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According and Zeppelin
According to Guinness World Records 2009, Led Zeppelin hold the world record for the " Highest Demand for Tickets for One Music Concert " as 20 million requests for the reunion show were rendered online.
According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Led Zeppelin are the fourth-highest-selling music act in the US and one of only three acts to earn four or more Diamond albums.
According to the Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods, the band also owed Atlantic Records one more album from the five album deal that created Swan Song Records in 1974.
According to Led Zeppelin guitarist and producer Jimmy Page, the song's structure " was a riff that I'd been working on, but Bonzo's drum sound really makes a difference on that point.
According to Page, during recording sessions for Led Zeppelin III, the band " did a whole set of country blues and traditional blues numbers that Robert suggested.
According to Collins, in the interviews on the DVD release, this song was intended to be the closest thing Genesis ever got to Led Zeppelin ( who were signed to Atlantic Records, the US label for Genesis ).
According to various interviews, it was at this time he was exposed to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal in the form of Motorhead, Deep Purple, UFO, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin and so on, followed by lesser-known NWOBHM artists such as Raven, Tank and Venom.
According to his MySpace page, Tony Colman's influences include a large array of musicians, such as Talking Heads, Fela Kuti, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Led Zeppelin, and others.
According to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page:
According to Clinton Heylin, author of Bootleg: The Rise & Fall of the Secret Recording Industry, the five most bootlegged artists are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.
According to Hank, King's vocals were very surprising ; it came really close to Robert Plant, so much that you could trick a lot of people into thinking it was actually Led Zeppelin.
According to the group members themselves, they were influenced by bands as diverse as Radiohead, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Social Distortion.
According to rock journalist Stephen Davis, the author of the Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga, the lyrics for this song reflect a romance Plant had with his wife's younger sister.
According to Australian rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, they " played a fiery fusion of hard funk, aggressive rock, psychedelia and soul ( somewhere between Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and the ' stoned soul picnic ' stylings of Sly and the Family Stone ).

According and bassist
According to bassist John McVie, a " physically ugly " confrontation between Nicks and Buckingham ensued when Nicks angrily challenged Buckingham's decision to leave the band.
According to the blog post, Melissa Auf der Maur would once again be bassist, with Micko Larkin replacing Eric Erlandson, and a drummer was not mentioned.
According to Blows, " A strenuous touring schedule, compounded by the bassist's heavy drug dependency ( inherent even before joining Heep ) was taking its toll, though matters came to a head while on tour during September ", when the bassist got electrocuted on stage in Dallas.
According to their drummer Simon Kirke, Free's most popular song All Right Now was written by bassist Andy Fraser and singer Paul Rodgers in their dressing room in Dunelm House, after a set of slower material had failed to excite the audience .< ref >
According to bassist / singer Randy Jackson, jazz fusion is an exceedingly difficult genre to play ; " I [...] picked jazz fusion because I was trying to become the ultimate technical musician-able to play anything.
According to bassist Robert Trujillo, Rubin will be the producer for the next Metallica album.
According to Jeff Hamilton, in an interview recorded on the " Diana Krall Live in Rio " DVD, he first heard Diana Krall play at a workshop and, impressed with her piano skills ( she was not yet singing ) introduced her to bassist John Clayton.
According to American guitarist Ry Cooder, Prominent musicians that performed at the club during the 1930s and 40s include bassist Cachao López and bandleader Arsenio Rodríguez.
According to an interview with Myx, Raimund said he first auditioned as bassist while Buddy as drummer.
According to Gabrels, part of the bass track on " Little Wonder " was a recording of bassist Gail Ann Dorsey as she tried to get a sound from her pedalboard while not knowing she was being recorded.
According to Rotten's autobiography, Wobble was once on the short list of replacements for original Pistols bassist Glen Matlock.
According to Rammstein's bassist Oliver Riedel, the song came about after " one of our members brought a newspaper to rehearsal and it had a story about the cannibal guy in it.
According to John D. Luerssen's Rivers ' Edge: The Weezer Story Sledge was heavily considered to replace Mikey Welsh as the new Weezer bassist in 2001 but instead Scott Shriner took the job.
According to fellow Funk Brothers in the 2002 documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Gaye was desperate to have Jamerson play on " What's Going On ", and went to several bars to find the bassist.
According to " franzferdinand. net ," bassist Bob Hardy was getting a bit worried about calling his mother back home, so the band added the backwards lyrics in as an homage.
According to the director's commentary, bassist David Desrosiers did not want to be killed.
According to bassist Troy Sanders, " It's about climbing up a mountain and the different things that can happen to you when you're stranded on a mountain, in the woods, and you're lost.
According to Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood, Thom Yorke wrote " Creep " while studying at Exeter University in the late 1980s.
According to an interview with lead singer and bassist Rob Miller, Amebix refers to the amoeba.
According to Megadeth bassist James Macdonough, Portnoy pulled a prank on Shawn by pouring baby powder on the snare drum when he was getting off the drum kit.
According to bassist Davies, Fullen left when her boyfriend, band co-manager Ashen Datchler, resigned.
According to an email from stevemillerband. com, it was Lonnie Turner the bassist.
** According to former band bassist Joe Bouchard, the cowbell part was overdubbed by his brother Albert after the rest of the song had been recorded.
According to the Van Halen Encyclopedia, the idea to re-record the album in Spanish was the idea of bassist Billy Sheehan, who had read an article in a magazine which reported that over half the Mexican population was between the ages of 18-27, a prime record buying market.

According and John
According to Friends, the unit was organized by John Snook, a former World War 2, commando who is vice president and general manager of the telephone company.
According to the Dictionary of American Hymnology, " Amazing Grace " is John Newton's spiritual autobiography in verse.
According to the medieval chronicler John of Worcester, Ealdred was given the see of Ramsbury to administer while Herman remained outside England.
According to John T. Townsend, " it is not before the last decades of the second century that one finds undisputed traces of the work.
According to John J. Collins in his 1993 commentary, Daniel, Hermeneia Commentary, the Aramaic in Daniel is of a later form than that used in the Samaria correspondence, but slightly earlier than the form used in the Dead Sea Scrolls, meaning that the Aramaic chapters 2-6 may have been written earlier in the Hellenistic period than the rest of the book, with the vision in chapter 7 being the only Aramaic portion dating to the time of Antiochus.
According to Hippolytus of Rome, John Mark is not Mark the Cousin of Barnabas, and Barnabas did not dispute with Paul because of personal favor to a blood relative, but due to his character as his nickname Barnabas (" Son of Encouragement ") indicates.
According to David Steel, curator of European art at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Erin Jones " brought that museum into the modern era ," employing " a top-notch curator, John Nolan ," and following " best practices in conservation and restoration.
According to John Gillespie, a former investment banker and co-author of a book critical of boards,: " Far too much of their time has been for check-the-box and cover-your-behind activities rather than real monitoring of executives and providing strategic advice on behalf of shareholders ".
According to Lycophron's Alexandra ( 808 ) and John Tzetzes ' scholia on the poem ( 795-808 ), however, Circe used magical herbs to bring Odysseus back to life after he had been killed by Telegonus.
According to Partridge ( 1972: 12 ), it dates from around 1840 and arose in the East End of London, however John Camden Hotten in his 1859 Dictionary of Modern Slang, Cant and Vulgar Words states that ( English ) rhyming slang originated " about twelve or fifteen years ago " ( i. e. in the 1840s ) with ' chaunters ' and ' patterers ' in the Seven Dials area of London.
According to scholars including Neil Forsyth and John L. McKenzie, the Old Testament incorporates stories, or fragments of stories, from extra-biblical mythology.
According to a 1965 deposition by Fausto Rodriguez, the Cuba Libre was first mixed at a Cuban bar in August 1900 by a member of the U. S. Signal Corps, referred to as " John Doe ".
According to US President John Adams, Ponet's work contained " all the essential principles of liberty, which were afterward dilated on by Sidney and Locke ", including the idea of a three-branched government.
According to the church historian Eusebius, the Quartodeciman Polycarp ( bishop of Smyrna, by tradition a disciple of John the Evangelist ) debated the question with Anicetus ( bishop of Rome ).
According to economist John Quiggin, the standard features of " economic fundamentalist rhetoric " are " dogmatic " assertions and the claim that anyone who holds contrary views is not a real economist.
According to Philip Schaff, " To the Greek acts was afterwards added a ( pretended ) letter of Pope John VIII.
According to David Biello and John Pavlus in Scientific American, Singer is best known for his denial of the health risks of passive smoking.
According to John Neubauer, the first writers on the Prague Golem were:
According to biographer John Newsinger,
" According to writer Philip Norman, when Groucho jokingly pointed his index fingers as if holding a pair of six-shooters, Elton John put up his hands and said, " Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player ," thereby naming the album he had just completed.
The Gospel According to John ( Greek τὸ κατὰ Ἰωάννην εὐαγγέλιον ), commonly referred to as the Gospel of John or simply John and often referred to in New Testament scholarship as the Fourth Gospel, is an account of the public ministry of Jesus.
According to the Church Fathers, the Bishops of Asia Minor requested John, in his old age, to write a gospel in response to Cerinthus, the Ebionites and other Hebrew groups which they deemed heretical.
According to scholar Ronald Cameron, it was originally composed some time between the middle of the 1st century and early in the 2nd century, and it was probably written shortly before the Gospel of John.

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