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According and controversial
According to one report, however, Mr. Hammarskjold was considered `` too controversial '' a figure to warrant bestowal of the coveted honor last spring.
According to a controversial tradition reported by several medieval sources, Narses, out of spite for having been removed by Justinian's successor Justin II, called the Lombards to Italy.
According to a controversial theory, the Parthians may have had knowledge of electroplating, based on the 1936 discovery of the Baghdad Battery, which resembles a galvanic cell, though it is uncertain whether the artifact was electrical in nature.
According to Ibn Ishaq's controversial account of the Satanic Verses ( q. v.
According to the author Garry Boulard in his book Abraham Lincoln Ascendent, it was Sherman's 1859 endorsement of the controversial anti-slavery book, The Impending Crisis of the South, written by Hinton Helper, that doomed Sherman's chances of becoming Speaker.
According to some sources, his role in the origin of the Rosicrucian legend is controversial.
According to Shri Sankara Menon, Rukmini Devi raised Bharatanatyam to a puritan art form, divorced from its recently controversial past by " removing objectionable elements " ( mostly, the Sringara, certain emotional elements evocative of the erotic, such as hip, neck, lip and chest movements ) from the Pandanallur style, which was publicly criticized by Balasaraswati and other representatives of the traditional devadasi culture.
A similar interpretation is given in José Saramago's controversial The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, but there attributed to Joseph, Jesus ' father, rather than to Jesus himself.
According to historian and former Special Assistant to President Kennedy Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Rusk was not Kennedy's first choice, but rather the " lowest common denominator ", as Kennedy's first choice, J. William Fulbright, proved too controversial.
According to biographer Kelley, the 1964 Time appearance came because " Barry Farrell, who wrote the cover story, wanted to write about a jazz musician and almost by default Monk was chosen, because they thought Ray Charles and Miles Davis were too controversial.
According to contemporary narrative sources, this was a controversial decision.
According to a story, Solomonia Saburova also bore a son in the convent where she had been confined, just several months after the controversial divorce.
According to Richard S. Ginell at Allmusic: " was at once one of the most beloved and controversial singers of the mid-20th century-beloved to her fans, devotees, and fellow singers ; controversial to critics who still accuse her of selling out her art to commerce and bad taste.
According to Shri Sankara Menon ( 1907 – 2007 ), who was her associate from Kalakshetra ’ s beginnings, Rukmini Devi raised Bharatanatyam to a puritan art form, divorced from its recently controversial past by " removing objectionable elements " ( mostly, the Sringara, certain emotional elements evocative of the erotic, such as hip, neck, lip and chest movements ) from the Pandanallur style, which was publicly criticized by Balasaraswati and other representatives of the traditional devadasi culture.
According to Rusty Schweickart, the gravitational tractor method is also controversial because during the process of changing an asteroid's trajectory the point on Earth where it could most likely hit would be slowly shifted across different countries.
According to Mark J. Gasiorowski, " There were separate polling stations for yes and no votes, producing sharp criticism of Mosaddeq " and that the " controversial referendum ... gave the CIA's precoup propaganda campaign an easy target ".
According to Samantha Power in her book Sergio: One Man's Fight to Save the World, Vieira de Mello had charmed Bush at a meeting in March 2003, at which the two men discussed the human rights situation in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, a controversial issue for the United States.
According to the ICA, " The Corcoran's decision sparked a controversial national debate: Should tax dollars support the arts?
According to historian and former Special Assistant to President Kennedy Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Fulbright was Kennedy's first choice as Secretary of State, but it was felt he was too controversial.
According to a 2011 paper, " The pathogenesis of the ganglion cysts is controversial.
" According to Paul, " She received huge applause when she asked how former United States President Jimmy Carter could omit the years 1939-1947 from a chronology in his book "; referring to his recently-published and controversial book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, she said: " When a former president of the United States writes a book on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and writes a chronology at the beginning of the book in order to help them understand the emergence of the situation and in that chronology lists nothing of importance between 1939 and 1947, that is soft-core denial.
According to the controversial Korean history book Hwandan Gogi, complied by Uncho Gye Yeon-su in 1911, and later published in 1979, Chi You was also an ancestor of the Koreans.
According to the developers, " controversial decisions are often made differently from OpenBSD ; for instance, there won't be any support for SMP in MirOS ".

According and essay
According to Richard I. Pervo, " Townsend's methodologically adventurous but ultimately cautious essay is another valuable lesson in the danger of establishing the date of Acts – or any work – by arguing for the earliest possible time of origin.
According to Jacques Barzun: Voltaire, who had felt annoyed by the first essay the Arts and Sciences, was outraged by the second, on the Origin of Inequality Among Men, declaring that Rousseau wanted us to “ walk on all fours ” like animals and behave like savages, believing them creatures of perfection.
* The World According to Sartre essay by Roger Kimball
According to the essay The Istari from the Unfinished Tales, the name Radagast means " tender of beasts " in Adûnaic, another of Tolkien's fictional languages.
According to Han Suyin in Mortal Flower, Chen " opposed the opinions expressed Mao's analysis, denied that a radical land policy and the vigorous organization of the rural areas under the Communist party was necessary, and refused the publication of the essay in the central executive organs of publicity.
According to the Liber Pontificalis, it was first used in the first half of the fourth century, although Tertullian wrote an essay no later than 220 AD titled De Pallio ( On the Pallium ).
According to Thomas Trautman's account, " James Mill's highly influential History of British India ( 1817 )-most particularly the long essay ' Of the Hindus ' comprising ten chapters – is the single most important source of British Indophobia and hostility to Orientalism ".
" According to Leiby and Linton Weeks, in their essay " In the Shadow of a Scandal ", Riza's employment at the World Bank predated Wolfowitz's nomination as Bank president: " Riza started at the World Bank as a consultant in July 1997 and became a full-time employee in 1999 "; and the relationship between Riza and Wolfowitz pre-dated it as well: In the early 1990s, Riza joined the National Endowment for Democracy and is credited there with development of the organization's Middle East program.
According to Irving Wallace ( in an essay originally in his book The Fabulous Originals but later republished and updated in his collection The Sunday Gentleman ) Bell was involved in several police investigations, mostly in Scotland, such as the Ardlamont Mystery of 1893, usually with forensic expert Professor Henry Littlejohn.
His habilitation essay, " Das Wesen der Wahrheit nach der modernen Logik " (" The Nature of Truth According to Modern Logic "), was published in 1910.
According to historian Barbara Welter, the author of the influential essay on this topic, " The Cult of True Womanhood: 1820 – 1860 ", True Women were to hold the four cardinal virtues:
According to communication theorist Robert T. Craig in his essay ' Communication Theory as a Field ' ( 1999 ), " despite the ancient roots and growing profusion of theories about communication ," there is not a field of study that can be identified as ' communication theory '.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term caffè latte was first used in English in 1867 as caffè latte by William Dean Howells in his essay " Italian Journeys ".
( According to an essay by Jeremy Nicholas for the booklet accompanying the recording " Gottschalk Piano Music ," performed by Philip Martin on the Hyperion label, " He died ... of empyema, the result of a ruptured abscess in the abdomen.
According to Le Sage, after creating and sending his essay he was informed on the theories of Fatio, Cramer and Redeker.
According to Rediff. com, " character is one of the hardest to essay, as she goes through love and awe, fear and bewilderment, defiance to her father and submission to her man.
According to an essay at Concordia University's Faculty of Fine Arts gallery website, these hand-knit articles of clothing are designed to be worn by two people, and they, " as the name states, compel the wearers into uncharacteristic proximity.
According to Richard Flathman, Singer's 1961 book, Generalization in Ethics-An essay in the Logic of Ethics, with the Rudiments of a System of Moral Philosophy, was, at its publication, the " most detailed study of the topic " of generalization of the universalizability principle.
According to Driskell in an essay for Harlem Renaissance Art of Black America, " It was Douglas's own strength of character and inventive artistry that enabled him to have a lasting impact on the future course of black expression in art.
According to Mill's Autobiography, On Liberty was first conceived as a short essay in 1854.
* Justice According to Law ( 1914 ) essay
The Substratum of the Konkani language lies in the speech of Proto-Australoids tribes called Kurukh, Oraon, Kukni, whose modern sepresentatives are Dravidian languages like Kurukh and its dialects like Kurux, Kunrukh, Kunna and Malto According to the Indian Anthropological Society, these Australoid tribes speaking Dravidian languages once inhabited Konkan, migrated to Northern India ( Chota Nagpur Plateau, Mirzapur ) and are not found in Konkan anymore Olivinho Gomes in his essay Medieval Konkani literature also mentions Mundari substratum.
According to a biographical essay published by the Revue des Deux Mondes in 1833, Sébastiani faced almost universal hostility from the anti-French diplomatic corps — whose opinions were influenced by the Russian Andrey Italinski and the British Charles Arbuthnot.
According to Hutchins in his essay, " The Idea of a College ," the specialization of American education has robbed students of the ability to communicate with other students outside of their field.

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