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According and VH1's
According to an episode of VH1's Pop Up Video, these drawings were created by a crew member's five year old daughter.

According and Reality
According to the Indologist Georg Feuerstein, the preceptors were traditionally treated with great reverence, granted excessive authority, and identified with the transcendental Reality.
According to Adi Shankara in his Vivekachudamani morally right action ( characterised as humbly and compassionately performing the primary duty of good to others without expectation of material or spiritual reward ), helps " purify the heart " and provide mental tranquility but it alone does not give us " direct perception of the Reality ".
According to constructivism, one must already have Reality in mind — that is, one must already know what Reality consists of — in order to confirm when one has at last " hit bottom.
The Future of Reality Theory According to John Wheeler:
According to this view, Vahiguru is a compound of two words, one from Persian and the other from Sanskrit, joined in a symbiotic relationship to define the indefinable indescribable Ultimate Reality.
According to the doctrine exposed by Guénon, the " spiritual realisation " leads to the effective identification with the states of being that are superior to our transitory human state, and ultimately to the " Supreme Identity " with the Supreme Principle or Absolute Reality.
According to him, both love and hate, materialism and spirituality, egotism and generosity exist only due to our limited perception of Reality.
According to the " Padutha Teeyaga-ETV Grand Reality Show " show on 5 April 2010, D. Suresh Babu ( brother of Venkatesh ) said that Venkatesh acted as Chinna Satyanarayana in the movie Prem Nagar.
According to Cornell University, " Reality Check is NOT against smokers.

According and TV
According to the Official Buffy Watcher's Guide, Whedon wrote the pilot to the TV series as a sequel to his original script, which is why the show makes references to events not occurred in the film.
On TV shows based in Chicago such as The Bob Newhart Show, Married ... with Children, Family Matters, Still Standing, According to Jim, Early Edition and The Bernie Mac Show, the main characters are all Bears fans, and have worn Bears ' jerseys and t-shirts on some occasions.
According to Bio TV, Dave claims himself that people nicknamed his daughter " Wenda.
According to the article, Anita Dunn claimed in an e-mail to have checked with colleagues who " deal with TV issues " and had been told that nobody had been instructed to avoid Fox.
According to The Prisoner: The Official Companion to the Classic TV Series, however, the series was originally supposed to run longer, but was canceled, forcing McGoohan to write the final episode in only a few days.
* According to The TV IV, nine new scripts for the third season of The Critic were written for UPN.
According to Mike Nesmith, it was Dolenz's voice that made the Monkees ' sound distinctive, and even during tension-filled times Nesmith and Peter Tork voluntarily turned over lead vocal duties to Dolenz on their own compositions, such as Tork's " For Pete's Sake ", which became the closing title theme for the second season of the TV show.
According to the Guinness World Book of Records ( 2005 ), Aniston ( along with her female costars ) became the highest paid TV actress of all time with her $ 1 million-per-episode paycheck for the tenth season of Friends.
According to a French documentary TV film " Tank on the Moon " by Jean Afanassieff, the Lunokhod design returned to limelight 15 years later due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster on April 26, 1986.
According to White, most of the never-chosen dossiers were photographs of actors of other TV series, such as George Takei, various series staffers and their wives, including Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Geller
Hamilton has since appeared on the television shows Frasier ( season 4 episode " Odd Man Out " as Laura ) and According to Jim and has done more TV movies, including On the Line, Robots Rising, Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples, Point Last Seen, and The Color of Courage.
According to reports, Avid's Media Composer is still the most used NLE on prime-time TV productions, being employed on up to 90 percent of evening broadcast shows.
According to a 2001 TV documentary by Bernhard Pletschinger and Claus Bredenbrock, evidence was immediately destroyed at the crash site.
According to writer Paul Dini, the Do-Do Bird is the father of Gogo Dodo, a character on the 1990s animated TV series Tiny Toon Adventures.
According to Channel 4's " The Best and Worst Places to Live in the UK " TV show Guildford was the 9th best place to live in Britain in 2006 but slipped to 12th position in 2007, largely due to the pollution produced by the numerous cars found on the roads.
According to MEMRI, in an interview aired on Al-Alam TV on May 15, 2009, PFLP-GC representative in Lebanon Anwar Raja denied the Holocaust, claiming that " the Jews have managed to falsify history " according to their interests and that the figure of 6 million Jews ( killed by the Nazis ) is an " inflation, falsification, and exaggeration ".
According to the " Best of the Rest " section of ESPN's Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame program, NBC television footage and press photos prove that no official rules ( Ryder Cup or PGA ) were broken when the Americans celebrated after Leonard's putt ( i. e. no one walked in or crossed Olazábal's putting line – although Europe player Sam Torrance has said in TV interviews that a TV cameraman stood on Olazábal's line while filming the invasion of the green by players and spectators ).
A book was published by La Découverte, a French editor, and a video documentary, Le Monde selon Monsanto ( The World According to Monsanto ), was released on DVD and shown on Arte, the Franco-German culture TV channel.
According to Boorman's running commentary on the DVD and Blu-ray editions, the studio wanted the scene shot two ways, one of which would be acceptable for TV.
According to an interview with TSR, the French language Swiss TV broadcaster, Kamprad drives a 1993 Volvo 240, flies only economy class, and encourages IKEA employees always to write on both sides of a piece of paper.
According to teammate Mike Scioscia, Fernando and many Dodger players watched Stewart, who had been a former Dodger, throw the no-hitter on TV.
According to Dave Thomas ' account in SCTV: Behind The Scenes, various ideas were batted around, then — and here's where meeting attendees remember things differently — either Close or Patinkin came up with the idea of presenting programming from the world's smallest TV station.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Baywatch is the most watched TV show in the world, with over 1. 1 billion viewers.

According and Secrets
According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are :- “ To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them ....” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27 ( 9 ) of the Companies Act 1976, because, “ it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders .” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act.
According to Lúcia's account, in the course of her appearances, the woman confided to the children three secrets, now known as the Three Secrets of Fátima.
According to the genealogies in the Dossiers Secrets his sister married one " Jean des Plantard ".
* According to the Sarah Jane Smith: Buried Secrets audio series from Big Finish Productions, after his encounter with the Doctor and Sarah, Giuliano takes charge of the Brotherhood of Demnos and re-forms them into a group called " the Orphans of the Future ".
" According to A Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey, by Nicholas Schaffner, Emily is the Honourable Emily Young ( born 13 March 1951 ), daughter of Wayland Hilton Young, 2nd Baron Kennet, and nicknamed " the psychedelic schoolgirl " at the UFO Club.
According to the Dossiers Secrets d ' Henri Lobineau, was the Grand Uncle of Sigebert IV de Razès.

According and Revealed
According to the MTV behind the scenes show “ The Hills: Revealed ” which aired July 14, 2010, school officials originally agreed with the producers to let camera crews shoot on school grounds and school events such as prom.

According and shows
" According to Anthroposophy, moral development reveals the extent to which one has achieved control over one's inner life and can exercise it in harmony with the spiritual life of other people ; it shows the real progress in spiritual development, the fruits of which are given in spiritual perception.
According to Francis King, historical evidence shows that there were " twenty three members of a flourishing Second Order under Berridge-Mathers in 1913.
According to Richard Kislan, " The shows of Rodgers and Hammerstein were the product of sincerity.
According to David Sklansky, game theory shows that a player should bluff a percentage of the time equal to his opponent's pot odds to call the bluff.
According to the 2006 Preview issue of Soap Opera Digest, it was briefly discussed that all ABC shows might do telenovela arcs, but this was rejected.
According to the minister, this data, together with the agreement of payment to suppliers of public administrations, shows that " labor reform is already starting to work.
According to Jan Michiel Otto, Professor of Law and Governance in Developing Countries at Leiden University, " Anthropological research shows that people in local communities often do not distinguish clearly whether and to what extent their norms and practices are based on local tradition, tribal custom, or religion.
( According to Cliff Kincaid, Castro advocated it " specifically in order to generate U. S. financial reparations to the rest of the world ," however a closer reading of Castro's speech shows that he never did mention " the rest of the world " as being recipients of revenue.
According to recent research, the word dates from before the sail was taken into use by the Germanic peoples of North-Western Europe, because the Old Frisian spelling shows that the word was pronounced with a palatal k and thus in all probability existed in North-Western Germanic before that palatalization happened, i. e. in the 5th century or before ( in the western branch ).
According to the researchers, the " discovery shows that water has been prevalent in the universe for nearly its entire existence.
According to the show, various reality shows ( notably Joe Millionaire ) combined audio and video from different times, or from different sets of footage, to create an artificial illusion of time chronology that did not occur, and a misportrayal of participant behaviors and actions.
According to Peter Edbury and John Rowe, the obscurity of William's life during these years shows that he did not play a large political role, but concentrated on ecclesiastical affairs and the writing of his history.
According to Thomas Taylor, " the dramatic shows of the Lesser Mysteries occultly signified the miseries of the soul while in subjection to the body, so those of the Greater obscurely intimated, by mystic and splendid visions, the felicity of the soul both here and hereafter, when purified from the defilements of a material nature and constantly elevated to the realities of intellectual vision.
According to the musicologist Curt Sachs Gusikov performed in garden concerts, variety shows, and as a novelty at symphony concerts.
According to the Global Resource Information Database of the United Nations Environment Programme, it shrank as much as 95 % from about 1963 to 1998, but " the 2007 ( satellite ) image shows significant improvement over previous years.
She has also appeared in several Disneyland parades and shows over the years, including The World According to Goofy, Light Magic, the Parade of the Stars, Fantasmic, A Christmas Fantasy Parade and Celebrate!
According to an article: " To celebrate the release of Distortion, Merritt and The Magnetic Fields played mini-residencies in cities around the country, culminating with six shows at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music.
* In the 2008 French documentary film The World According to Monsanto, Marie-Monique Robin shows the corruption of various government officials & the silencing of dissenting scientists by Monsanto.
According to Allen Weiss, in Mirrors of Infinity, this optical effect is a result of the use of the tenth theorem of Euclid ’ s Optics which asserts thatthe most distant parts of planes situated below the eye appear to be the most elevated .” In Fouquet ’ s time, interested parties could cross the canal in a boat, but walking around the canal provides a view of the woods that mark what is no longer the garden and shows the distortion of the grottos previously seen as sculptural.
According to the booklets accompanying some of the DVDs of Filmation's shows, legendary composer Ray Ellis ( who was assisted by his son Marc Ellis ) had produced the background music for most Filmation series under the pseudonyms " Yvette Blais and Jeff Michael.
According to Sullivan, Logan told him that the show was dreadfully becoming " another one of those and-then-I-wrote shows "; Sullivan asked him what he should do about it, and Logan volunteered to talk about his experiences in a mental institution.

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