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According and aboriginal
According to one historical account, aboriginal tribes of Australia were " most certainly cannibals ", and would willingly eat anyone who was killed in a fight ; they would also eat men famed for their fighting ability who had died natural deaths "... out of pity and consideration for the body ".
According to Vladimir Minorsky: " The presence of Iranian settlers in Transcaucasia, and especially in the proximity of the passes, must have played an important role in absorbing and pushing back the aboriginal inhabitants.
According to MacRitchie there were also " two " Pictish races, the former were the aboriginal dark Lappish or Ainu race while a later white-skinned red-headed group invaded them, who he considered the Caledonians.
According to the 2011 census, Redfern has a population of 12, 035 people, with aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people making up 2. 4 % of the population.
Before the town of Sunnyside was even settled, explorer John Guy, in the year of 1612,to the north near the present Sunnyside he found a group of natives …” ( Rockwood, 1992 ) According to the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage website, “ The Beothuks are the aboriginal people of the island of Newfoundland.
According to Vladimir Minorsky: The presence of Iranian settlers in Transcaucasia, and especially in the proximity of the passes, must have played an important role in absorbing and pushing back the aboriginal inhabitants.
According to the town's website, the name Slave Lake originated with " an aboriginal nation derogatorily named ' Slavee ' by several tribes of the invading Cree nation.
According to Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines ( 2003 ) the modern name is derived from the aboriginal " Yekkabin " which referred to aquatic plants ( possibly Typha angustifolia or Blechnum indicum ) with edible roots which grew in the creek.
According to a 1999 census report, 9 % of the riding's residents are aboriginal, with a further 9 % of German background and 7 % of Ukrainian background.
According to the Learning Center aboriginal tour guides and teachers, while the glyphs are important they are not the primary spiritual significance that make this site sacred.

According and oral
According to their oral traditions, some time after the arrival of the Lemba with the Ark, it self-destructed.
According to Southern Maldivian oral tradition, traders and fishermen were occasionally lost at sea and got stranded in one of the islands of the Chagos.
According to oral tradition, they fought against the Abyssinians and uprooted Christian communities in Galgala, a town that used to have churches and temples.
According to native oral legends Fijians were also descendants of a nomadic tribe from Tanganika ( Tanzania ).
According to Rabbinic tradition, all valid interpretations of the written Torah were revealed to Moses at Sinai in oral form, and handed down from teacher to pupil ( The oral revelation is in effect coextensive with the Talmud itself ).
According to oral tradition, Rosh Hashanah is the Day of Memorial or Remembrance ( יום הזכרון, Yom HaZikaron ), and the day of judgment ( יום הדין, Yom HaDin ).
According to an opinion in Jewish oral tradition, the creation of the world was completed on Rosh Hashanah.
According to Igbo oral tradition, his reign started in 1043.
According to religious Judaism, the 613 mitzvot or " commandments " given in the written Torah, as well as their reasonings in the oral Torah, were issued to the Jews only, and are therefore binding only upon them, having inherited the obligation from their ancestors.
According to oral traditions it was established in around 1400 when King Lukena Lua Nimi conquered the kingdom of Kabunga and established Mbanza Kongo as its capital.
According to these guidelines, safe sex was practiced by using condoms also when engaging in anal or oral sex.
According to religious tradition, all of the laws found in the Torah, both written and oral, were given by God to Moses, some of them at Mount Sinai and others at the Tabernacle, and all the teachings were written down by Moses, which resulted in the Torah we have today.
According to Freud's theory, in the earliest stage of a child's psychosexual development, the oral stage, the mother's breast became the formative source of all later erotic sensation.
According to Medline Plus, " Long-term use betel-areca preparations has been associated with oral submucosal fibrosis ( OSF ), pre-cancerous oral lesions and squamous cell carcinoma.
According to oral tradition, new Austronesian clans ( Malays, Javanese, Bugis, and Orang Laut ), historically referred to in general, regardless of their native island, as the " Hova " ( from Old Bugis uwa, " commoner ") landed in the North West and East coast of the island.
According to oral tradition the Ojibwa formed the Council of Three Fires in 796 CE with the Odawa and the Potawatomi.
According to oral tradition, Putnam in his youth killed the last wolf in Connecticut with the help of a group of farmers from Mortlake.
According to oral tradition, the indigenous Fijians of today are descendants of the chief Lutunasobasoba and those who arrived with him on the Kaunitoni canoe.
According to Bakweri oral traditions, that they originated from Mboko, the area southwest of Mount Cameroon.
According to Ojibwa oral history, Spirit Island, located near the Spirit Valley neighborhood, was the " Sixth Stopping Place " where the northern and southern branches of the Ojibwa Nation came together and then proceeded to their " Seventh Stopping Place " near the present city of La Pointe, Wisconsin.
According to oral tradition, the first woman to swim Cook Strait was Hine Poupou.
According to the Greek oral poet Hesiod's Theogony, Erebus is the offspring of Chaos, and brother to Nyx.

According and traditions
According to many traditions within Mahāyāna Buddhism, on the way to becoming a Buddha, a bodhisattva proceeds through ten, or sometimes fourteen, grounds or bhūmis.
According to Jewish and Christian traditions, authorship is assigned to the Prophet Jeremiah, who was ministering the Word of God during the conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, during which the First Temple was destroyed and King Zedekiah was taken prisoner ( cf.
According to Mircea Eliade, the Middle Ages witnessed " an upwelling of mythical thought " in which each social group had its own " mythological traditions ".
According to some Jewish religious traditions, Hebrew was the language of the creation.
According to some scholars, All Hallows ' Eve initially incorporated traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead, particularly the Celtic Samhain ; other scholars maintain that the feast originated entirely independently of Samhain.
According to the Hebrew Testament, Hezekiah introduced religious reform and reinstated religious traditions.
According to historian Bernard Lewis, Islamism, ( or as he terms it " activist " Islam ), along with " quietism ," form two " particular ... political traditions " in Islam.
" According to Martin Noth, at the Southern Palestinian stage of the growth of the Pentateuch tradition, Isaac became established as one of the biblical patriarchs, but his traditions were receded in the favor of Abraham.
According to the traditions of the Congo River basin the Mokèlé-mbèmbé is a large territorial herbivore.
According to Eastern traditions, she retired to Ephesus with the Theotokos ( Mary, the Mother of God ) and there she died.
According to Western Christian belief, matzah was the bread used by Jesus in the Last Supper as there he was celebrating Passover ; Communion wafers used by Roman Catholics ( as well as in some Protestant traditions ) for the Eucharist are flat.
According Steve White, during the Putin presidency Russia made clear that it had no intention of establishing a " second edition " of the American or British political system, but rather a system that was closer to Russia's own traditions and circumstances.
According to very early traditions that are presumed to contain a good deal of historical truth, the edhilingui were the descendants of the Saxons who led the tribe out of Holstein and during the migrations of the sixth century.
According to Muslims, sharia law is founded on the words of Allah as revealed in the Quran, and traditions gathered from the life of the Prophet Muhammad.
According to some Jewish traditions ( e. g., B. Talmud Nedarim 32b ; Genesis Rabbah 46: 7 ; Genesis Rabbah 56: 10 ; Leviticus Rabbah 25: 6 ; Numbers Rabbah 4: 8.
According to later traditions, he had some adventures and founded Canusium and Argyrippa in Southern Italy.
According to some Christian and other mono-theistic traditions, God is not " all-powerful " because He is bound by specific laws and guidelines that are a part of His fundamental nature.
According to the University, the Latin motto Sidere mens eadem mutato can be translated as " Though the constellations change, the mind is universal ", therefore, conveying the aspiration that " the traditions of the older universities of the Northern Hemisphere are continued here in the Southern.
According to some Iranian mythological traditions, it was originally erected by Tahmuras Diveband, and afterward fell to ruin.
( According to some traditions, only olive oil is abstained from ; in others, all vegetable oils.
According to the commentary of the same scholar this does not refer to Jewish converts to Islam, rather the main corpus of the Jews, arguing that it refers to the traditions mentioned in the Bible: " His window being open in his chambers towards Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God as he gave aforetime.
According to most traditions, no blessing is recited at this point in the Seder, unlike the blessing recited over the washing of the hands before eating bread at any other time.

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