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According and BBC
According to a March 2004 BBC profile, politics within the country are dominated by tensions between Obiang's son, Teodorin, and other close relatives with powerful positions in the security forces.
According to BBC History: " There have been 53 major wars in Europe, France had been a belligerent in 49 of them ; UK 43.
" According to historian Piers Brendon, " Orwell was the saint of common decency who would in earlier days, said his BBC boss Rushbrook Williams, ' have been either canonised – or burnt at the stake '".
According to the BBC, pyramid schemes " were only real economic initiative of the Aristide years.
" According to the BBC, Verity Linn's " diary mentioned the teachings of self-proclaimed prophet Jasmuheen who believes people can draw nourishment from the ' divine life force in the form of liquid light '.
According to Martin Sixsmith, in a BBC documentary, " Beria spent his nights having teenagers abducted from the streets and brought here for him to rape.
According to BBC, 17 % of computer science students could not find work in their field 7 months after graduation in 2009 which was the highest rate of the university majors surveyed while 0 % of medical students were unemployed in the same survey.
According to the English translation distributed by the BBC and other media outlets, he tells viewers he personally directed the 19 hijackers, and describes his motivation:
According to the BBC, America went back on this promise, effectively destroying the deal.
According to the BBC, Yemeni media say the embassy closures come after " six trucks full of weapons and explosives entered the capital, and the security forces lost track of the vehicles.
According to BBC The Communist Party of Kampuchea ( Cambodia ), better known as the " Khmer Rouge ", identified strongly with Maoism, and is generally labeled a " Maoist " movement today.
According to the BBC ( 2003 ), " The cost of ink has been the subject of an Office of Fair Trading investigation.
According to a BBC interview with Clapton, the record company, also handling Albert King, asked the band to cover " Born Under a Bad Sign ", which became a popular track off the record.
According to the BBC, this signified a boost in ties that was due in large part to Israel's rift with Turkey.
According to the BBC News, 255, 000 people on Réunion had contracted the disease as of 26 April 2006.
According to the BBC, this may be attributable to cardiovascular problems.
According to the BBC, the term was first used when Brothers was sold at Glastonbury Festival in 1995: nobody understood what perry was and were told that it was " like cider, but made from pears ".
According to a November 2001 BBC article, in the previous two months, 100, 000 sweatshop workers in Bangladesh had lost their sweatshop jobs.
According to the orchestra's website: " Among ongoing projects are the BBC SO Family Music Intro scheme, introducing families to live classical music, BBC SO Student Zone and the highly successful BBC SO Family Orchestra, alongside work in local schools.
According to the BBC interview with Bernays's daughter Anne, Bernays felt that the public's democratic judgment was " not to be relied upon " and he feared that " they American public could very easily vote for the wrong man or want the wrong thing, so that they had to be guided from above ".
According to the description on the BBC Radio 3 web site, " Dalton's adaptation builds on the film's themes: the madness of society, the inner workings of the human mind and the paranoia of a country in the aftermath of a war.
According to Danny Baker speaking on QI Series G, episode 15 on BBC television, Bolan is a contraction of Bob Dylan.

According and Radio
According to the Swedish Public Radio broadcaster SR, the UN did not explain why it had elected to remove Al-Barakat from its terror list.
According to ABC Radio Australia, " Foreign policy issues that feature in Vanuatu include wide support for the Free West Papua Movement and broadly for independence throughout Melanesia, the One China Policy and relations with Australia and New Zealand.
According to experts interviewed by W Radio Colombia, the animals could survive in the Colombian jungles.
According to a 1996 radio documentary by the Russian Service of Radio Liberty, the MGB was reduced from being a ministry to a committee because Soviet leaders feared what the MGB might do if the purges were to resume.
According to Minnesota Public Radio, this may be the beginning of a trend toward Keillor's eventual retirement.
According to Hollywood folklore, a screen test report on Astaire for RKO Radio Pictures, now lost along with the test, is reported to have read: " Can't sing.
According to Coogan, Ahmed Rami, a former Moroccan military officer who founded Radio Islam to disseminate antisemitic, Holocaust denial, and pro-Nazi propaganda, teamed up with the IHR to organize a conference in a Hezbollah-controlled section of Beirut, Lebanon.
In September of that year, director and dramatist Cezarina Udrescu staged a multimedia performance based on a number of works Mircea Eliade wrote during his stay in Portugal ; titled Apocalipsa după Mircea Eliade (" The Apocalypse According to Mircea Eliade "), and shown as part of a Romanian Radio cultural campaign, it starred Ion Caramitru, Oana Pellea and Răzvan Vasilescu.
According to Feklisov, Rosenberg provided thousands of classified ( top secret ) reports from Emerson Radio, including a complete proximity fuze, an upgraded model of which was used to shoot down Gary Powers ' U-2 in 1960.
According to REF / RL in 2009, Radio Azadi was the most popular radio station in Afghanistan, and Afghan listeners mailed hundreds of hand-written letters to the station each month.
According to ITU Radio Regulations section 5. 1: Member States assign licenses to stations ; article 5 of the ITU regulations allocates frequencies to services ( such as broadcasting and mobile ).
According to Andy Hamilton in an interview broadcast on April 5, 2008, on BBC Radio 7's " I Did It My Way ", one episode in series 3 was partially re-recorded due to a tragic confluence of events.
According to a BBC Radio 4 edition of PM aired on 6 June 2007, and a web article, the bank opened in June 1977 but a BBC web article published in 2002 states that the bottle bank opened on 24 August 1977.
According to an article broadcasted on China Now on China Radio International ( December 2011 ), the key to success was not necessarily to " translate " its English language version into Chinese.
According to a January 10, 2007 episode of the news and commentary program Democracy Now !, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics ( CRE ) called for a congressional investigation into the legality of broadcasting Radio and TV Marti over commercial airwaves from southern Florida.
According to their website, " the mission of Public Radio International is to engage listeners with distinctive programming that provides information, insights, and cultural experiences essential to understanding a diverse, interdependent world.
According to Tom McNee's 1992 portrait of the town The Changing Face of Seaham: 1928 – 1992, St. John's parish church was used as the setting of a 1985 service recorded for BBC Radio 4.
According to Upmal and Lackey in “ SPEAKeasy, the Military Software Radio ” IEEE Communications Magazine ( NY: IEEE Press ) 1995, the SpeakEasy project was started in 1991 and was the first large-scale software radio.
According to the RAJAR audience figures for Q1 / 2011, Talksport's audience is 3. 25 million adults in the UK, which is highest achieved since the station launched as Talk Radio in 1995.
According to The Economist, the Ley Federal de Radio y Televisión " raced through Congress confirming the country's longstanding television duopoly " and constituted a " giveaway of radio spectrum and a provision that allows broadcasting licenses to be renewed more or less automatically ".
" According to Radio Television of Serbia the report was drafted by Bulgarian intelligence services based on the analysis of early 1999 events.
According to a Chinese-language article from Radio Free Asia, as of July 2009, Wang Dan has a Facebook page which he hopes to use to communicate with people in mainland China.
According to BBC Radio 4 documentary, although Davis was released because his conviction was deemed to be " unsafe " by the Home Secretary he extraordinarily held that Davis was not held to be " innocent ".

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