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According and accounts
According to the accounts given by Pindar and the tragedians, Agamemnon was slain in a bath by his wife alone, a blanket of cloth or a net having first been thrown over him to prevent resistance.
According to Kimberly Kagan, his accounts of battles emphasize the experience of the soldiers but at the cost of ignoring the bigger picture.
According to some accounts, Hippotes married the same Melanippe who was the mother of Arne.
According to some accounts Aeacus was a son of Zeus and Europa.
According to accounts which vary in some of the details, in 340 BC the Byzantines and their allies the Athenians were under siege by the troops of Philip of Macedon.
According to his accounts, he had 80 cohorts on the battlefield, about 22, 000 men.
According to the traditional accounts, Gautama, the future Buddha, was a prince who grew up in an environment of luxury and opulence.
According to her personal accounts, when she appeared to be near death, she called out for her Bible.
According to Lorena Laura Stookey, " many scholars " see a link between stories in " Irish-Celtic mythology " about journeys to the Otherworld in search of a cauldron of rejuvenation and medieval accounts of the quest for the Holy Grail.
According to observations of structures larger than solar systems, as well as Big Bang cosmology interpreted under the Friedmann equations and the FLRW metric, dark matter accounts for 23 % of the mass-energy content of the observable universe.
According to historical accounts from the first century AD, seven branches of the Nile once ran through the delta.
According to later accounts, the Nile had, by around the twelfth century, just six branches.
According to a 2003 report in the New York Post, the Britannica management has eliminated employee 401 ( k ) accounts and encouraged the use of free images.
According to Moorish accounts:
According to variant accounts, they emerged from an even more primordial level — from Nyx, " Night ".
According to accounts, by the time he reached adulthood, his virtues exerted themselves, and his slowness was revealed to be a symptom of his energy, passion, prudence, and firmness.
According to contemporary accounts, Frederick had difficulties developing emotional closeness to other persons, including his children and wife Eleanor.
According to several accounts of this time, guilds became increasingly involved in simple territorial struggles against each other and against free practitioners of their arts.
According to the Suda ( an 11th-century encyclopaedia of Byzantium which likely took its information from traditional accounts ), Herodotus learned the Ionian dialect as a boy living on the island of Samos, whither he had fled with his family from the oppressions of Lygdamis, tyrant of Halicarnassus and grandson of Artemisia I of Caria.
According to many accounts of Aggadah, unlike the Bible, it is Satan who is testing Isaac and not God.
According to some accounts Friele was a goldsmith for the bishop at Mainz, but most likely, he was involved in the cloth trade.
According to some Hindu mythological accounts, the god Krishna obtained the Syamantaka from Jambavanta, whose daughter Jambavati later married Krishna.
In the last chapter of the Book of Acts, widely attributed to Luke, we find several accounts in the first person also affirming Luke's presence in Rome including Acts 28: 16: " And when we came to Rome ..." According to some accounts, Luke also contributed to authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews.

According and Zuo
According to the Zuo Zhuan, Confucius returned home when he was 68.
According to the Zuo Zhuan, xia ( 夏 )— which has the meaning of " grand "— was used to signify the ceremonial etiquette of China, while hua ( 華 )— as it means " illustrious "— was used in reference to the beautiful clothing that the Chinese people wore ( 中國有禮儀之大 , 故稱夏 ; 有服章之美 , 謂之華 ).
According to the Zuo Zhuan, the Youqiong tribe was conquered by Shaokang.

According and Shiji
) According to Shiji, Wusun was a state located west of the Xiongnu.
According to the Shiji ( c. 123 ) and the Hanshu ( c. 96 ), a daughter from the Han prince, Liu Jian, was sent to the ruler ( kunmo or kunmi ) of the Wusun between 110 BCE and 105 BCE.
According to Obuchi, the name " Heisei " was taken from two Chinese history and philosophy books, namely Records of the Grand Historian ( 史記 Shiji ) and the Classic of History ( 書経 Shujing ).
According to a commentary to the Shiji, Du Yu ( first half of the 3rd century ) stated that the tomb of Jizi was located in Meng Prefecture of the State of Liang ( modern-day Henan ).
According to Shiji, the Han family was descended from the Zhou kings.
According to the Shiji, Zhao Gao's parents committed crimes and were punished.
According to the eighth century CE historian Sima Zhen's commentary to the second century BCE Shiji ( or, Records of the Grand Historian ), Shennong is a kinsman of the Yellow Emperor and is said to be an ancestor, or a patriarch, of the ancient forebears of the Chinese.
According to the Shiji, grapes and alfalfa were introduced to China from Dayuan following Zhang Qian's embassy:
According to the Shiji, there was no emperor ( 帝 ), between the Yellow Emperor and Zhuanxu however Shaohao is mentioned as a person living between the two who was fretting over a dishonest son.
According to record from Shiji and Hanshu, the battle was so swift and one-sided that the Han forces " returned with all warriors intact " ( 全甲兵而還 ), implying a near-zero casualty rate.

According and Confucius
According to tradition, three generations before Confucius ' time, his ancestors had migrated from the Song state to the Lu state.
According to the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee, he has 2 million known and registered descendants, and there are an estimated 3 million in all.
According to Confucius, wisdom can be learned by three methods: Reflection ( the noblest ), imitation ( the easiest ) and experience ( the bitterest ).
According to " Doctrine of the Mean ," Confucius also said, " Love of learning is akin to wisdom.
According to Martin Woesler trends were ' cult literature ' with Guo Jingming ( 郭敬明 ), 悲伤逆流成河 Cry me a sad river, vagabond literature with Xu Zechen ( 徐则臣 ), 跑步穿过中关村 Peking double quick, Liu Zhenyun ( 刘震云 ), 我叫刘跃 The pickpockets, underground literature Mian Mian ( 棉棉 ), 声名狼籍 Panda Sex, ' longing for something ' literature, divided in historicizing literature with Yu Dan 于丹, 《 论语 》 心得 Confucius in your heart, Yi Zhongtian ( 易中天 ) and in Tibetan literature with Alai, literature of the mega cities, women's literature with Bi Shumin ( 毕淑敏 ), 女儿拳 Women ’ s boxing, 女心理师 The female psychologist, master narratives by narrators like Mo Yan 莫言 with 生死疲勞 Life and Death are Wearing me out.
According to tradition, Confucius ( 551 BCE – 479 BCE ) was the final editor of the collection in its present form, although the individual poems would accordingly all be more-or-less older than this.
According to Confucius, a person with a well-cultivated sense of ren would: speak carefully and modestly ( Analects 12. 3 ); be resolute and firm ( Analects 12. 20 ); be courageous ( Analects 14. 4 ); be free from worry, unhappiness, and insecurity ( Analects 9. 28 ; 6. 21 ); moderate their desires and return to propriety ( Analects 12. 1 ); be respectful, tolerant, diligent, trustworthy, and kind ( Analects 17. 6 ); and, would love others ( Analects 12. 22 ).
According to teachings of Agni Yoga, Serapis Bey purports to be, in past lives, the Roman king Numa Pompilius, and the philosophers Confucius, Plato and Seneca the Younger ( Lucius Annaeus Seneca ).
According to the Classic of Filial Piety, Confucius once said: " In serving his parents, a filial son reveres them in daily life ; he makes them happy while he nourishes them ; he takes anxious care of them in sickness ; he shows great sorrow over their death ; and he sacrifices to them with solemnity.
According to Sima Qian, Confucius said: " The disciples who received my instructions, and could themselves comprehend them, were seventy-seven individuals.
According to Sima Qian, he was fifteen years younger than Confucius, but fifty years younger, according to the ' Narratives of the School ,' which latter authority is followed in ' The Annals of the Empire.
According to the ' Narratives of the School ,' he was the same as Yan Ke ( 刻, or 剋 ), who drove the carriage when Confucius rode in Wei after the duke and Nan-zi.
According to Peng Ming-min, a Taiwan independence activist and politician, colleges and universities where a Confucius Institute is established have to sign a contract in which they declare their support for Beijing ’ s “ one China ” policy.

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