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According and design
According to the rationalist philosophy, design is informed by research and knowledge in a predictable and controlled manner.
According to principal architect Stephen P. Morse, this was a result of a more software centric approach than in the design of earlier Intel processors ( the designers had experience working with compiler implementations ).
According to the theory of evolution, genetic variations occur without specific design or intent.
According to Knuth, literate programming provides for higher-quality programs, since it forces programmers to explicitly state the thoughts behind the program, making poorly thought-out design decisions more obvious.
According to design investigations, luminaires with full cutoff distributions ( as opposed to cutoff or semi cutoff, compared here ) have to be closer together to meet the same light level, uniformity and glare requirements specified by the IESNA.
According to Russian sources, the official decision to launch Sputnik 2 was made on October 10 or 12, leaving the team only four weeks to design and build the spacecraft.
According to the psychical researcher D. Scott Rogo " Unfortunately it is extremely hard for anyone to design a foolproof experiment to prove any one theory of psi.
According to the Ming Shi, these cannons are soon presented to the Jiajing Emperor by Wang Hong, and their design is copied in 1529.
According to the Intranet design annual 2007 from Nielsen Norman Group, the number of pages on participants ' intranets averaged 200, 000 over the years 2001 to 2003 and has grown to an average of 6 million pages over 2005 – 2007.
According to the DoD the MIL-STD-188-100 series contains “ technical standards and design objectives which are common to both the long haul and tactical communications systems .”
According to the DoD the MIL-STD-188-200 series “ contains current tactical communications, technical standards and design objectives … series includes appropriate unclassified design objectives and tactical communications systems technical standards … Appropriate communications-electronics systems standards and design objectives developed under joint projects … are integrated in the tactical communications standards .”
According to the DoD the MIL-STD-188 – 300 Series contains “ communications system standards and design objectives applicable to the field of long haul and point-to – point communications in support of the Defense Communications System ( DCS ) and the National Military Command System ( NMCS ), and also to provide the necessary interface with non-DCS equipment .”
According to a French documentary TV film " Tank on the Moon " by Jean Afanassieff, the Lunokhod design returned to limelight 15 years later due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster on April 26, 1986.
According to the Intension / Locality Hypothesis, the distinction between architectural and detailed design is defined by the Locality Criterion, according to which a statement about software design is non-local ( architectural ) if and only if a program that satisfies it can be expanded into a program which does not.
Works such as Ildefons Cerda's General Theory of Urbanization ( 1867 ), Camillo Sitte ’ s City Planning According to Artistic Principles ( 1889 ), and Robinson ’ s The Improvement of Cities and Towns ( 1901 ) and Modern Civic Art ( 1903 ), all were primarily concerned with urban design, as did the later City Beautiful movement in North America.
According to the BLS, " employment of computer hardware engineers is expected to increase 9 percent from 2010 to 2020. Today, computer hardware is somehow equal to Electronic and Computer Engineering ( ECE ) and has divided to many subcategories, the most significant of them is Embedded system design. this field has developed all around us, from tiny controllers to huge computers.
According to producer Hiroshi Iuchi, the main inspiration for the game's design was Image Fight, an arcade game by Irem from 1988.
The green harp flag in its 18th to 19th century design, showing the " Maid of Erin " as the harp's pillar, her wing forming the harp's neck, and the inscription Erin go Bragh (" Ireland forever "). According to an American journalist covering the war with Mexico:
According to Hebrew University professor Ruth Kark, Vogt's approach was typical of European architects who, commissioned to design buildings in Jerusalem, incorporated " Eastern-style domes, arches, various kinds of different-colored stone, and interior decorations with religious symbos and inscriptions ," in buildings whose strict symmetry marks them indelibly as European.
According to the Mule Creek State Prison website, there are 3, 782 prisoners residing in the facility, well above the design capacity of 1, 700, and they account for nearly half of Ione's population.
According to a 1977 Mother Jones article by Mark Dowie, Ford allegedly was aware of the design flaw, refused to pay for a redesign, and decided it would be cheaper to pay off possible lawsuits.

According and institute
According to a survey conducted by The Scientist magazine, Dal was named the best non-commercial scientific institute in which to work in Canada.
According to Mark Michael Smith of the Economic History Society: " although intrusive and oppressive, paternalism, the way masters employed it, and the methods slaves used to manipulate it, rendered slaveholders ' attempts to institute capitalistic work regimens on their plantation ineffective and so allowed slaves to carve out a degree of autonomy.
According to the vice-director of JINR, the Dubna team chose to name element 114 flerovium ( symbol Fl ), after the founder of the Russian institute, Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, the Soviet physicist Georgy Flyorov ( also spelled Flerov ).
According to a graduate of the institute, the school was a good one, attracting boarders from miles around.
According to Chairman and Founder Lew Rockwell and others, the institute was met with strong opposition from interests of the Koch Family Foundations during its development throughout the 1980s.
According to the CATO institute, since the Johnson Administration almost $ 15 trillion has been spent on welfare, with poverty rates being about the same as during the Johnson Administration.
According to statistics published by institute in 2007 – 08 4137 students were enrolled in the institute across all programs.
According to belief, an angel spoke to the prophet Abraham, and told him to institute the rite of the stone in the hajj at Mecca.
According to a 2002 survey conducted by the German market research institute Forsa, 95 % of blue-collar workers, 88 % of white-collar workers, 84 % of public servants, and 80 % of self-employed Germans shop at Aldi.
According to the SOFRES polls institute, he held an advantage of 14 points over Chirac ( 32 % against 18 % for the first round ).
According to a NASA press release in January 2010, Grunsfeld indicated he would be leaving the agency to begin work as deputy director of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore where he will also help preparing the institute for operations with NASA's planned James Webb Space Telescope.
According to information posted by the NLGI in 2004, the institute has member organizations in 26 countries, while subscriptions to its journal, the NLGI Spokesman, represent 50 countries.
According to the institute, the letters " do not represent specific words ", and an MAI may not use the words " Member, Appraisal Institute " in lieu of the MAI mark.
According to the Carroll Institute's website, " the institute is a graduate-level community of faith and learning dedicated to equipping men and women called to serve Christ in the diverse and global ministries of His church ".
According to Tymoshenko, the charges were fabricated by Kuchma's regime at the behest of oligarchs threatened by her efforts to root out corruption and institute market-based reforms.
According to the US-based research institute “ Protection Project ”, estimates of the number of children involved in prostitution living in Thailand ranges from 12, 000 to the hundreds of thousands ( ECPAT International ).
According to TVi constitutional rights of prisoners has been violated in the institute.
According to some Institute writers, their legal philosophy is closer to that of Clarence Thomas, who has said the institute has " played a significant role in my own education "; supporters include columnist William Rusher, British historian Sir Martin Gilbert, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr., and Sonny Bono.
According to the regulations of the Croatian institute for transfusions ( Hrvatski zavod za transfuzijsku medicinu ) homosexuals are banned from donating blood.
According to the Swedish research institute SIPRI, global military expenditure by governments in 2008 is estimated to have totaled $ 1, 464 billion, or approximately 2. 4 % of the value of world GDP in 2008, but arms expenditure is only one component of this expenditure.
According to a disciple of Lama Yeshe from this time, Lama Yeshe intended the institute " to become the central monastery of the FPMT ... one of the early jewels of the FPMT crown " and " the pioneer among the western centers ".
According to the institute, " Any group should include information that substantiates the use of its test.
Dr. Larson is a former Fellow at Seattle ’ s Discovery Institute but according to an article in The New York Times by Jodi Wilgoren, “… left in part because of its drift to the right .” According to science writer Chris Mooney, Larson joined the institute " prior to its antievolution awakening.

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