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According and widespread
According to Aldo Musacchio, a professor at Harvard Business School, it is a system in which governments, whether democratic or autocratic, exercise a widespread influence on the economy, through either direct ownership or various subsidies.
According to the New American Bible, the image in Revelation 12: 1-6 of a pregnant woman in the sky, threatened by a dragon, " corresponds to a widespread myth throughout the ancient world that a goddess pregnant with a savior was pursued by a horrible monster ; by miraculous intervention, she bore a son who then killed the monster ".
According to Finkelstein, Deborah Lipstadt claims there is widespread Holocaust denial-yet in " Denying the Holocaust " her prime example is Arthur Butz, author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century.
According to the recently most widespread presumption, Finno-Ugric ( or Uralic ) languages were first spoken in Finland and the adjacent areas during the ( typical ) Comb Ceramic period, around 4000 BCE at the latest.
According to this view, all kennings are formally compounds, notwithstanding widespread tmesis.
Pale, dirty, with drugged eyes, vulgar, repulsive ..." According to Cornwell, a worrying impression of stereotypical anti-Semitic contempt is discernible in the ' catalogue of epithets describing their physical and moral repulsiveness ' and Pacelli's " constant harping on the Jewishness of this party of power usurpers " chimed with the " growing and widespread belief among Germans that the Jews were the instigators of the Bolshevik revolution, their principal aim being the destruction of Christian civilization ".
According to classical sources, widespread seventh-day Sabbath rest by Gentile Christians was also the prevailing mode in the 3rd and 4th centuries.
According to Eliz Sanasarian " Of all non-Muslim religious minorities the persecution of the Bahais has been the most widespread, systematic, and uninterrupted .… In contrast to other non-Muslim minorities, the Bahais have been spread throughout the country in villages, small towns, and various cities, fueling the paranoia of the prejudiced.
According to the Department of Transportation's Freight Management and Operations section's studies, railroad industry costs and prices were halved over a ten year period, the railroads reversed their historic loss of traffic ( as measured by ton-miles ) to the trucking industry, and railroad industry profits began to recover after decades of low profits and widespread railroad insolvencies.
According to the junta, only 20 % of the 8, 600 existing strategic hamlets were under Saigon's control, with the rest having been taken over by the communists, contradicting Nhu's claims of widespread success.
According to the Land Conservation Council Rivers & Streams Special Investigation 1990, " It is an important example of the large-scale biological systems that were once widespread in south-eastern Australia.
According to Amnesty International, " the widespread and systematic nature of human rights violations committed during the government of former head of state Alberto Fujimori ( 1990 – 2000 ) in Peru constitute crimes against humanity under international law.
According to others however, it was customary to recite the formula in various lands of the Jewish dispersion, and it is clear likewise from Amram's Siddur that the usage was widespread as early as his time in Spain.
According to the Dictionary of the Fungi ( 10th edition, 2008 ), the widespread genus contains over 300 species.
According to Diamond: " The idea of taking dominion over secular society gained widespread currency with the 1981 publication of ... Schaeffer's book A Christian Manifesto.
According to Paul R. Abramson, the widespread availability of pornography during the American Civil War ( 1861 – 1865 ) gave rise to an anti-pornography movement, culminating in the passage of the Comstock Act in 1873, but which also dealt with birth control and abortion issues.
According to widespread reports, torturers beat and caned the soles of the football players ' feet inflicting intense pain without leaving visible marks on the rest of their bodies.
According to CORE, “ school segregation a damaging bacteria, a psychological handicap, which a disease generating widespread unemployment and crime in Chicago .”
According to Robertson, the shift to sustainability is likely to require a widespread shift of emphasis from raising incomes to reducing costs.
According to the records, after the Zhou dynasty conquered the Shang dynasty, one of the new ruling group's main problems was dealing with widespread inebriation with ethanol, associated with the Shang culture.
According to Kirkpatrick, authoritarian regimes merely try to control and / or punish their subjects ' behaviors, while totalitarian regimes moved beyond that into attempting to control the thoughts of their subjects, using not only propaganda, but brainwashing, re-education, widespread domestic espionage, and mass political repression based on state ideology.
According to the most widespread hypothesis they are transmitted by prions, though some other data suggest an involvement of a Spiroplasma infection.
According to social historian Eric Lott, " the widespread embarrassment and innuendo surrounding Elvis impersonation points more directly to the homoerotic implications built into such acts.
According to a widespread folk tale ( not necessarily supported by historical records ), the Mid-Autumn Festival commemorates an uprising in China against the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty ( 1279 – 1368 ) in the 14th century.

According and cliché
According to the F. J. Peplow, Great Britain, in his book “ The Postage Stamps of Buenos Aires ”, the first clue that an inverted cliché existed on the Buenos Aires “ In Ps ” plate of the “ barquitos ” ( steamships ) was the report of a single stamp with part of the adjoining stamp rotated 180 degree and it had been acquired by Ferrary for his collection.
According to critics it doesn't really contribute to a real insight into Buddhism :"... most of them labour under the old cliché that the goal of Buddhist psychological analysis is to reveal the hidden mysteries in the human mind and thereby facilitate the development of a transcendental state of consciousness beyond the reach of linguistic expression.
According to linguist Mark Liberman, considered harmful was a journalistic cliché, used in headlines, well before the Dijkstra article.
According to their website, the rationale behind it was " to dissociate this country with the ' log chomping ' and ' earnestness ' of our national animal ( and cliché ), the beaver "; the walrus, just as much a Canadian native, is " curmudgeonly but clever, bulky but agile ( if only in water ).
According to Pamela Klaffke, author of the 2003 book Spree: A Cultural History of Shopping, the idea of " being trapped inside the walls of a store or mall " had become a " cinematic cliché " by the time this episode aired.

According and smoking
According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is second only to tobacco smoking as a health risk in developed countries, and this is associated with many tens of billions of dollars of healthcare costs.
According to David Biello and John Pavlus in Scientific American, Singer is best known for his denial of the health risks of passive smoking.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking, causing 21, 000 lung cancer deaths per year in the United States.
According to Ior, he had been occasionally smoking with the consent of his parent from the age of 14 since hemp-growing and smoking had been a tradition in the Bockström-family until 1965 when the use of cannabis was prohibitted.
* According to the 2008 Guideline, based on two studies the training of clinicians in smoking cessation methods may increase abstinence rates ; however, a Cochrane review found " a measurable effect " that such training decreased smoking in patients.
According to the American Cancer Society, there are no established guidelines for preventing pancreatic cancer, although cigarette smoking has been reported as responsible for 20 – 30 % of pancreatic cancers.
According to a 2007 Cochrane Database review, there have been four suicides per one million prescriptions and one case of suicidal ideation per ten thousand prescriptions of bupropion for smoking cessation in the UK.
According to a 2003 study, in fetish videos of smoking women, nudity is not necessary, and what matters is ( they quote ) " the look, the attitude, the mannerism of smoking.
According to Post, Sedgwick started to fall asleep very quickly, and her breathing was, " bad – it sounded like there was a big hole in her lungs ", but he attributed that to her heavy smoking habit and went to sleep.
According to John Stewart, a steward on the ship, Andrews was last seen in the first – class smoking room staring at a painting, " Plymouth Harbour ", above the fireplace, his lifejacket lying on a nearby table.
According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, " Some health scientists have suggested that smokeless tobacco should be used in smoking cessation programmes and have made implicit or explicit claims that its use would partly reduce the exposure of smokers to carcinogens and the risk for cancer.
According to the video monitor record, he had spent several hours smoking cigarettes in the waiting hall of Beijing airport.
According to Matt Groening, Swartzwelder used to write episodes while sitting in a booth at a coffee shop " drinking copious amounts of coffee and smoking endless cigarettes ".
According to Alfred Dunhill, Africans have long employed chillum-style pipes for smoking hemp and later tobacco.
According to the party's leaders, opposition to the smoking ban was the party's primary campaign plank, but other related issues were also given attention.
According to Alfred Dunhill, Africans have had a long tradition of smoking hemp in gourd pipes, asserting that by 1884 the King of the Baluka tribe of the Congo had established a " riamba " or hemp-smoking cult in place of fetish-worship.
According to Lauer, he spent his teenage years " sprawling on car hoods, smoking cigarettes, and drinking beer with no particular ambition in mind ".
According to Brian C. Anderson, it also lampoons the pretentiousness of the Hollywood movie industry and liberalism, particularly through the use of Rob Reiner, the real-life American director widely known for advocating smoking restrictions.
According to Alfred Dunhill ( 1924 ), Africans have had a long tradition of smoking hemp in gourd pipes, asserting that by 1884 the King of the Baluka tribe of the Congo had established a " riamba " or hemp-smoking cult in place of fetish-worship.
According to European Union policy, Scandinavian or some American smokeless tobaccos ( specifically snus ) are at least 90 % less hazardous than cigarette smoking.
According to a Fleming biographer, Andrew Lycett, " within the first few pages Ian had introduced most of Bond's idiosyncrasies and trademarks ", which included his looks, his Bentley and his smoking and drinking habits.

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