizio always wanted everything to be round and brown, and Tom wanted to make it square and black.
According to a 2004 interview, Everly, who was then an MTV talent executive, initially said no to dating Hoppus: " Tom always used to embarrass me.
According to some sources ( such as archivist and biographer Dr. Susan Hood ) he was the actual designer of the flag ; others ( such as Tom McCarthy, president of the Genealogical Society of Ireland ) suggest a more peripheral role.
According to an interview with Cannondale Communications Director, Tom Armstrong, the company was unable to drive down the cost of their motor vehicles fast enough.
According to Tom Perchard, a Morgan biographer, it was Blakey who introduced the trumpeter to heroin, an addictive drug that impeded his career trajectory.

According and Watson
According to Steven Levy, IBM Watson researchers discovered differential cryptanalytic attacks in 1974 and were asked by the NSA to keep the technique secret.
According to Holmes, it was an encounter with the father of one of his classmates that led him to take up detection as a profession, and he spent the six years following university working as a consulting detective, before financial difficulties led him to take Watson as a roommate, at which point the narrative of the stories begins.
According to Watson, Holmes is an eccentric, with no regard for contemporary standards of tidiness or good order.
According to Watson, troy is not linked to the town in France, but a dialect word troi ( balance ).
According to Alan Watson, spokesperson for the Auger Collaboration, AGASA results have been shown to be incorrect, possibly due to the systematical shift in energy assignment.
According to writer Charlie Watson, " Confirming that all the trees had been felled at the same time suggested strongly that the building of the circle was a single event.
According to Burton Watson, the Vimalakīrti Sūtra probably originated in India in approximately 100 CE.
According to Watson, in June 1975 during a Greenpeace campaign to confront Soviet whaling, an incident occurred which changed his life.
According to KGB archives studied by Peter Watson, Nikita Khrushchev personally signed an order to have Nureyev killed.
According to law enforcement, Watson claimed to have explosives that he would detonate if police approached him.
According to some textbooks, Albert's mother worked in the same building as Watson and didn't know the tests were being conducted.
According to his killers — Charles " Tex " Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel and Susan Atkins — Frykowski fought very hard for his life and for the lives of other victims.
According to Watson: " Among these unfinished tales is that of Mr. James Phillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never more seen in this world ".
According to Watson ( 2006 ), many online professional development programs focus on helping teachers “ understand how to motivate individual learners, enhance student interaction and understanding without visual cues, tailor instruction to particular learning styles, and develop or modify interactive lessons to meet student needs .” ( p. 13 )
According to Watson and Atkins, Kasabian stood rooted to the front lawn, watching with a horrified expression as her companions committed murder.
According to William J. Watson, Skibo is the anglicisation of Scottish Gaelic Sgìobal, which in turn comes from an Old Norse name meaning either firewood-steading or Skithi's steading.
According to Williams, Watson was known around the neighborhood as a " gentleman ".
According to Trevor's confession the Gloria Scott left Falmouth " thirty years ago " and precisely in 1855, but that would set Holmes's enquiry in 1885 and not in his college years, as he told Watson.
) According to Dr. Watson:
According to Watson, " Since an early age I've had an in-built premonition, a vision that I wouldn't make 40.
According to Watson, the victorious conclusion of Bruckner's quest for a new and ideal finale form will be celebrated in his Eighth Symphony but the Sixth Symphony's development is an eminent and profoundly satisfying landmark on that triumphant march.
According to Pernell Watson of the Daily Press, Phillips will send an unprinted, confidential reply to readers who send a " self-addressed, stamped envelope ".

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