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According and internal
According to the meeting minutes, Pasternak was denounced as an internal White emigre and a Fascist fifth columnist.
According to Denis Sinor, their rise to power represented an ' internal revolution ' in the confederacy, rather than an external conquest.
According to experts, internal measures are generally collected and analyzed by the firm including
According to James Bamford, the NSA had picked up communications of al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi back in 1999, but had been hampered by internal bureaucratic conflicts between itself and the CIA, and did not do a full analysis of the information it passed on to the agency.
According to official Residents lore, there was internal turmoil which resulted in a large, " embarrassing " food fight ; they decided to resolve this tension in 1974 by recording what would later become Not Available – representative of N. Senada's Theory of Obscurity taken to its logical conclusion.
According to API Standards 600, " Steel Gate Valve-Flanged and Butt-welding Ends, Bolted Bonnets ", the trim consists of stem, seating surface in the body, gate seating surface, bushing or a deposited weld for the backseat and stem hole guide, and small internal parts that normally contact the service fluid, excluding the pin that is used to make a stem-to-gate connection ( this pin shall be made of an austenitic stainless steel material ).
According to the article, an SCI spokesman said that the company is conducting an internal investigation.
According to a white paper authored by Intel and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, PCs with internal power supplies will require the use of active power factor correction to meet the ENERGY STAR 5. 0 Program Requirements for Computers.
According to Tacitus, among them were the Batavians, until an internal quarrel drove them out, to take up new lands at the mouth of the Rhine.
According to Thomas Hischak, Hart " had a remarkable talent for polysyllabic and internal rhymes ", and his lyrics have often been praised for their wit and technical sophistication.
( According to some accounts the Mass was interrupted by sniper fire from both the internal and external galleries.
" According to Encyclopædia Britannica, an internal infection can cause pain which in turn can activate anger.
According to the Council of Logistics Management, logistics contains the integrated planning, control, realization and monitoring of all internal and network-wide material -, part-and product flow including the necessary information flow in industrial and trading companies along the complete value-added chain ( and product life cycle ) for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.
According to Plutarch it was the citizens of Delos who consulted the oracle at Delphi, seeking a solution for their internal political problems at the time, which had intensified relationships among the citizens.
According to the virial theorem, the gravitational binding energy of a star is about two times its internal thermal energy.
According to internal NKVD data, a total of 144, 704 were killed in 1944-1948 alone ( death rate of 23. 5 % per all groups ).
According to task force member Jack Sams, " The reasons were internal.
According to him, U. S state objectives have led to internal conditions that resemble totalitarianism: " is a power establishment that over the course of the Cold War has spun out of control and now threatens not only the fundamental institutions of democracy, but even of life on the planet through the growing risk of nuclear war by miscalculation "
According to cultural anthropologist Ruth Benedict, shame is a violation of cultural or social values while guilt feelings arise from violations of one's internal values.
According to DEA boss Anthony Souh, the agency nevertheless suffers from substantial internal corruption.
According to Leland Chee, the keeper of The Holocron, an internal Star Wars continuity database at Lucasfilm ( which contains at least 28 individual entries relating to elements of the holiday special ), most elements from the holiday special are definitely considered canon ; however, there are specific rules as to what is what.
According to Hutcheson, man has a variety of senses, internal as well as external, reflex as well as direct, the general definition of a sense being " any determination of our minds to receive ideas independently on our will, and to have perceptions of pleasure and pain " ( Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions, sect.
According to the Linux From Scratch website, the advantages to this method are a compact, flexible and secure system and a greater understanding of the internal workings of the Linux-based operating systems.
According to the one of Iran analyst's of International Crisis Group ( a NGO founded in 1995 by World Bank Vice-President and former US diplomats ), " Kurds, who live in the some of the least developed parts of Iran, pose the most serious internal problem for Iran to resolve, and given what they see next door — the newfound confidence of Iraqi Kurds — there's concern Iranian Kurds will agitate for greater autonomy.

According and memo
According to a Greenpeace spokesman, the memo was a joke that was accidentally released.
According to a confidential memo from the Norwegian embassy, quoted in the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen, the President said: " The North Atlantic is important to Scandinavia, the US and Britain.
According to the memo, the offer was turned down by an " amazed and smiling " Russian ambassador who said Russia did not have any need for this.
According to a memo discovered by historian Yoshiaki Yoshimi, Prince Higashikuni authorized the use of poison gas against the Chinese on 16 August 1938.
According to a memo sent by L. Patrick Gray, acting FBI Director, to H. R. Haldeman in 1972: " Sources in Miami say he ( Sturgis ) is now associated with organized crime activities ".
According to a CIA internal memo dated November 29, 1975, Zapata Petroleum began in 1953 through Bush's joint efforts with Thomas J. Devine, a CIA staffer who had resigned his agency position that same year to go into private business, but who continued to work for the CIA under commercial cover.
According to Marchetti, the memo said in essence, " Some day we will have to explain Hunt's presence in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
According to Japanese historian Takashi Fujitani, the memo reveals a " condescension toward Japanese people " and a " purely instrumentalist and manipulative stance ".
On November 22, United States PRS Special Agent Maxwell D. Phillips sent a hand-written memo to Secret Service head James Rowley, stating that, " According to Mr Zapruder the position of the assassin was behind Mr Zapruder.
According to Williams, the purpose of the memo was to
In New York, Bower established the firm ’ s core principles in a 1937 memo .< Ref name =" onehundredtwo "> According to < i > Fortune Magazine </ i >:
According to a Spanish Embassy memo obtained by the Financial Times Spanish executives of YPF were " hunted down " by Argentine officials, and armed guards used " physical violence and threats.
According to the DOJ memo, the IG Report observed that the CIA's Office of Medical Services ( OMS ) stated that " the experience of the SERE psychologist / interrogators on the waterboard was probably misrepresented at the time, as the SERE waterboard experience is so different from the subsequent Agency usage as to make it almost irrelevant " and that " onsequently, according to OMS, there was no a priori reason to believe that applying the waterboard with the frequency and intensity with which it was used by the psychologist / interrogators was either efficacious or medically safe.
According to historian Ben Macintyre, Cholmondeley got the idea from a 1939 memo written by Ian Fleming, later author of the James Bond novels.
According to the petition's description of a redacted classified Defense Department memo from 17 March 2004, its contents say " officials suggested sending Ahmad to an unspecified foreign country that employed torture in order to increase chances of extracting information from him.
According to a memo by Crow, medical examiner Joan Wood could not be counted on to confidently testify:
According to memo issued by Deloitte, an independent accounting firm with offices in Nevada,
According to Pritchett, the memo as leaked was doctored to remove context and intended irony, and was " a deliberate fraud and forgery to discredit Larry and the World Bank.
According to an NBC Interdepartment Correspondence memo, dated April 7, 1933 documents the conception and initial purpose of the fourth chime.
According to exhibits filed in 2006 by the plaintiff in the case Comes v. Microsoft, Allchin wrote a memo in January 2004 to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer that was critical of Microsoft and Longhorn, saying that they had lost their way and comparing them to Apple whom he believed had not.
According to a June 21, 1966 memo from Ingersoll to Mrs. Leighner in the Boston University Gottlieb Archives:
" According to the company's own memo they would be paid " for moving energy to relieve congestion, without actually moving any energy or relieving any congestion.
According to a memo published on the Internet allegedly authored by CEO Neal Patterson in 2001, a program of strict employee control was instituted due to some behavioral patterns and evidence Patterson perceived as being indicative of underachievement by Cerner's employees at the company's Kansas City, Missouri office.
According to an issue of Science journal reprinted in the Boston Globe and Washington Post, a White House memo discussed a Nixon order to " cut back on MIT's subsidy in view of Wiesner's anti-defense bias.

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