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According and Warren
According to Warren:
According to The Descendants of William Sabin, compiled by Gordon Alan Morris, Thomas J. Prittie, and Dixie Prittie, the first Caucasian child born in the county was Mary Stuart Sabin, daughter of Dr. Warren Sabin, c. 1812.
According to F. M. Warren, it was Gaston Paris, Jeanroy's reviewer, in 1891 who first located troubadour origins in the festive dances of women hearkening the spring in the Loire Valley.
According to historian Warren Kozak, Wallace's defeat left LeMay's public reputation in tatters.
According to " The Boone Family " book by Hazel Atterbury Spraker ( 1982 ), " was buried near the body of his wife, in a cemetery established in 1803 by David Bryan, upon the bank of a small stream called Teuque Creek about one and one-half miles southeast of the present site of the town of Marthasville in Warren County, Missouri, it being at that time the only Protestant cemetery North of the Missouri River.
According to fellow poet and close friend Warren Kinthompson, he had " lost his will to live after the death of a younger sister.
According to Martha Warren Beckwith, there was indeed a tradition that such a human manifestation of the god had actually appeared, established games and perhaps the annual taxing, and then departed to " Kahiki ", promising to return " by sea on the canoes ʻAuwaʻalalua " according to the prose note.
According to Warren Upham, Darfur " was named either from a region of Sudan or when two Scandinavian railroad men questioned, " why you stop dar fur?
According to testimony given in the criminal case, Utah v. Warren Jeffs, the Hot Springs Motel located in Caliente is the site of several forced marriages between under-aged girls and older men.
According to their website, " Newton Memorial Hospital is a short-term, fully accredited, 146-bed acute care, not-for-profit hospital serving more than 250, 000 people in Warren and Sussex counties in New Jersey, Pike County in Pennsylvania and southern Orange County in New York.
According to the book Historical Sites of Warren County, the township was named after the Honorable Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen, a minister and theologian of the Dutch Reformed Church who came to New Jersey in 1720.
According to Warren Vaughan's diary, Farwell, a deckhand on the " Calumet ", agreed with Captain Fishnor to be placed ashore before the " Calumet " returned to the Pacific.
" According to a James Arness interview, CBS felt John Wayne was ideal for the role, but he, as most big screen stars, saw the fledging medium as a step down ; The belief Wayne was asked to pin on the badge is disputed by Warren.
" According to her Reds co-star Warren Beatty, " She approaches a script sort of like a play in that she has the entire script memorized before you start doing the movie, which I don't know any other actors doing that.
Notable workshop students and faculty include former faculty Robert Penn Warren, author of All the King's Men, former student Flannery O ' Connor, former student John Irving, author of The World According to Garp, former student Gail Godwin, former faculty Philip Roth, author of Goodbye Columbus and American Pastoral, former student Michael Cunningham, author of The Hours, and former faculty Kurt Vonnegut, author of books such as Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, and Slaughterhouse-Five.
According to Warren Treadgold the first themes were created between 659 and 661, during the reign of Constans II.
According to the History of Warren Massachusetts by Olney I.
According to Scientific American it was Charles Dinsmoor of Warren, Pennsylvania that invented a " vehicle " that was of endless tracks.
According to Warren Spector, it is the different versions of the Haunted Mansion ride thrown together.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Charlie Munger once said " it is a foregone decision " that Li Lu would be going to be a member of Berkshire's top investors team after Warren Buffett retires.
An inscription on a limestone stele recovered by Warren from Qasr Antar was translated by George Nickelsburg to read " According to the command of the greatest a ( nd ) Holy God, those who take an oath ( proceed ) from here.
According to Wilfrid Sheed, quoted in Time Magazine, " By silent consensus, the king of this army of unknown soldiers, the Hollywood incognitos, was Harry Warren, who had more songs on the Hit Parade than Berlin himself and who would win the contest hands down if enough people have heard of him.
According to Roger Lowenstein's biography of Warren Buffett ( at page 378 ), Mozer reportedly told Meriwether he had submitted a " single false bid " and described his effort to cover it up.
According to reports, on March 22, 2005, days before Trepp and his wife left for the Caribbean cruise with Gibbons and his family, Jalé Trepp, Warren ’ s wife, sent a reminder to her husband.

According and noted
According to a version of the Ariadne legend noted by Plutarch, Theseus abandoned Ariadne at Amathousa, where she died giving birth to her child and was buried in a sacred tomb.
According to Knight, " Smith noted that Beria's escapades were common knowledge among embassy personnel because his house was on the same street as residence for Americans, and those who lived there saw girls brought to Beria's house late at night in a limousine.
According to the 1885 edition of The American Printer, the importance of punctuation was noted in various sayings by children such as:
According to the Ethnographic Atlas Codebook, of 1, 231 societies noted, 186 were monogamous.
According to the Church of Satan historiography, other LaVey associates from this time include noted Science Fiction and Horror writers Anthony Boucher, August Derleth, Robert Barbour Johnson, Reginald Bretnor, Emil Petaja, Stuart Palmer, Clark Ashton Smith, Forrest J. Ackerman, and Fritz Leiber Jr.
According to records from Japanese documents, Mao Changxi ( 毛昶熙 ) and Dong Xun ( 董恂 ), the Qing ministers at Zongli Yamen ( 總理衙門 ) who handled the complaints from Japanese envoy Yanagihara Sakimitsu ( 柳原前光 ) replied first that they had heard only of a massacre of Ryūkyūans, not of Japanese, and quickly noted that Ryūkyū was under Chinese suzerainty, therefore this issue was not Japan's business.
According to Bo Bryan, a noted Carolina Shag historian and resident of Beaufort County, the term was coined at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.
According to Vallée, a Navy veteran who served on board the USS Engstrom noted that the Eldridge might indeed have travelled from Philadelphia to Norfolk and back again in a single day at a time when merchant ships could not: by use of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and the Chesapeake Bay, which at the time was open only to naval vessels.
According to Ovid ( Metamorphoses ), a Roman poet writing in 8 AD, who was noted for accuracy regarding the Greek myths, Medusa alone had serpents in her hair, and he explained that this was due to Athena ( Roman Minerva ) cursing her.
According to a statement of Stesichorus noted by Eustathius, Stesichorus " called the Keres by the name Telchines ", whom Eustathius identified with the Kuretes of Crete, who could call up squalls of wind and would brew potions from herbs ( noted in Harrison, p 171 ).
According to her hagiography, she was both a princess and a noted scholar, who became a Christian around the age of fourteen, and herself converted hundreds of people to Christianity.
According to Spaulding's history, Powers " became a noted backwoodsman and colonial land surveyor ," and eventually accrued approximately in the north part of Hollis.
According to an episode of A & E's Cold Case Files, police officers who arrived at the scene of the crime noted that Carpenter called the apartment several times and did not seem surprised that the police were there, which raised suspicions.
According to Bax, they got on very well and, although they met only once, the execution of Pearse following the Easter Rebellion in 1916 prompted him to compose several laments, the most noted being In Memoriam Patric Pearse ( 1916 ), which contains the dedication ‘ I gCuimhne ar Phádraig Mac Piarais ’.
" According to a 2002 interview: " According to Burke, he played the unissued tape for noted author / historian Peter Guralnick in a Boston restaurant.
According to Wim Raven, it is often noted that a coherent image of Muhammad cannot be formed from the literature of sīra, whose authenticity and factual value have been questioned on a number of different grounds.
According to the Army Times, the Army is shifting its doctrine to favour ground-attack aircraft over attack helicopters for deep strike attack missions because ground-attack helicopters have proved to be highly vulnerable to small-arms fire ; the U. S. Marine Corps has noted similar problems.
According to Charles Gibbs-Smith: " There was never any idea of injecting fuel ; the machine never flew ; it was never destroyed on test ; and Flight noted that it was sold to a Monsieur Weyman.
According to his research, Mr. Tackett noted that the majority of the Second Estate had a military background, while the Third Estate was dominated by men of legal professions.
According to her 1979 memoir, Stand by Your Man, during their meeting, Wynette was wearing her long, blonde hair in a ponytail, and Sherill noted that she reminded him of Debbie Reynolds in the film Tammy and the Bachelor.
The Investigation Committee noted: " According to images broadcast during the race, four rescue workers took hold of Kato, who lay collapsed face up in the middle of the course, held him by the right shoulder, the torso and both legs, and moved him sideways just a few dozen centimeters onto the stretcher.
According to the latter theory, the name came from Portuguese missionaries or traders in Nagasaki who noted its resemblance to the European shawm.

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