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According and rumor
According to Suetonius, Caligula nursed a rumor that Augustus and Julia the Elder had an incestuous union from which Agrippina the Elder had been born.
According to Ixtlilxóchitl the three lords were joking cheerfully with each other, due to a rumor that Cortés had decided to return the expedition to Mexico, when Cortés asked a spy to tell him what they were talking about.
According to rumor, Waller played for three days.
According to several biographies of Earhart, Putnam investigated this rumor personally but after listening to many recordings of numerous Tokyo Roses, he did not recognize her voice among them.
According to some researchers, Kolmogorov and Alexandrov were involved in a homosexual relationship., while others deny this and suppose that this rumor was spread in the 1950s in order to rehabilitate the participants of the Luzin affair.
According to Sullivan's co-producer Marlo Lewis, the rumor had it that " Elvis has been hanging a small soft-drink bottle from his groin underneath his pants, and when he wiggles his leg it looks as though his pecker reaches down to his knee!
According to one witness present, it took two jolts before Fish died, creating the rumor that the apparatus was short-circuited by the needles that Fish had inserted into his body.
According to a rumor, he bequeathed his palette and brushes to Jacques-Louis David.
According to Stipe, he did not start the rumor and he does not know who did.
According to the Nobel Foundation, this rumor is not true ; although he was considered a worthwhile candidate, he was not selected for the prize.
According to Harsin, rumor in politics has always existed, but recent changes have created an environment ripe for a new kind of political rumor: a new media " convergence culture " where information produced on the internet can influence the production of media content in other forms ; new media technologies and business values that emphasize speed and circulation that combine with entertainment values in news, political marketing, and public craving of tabloid news that mirrors other entertainment genres.
According to rumor, Leone offered the parts of the three bad guys to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly stars Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach.
According to a long standing rumor, when Joel first heard the finished product, he " ripped it off the turntable, ran out of the house, and threw record down the street.
According to rumor, the original lyrics by Ruthann Friedman were about a man and The Association changed them to be about a woman.
According to this rumor, Mattel had a licensing agreement to make the Conan action figures associated with the 1982 film of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
According to the story, in the 1820s a rumor began circulating among city merchants that southern Manhattan Island was sinking near the Battery due to the weight of the urban district.
According to rumor, Jane Wyman had a running feud with Robert Foxworth, to the point where they measured each other's dressing room trailers just to make sure they were equal in size.
According to rumor, state highway contracts only went to companies that advertised in the Fergusons ' newspaper, Ferguson Forum.
According to Raul Hilberg, this camp was where " one the first instances that reference was made to the ' soap-making rumor '.
According to DiMaggio biographer Richard Ben Cramer, it was a rumor started by Walter Winchell.
According to a folk rumor on the internet, President Roosevelt ordered all the safe deposit boxes in the country seized and searched for gold by an I. R. S.
According to Harding biographer John Wesley Dean, Chancellor's theories were partly based upon a rumor spread by Amos Kling, Harding's father-in-law, who opposed him politically.
According to popular rumor, in 1879 Sprague chased Conkling off his Narragansett estate after catching him with Kate, thus ending the alleged affair.

According and repeated
According to the authors, " This study answers positively the question of whether repeated administration of ECS seizures can cause brain lesions.
According to an often-told story, during one of the earliest of the royal couple's repeated encounters with the crowds, a Boer War veteran asked Elizabeth, " Are you Scots or are you English?
According to historian Glenn W. LaFantasie of Western Kentucky University, " ever since 1985, when Ronald Reagan was serving in his second term as president, there have been repeated attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment ; this proposal has failed repeatedly in Congress, although it is still introduced over and over again.
According to the IMDb, the claim that he was the fourth most decorated soldier ( actor Audie Murphy being the first ) is often repeated but is incorrect, though that same article does list many decorations that he did receive.
According to the FSB, 39 hostages were set free by the terrorists on 24 October 2002, but they repeated via one of the hostages an earlier threat to start shooting their captives if Russia failed to take their demands seriously.
According to often repeated stories, the Dakota was so named because at the time it was built, the Upper West Side of Manhattan was sparsely inhabited and considered as remote as the Dakota Territory.
According to the official returns recorded by each British ship, and repeated in dispatches from Nelson and forwarded by Parker to the Admiralty, British casualties were 264 killed and 689 wounded.
According to the most plausible version, Alexander ’ s intentions were to prevent scattered principalities of what would become Russia from repeated invasions by the Mongol army.
According to this argument, if Hudson had had such a relationship, Christian would have had to have acquired HIV and AIDS if the repeated unprotected sexual activity claimed had taken place.
According to this, science proceeds through repeated cycles of observation, induction, hypothesis-testing, etc., with the test of consistency with empirical evidence being imposed at each stage.
According to Ó Corráin ( 1998 ) " when and how the Vikings conquered and occupied the Isles is unknown, perhaps unknowable ", although from 793 onwards repeated raids by Vikings on the British Isles are recorded.
According to Richard T. T. Forman and Michael Godron a landscape is a heterogeneous land area composed of a cluster of interacting ecosystems that is repeated in similar form throughout, whereby they list woods, meadows, marshes and villages as examples of a landscape ’ s ecosystems, and state that a landscape is an area at least a few kilometres wide.
According to one often repeated story from this period, Jordan stared at the breasts of the Egyptian ambassador's wife at a Washington reception and remarked, " I have always wanted to see the pyramids ".
According to Susanna Clark, Van Zandt turned down repeated invitations to write with Bob Dylan.
According to the repeated statements of Popes and lay Catholic leaders, the laity should say " we are the Church ," in the same way that the saints said that " Christ lives in me.
According to this, " repeated cycles of ovulation-induced trauma and repair of the OSE surface epithelium at the site of ovulation, without pregnancy-induced rest periods, contributes to ovarian cancer development.
According to the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute workplace bullying is " repeated, health-harming mistreatment, verbal abuse, or conduct which is threatening, humiliating, intimidating, or sabotage that interferes with work, or some combination of the three ".
According to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems manual, as criteria are not repeated in sub-stages this can be mistakable to laymen or medics that have not been educated in the use of this manual.
Despite the criticism, The World According to Smith & Jones returned for a second series in 1988, and then, disappeared from the schedules without a repeat ( unlike Series 1, which was repeated in battle against the BBC in late 1987 ).
According to Andy Thomas, Airington had a few drinks before the recording session for the song started, and as a result, accidentally repeated some of the lyrics ( i. e., " this cat gets down down with a love hang over ").
According to ' Baekbeom Ilji ', however, many Korean people were sympathetic and admired him for his patriotism and bravery, as shown by the facts that his execution was suspended by order of Emperor Gwangmu, that Korean judicial officials behaved politely to him despite Japanese pressure to execute him promptly, and that influential Koreans at the time ( including major merchants of Inchoen ) made efforts to rescue him by repeated petitions to Korean Justice Department Officials and by collecting money for his ransom before his scheduled execution date.
According to Easterbrook, the billions of dollars that a lunar colony might cost should instead be devoted to environmental research on the Earth ; reducing the costs of access to space ; exploring the solar system with space probes ; space observatories ; and protecting the Earth from near-Earth asteroids, priorities that he repeated in a 2007 Wired article, " How NASA Screwed Up ( And Four Ways to Fix It )".
Former U. S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and General Richard Myers have stated that contrary to repeated claims, the CIA's PDB did not warn the President of a specific new threat but " contained historical information based on old reporting ".< ref > See: According to Felix, at the 9 / 11 Commission, " Condi stressed that the administration did not anticipate any strikes within the country, but was focused on terrorist activities in other parts of the world.
According to his own account, all the fundamental ideas and most of the illustrative material were already in Bentham's manuscripts ; but his task was chiefly to abridge by striking out repeated matter, to supply lacunae, to secure uniformity of style, and to improve the French.

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