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According and chronicles
According to one of the historical chronicles ( the Gunji Yoshu ), nine sets of five beats would summon an ally to battle, while nine sets of three beats, sped up three or four times is the call to advance and pursue an enemy.
According to archaeological evidence and Spanish chronicles the civilization existed from Bahia de Caraquez to Cerro de Hojas in the south.
According to Polish medieval chronicles, she was sent to Hungary as a bride of the son of King Béla II.
According to the chronicles of Thietmar, this attack was an arbitrary action, without the consent of the Emperor:
According to Thietmar and other contemporary chronicles the gift given by Mieszko to the Emperor was a camel.
* According to Nepali scholar Rishikesh Shaha, the ancient chronicles report that a sage ( muni ) named Ne became the protector ( pāla ) of this land and the founder of its first ruling dynasty.
* According to some legendary accounts in the chronicles, the successors of Ne were the gopālavaṃśi or " Cowherd family ", whose names often end in-gupta and are said to have ruled for some 491 years.
According to the chronicles, he made his residence at Bhadgaon.
According to chronicles, the only common name for this territory was “ Pomerania ” and for its inhabitants “ Pomeranians ”.
According to old Bulgarian chronicles, the day of the holy brothers used to be celebrated ecclesiastically as early as the 11th century.
* According to Russian chronicles, Novgorod attacks Finland with devastating results.
According to Byzantine chronicles, on his abdication he achieved some degree of anecdotal fame by crying out the verse from Ecclesiastes, ' Vanity of vanities, all is vanity ' during Justinian's triumph in Contstantinople .< ref > Edward Gibbon,
* According to the Theravāda commentaries and chronicles, the Third Buddhist Council is convened by the Mauryan king Ashoka at Pataliputra ( modern Patna ), under the leadership of the monk Moggaliputta Tissa.
According to East Slavic chronicles, Oleg was supreme ruler of the Rus ' from 882 to 912.
According to the Daily Records of the Royal Secretariat ( hangul: 승정원일기, hanja: 承政院日記 ) King Yeongjo wanted to revive the glorious times of King Sejong the Great, and so read chronicles of Sejong's era.
* 29 BCE: According to the Sinhalese chronicles, the Pali Canon is written down in the reign of King ( 29 17 BCE )
According to the Burmese chronicles, Bagan was founded in the second century CE, and fortified in 849 CE.
According to chronicles, he returned to kill the usurper.
According to an interview Copeland conducted with the Californian music store Amoeba Music, the book chronicles much of Copeland's life, from his childhood through the course of his work with The Police and to the present.
According to Chinese chronicles, they were originally a tribe living to the north of the Great Wall and were known as Hoa or Hoa-tun.
According to Zuev, the Chinese chronicles
According to 15th and 16th century chronicles, Henry was followed by bishops Rodulff and Folquinus, after whom there was a 25 30-year gap before Thomas.
According to the chronicles of Thietmar of Merseburg, Otto III, who had been a friend of Adalbert, committed to a pilgrimage from Italy to St. Adalbert's tomb in Gniezno ; in his attempt to extend the influence of Christianity in Eastern Europe, and to renew the Holy Roman Empire based on a federal concept (" renovatio Imperii Romanorum ") with the Polish and Hungarian duchies upgraded to eastern federati of the empire.
According to Chinese chronicles, the two parts were known as Land ( or Upper ) Chenla and Water ( or Lower ) Chenla.

According and Hungarian
According to Gyula Moravcsik, this title was a simple translation of Béla's Hungarian title úr, but other historians believe it comes from the ancient Greek despotes ( literally, the master ).
According to The Daily Telegraph, " statistics show that more than 60 percent of Hungarian mortgages and car loans are denominated in foreign currencies ".
According to Hungarian tradition, Pope Silvester II, with the consent of Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor, sent a magnificent jeweled gold crown to Stephen along with an apostolic cross and a letter of blessing officially recognizing Stephen as the Christian king of Hungary.
According to the latest Citizenship Law adopted in 2010, anybody, possessing certain evidences ( certificates, documents ) of his or her Hungarian roots from around the World can apply for Hungarian Citizenship.
According to Martinson, he dictated the initial cycle as in a fever after a troubling dream, affected by the Cold War and the Soviet suppression of the 1956 Hungarian revolution ; in another version, the first 29 cantos were said to be inspired by an astronomic observation of Andromeda Galaxy.
According to Willson, the scene in which Chaplin shaves a customer to Brahms ' Hungarian Dance No. 5 had been filmed before he arrived, using a phonograph record for timing.
According to Hungarian writer Miklos Vamos — who visited Lardner several times before his death — Lardner won an Academy Award for a movie he wrote under a pseudonym.
According to other sources, the Hungarian word came from the words " peperke ", " piperke ", " paparka " used in various Slavic languages in the Balkans for bell peppers.
According to Medak, the project got started one night that he and O ' Toole were returning from the theatre, which " meant stopping at every pub between Soho and Hampstead, and it didn't matter if it was after closing hour because he would knock on the door and just say ' Peter's here ,' and every door opened for him "; Later on, at O ' Toole's apartment, the deeply inebriated actor phoned his manager and said, " I'm with the crazy Hungarian and I know I'm drunk but I give you 24 hours to set this movie up.
According to the 1910 census, the population of the city was 20, 808, of whom 8, 714 spoke Serbian language, 7, 467, German language, 3, 364 Hungarian language, etc.
In 1964 the choir performed the world premier of Hungarian composer Miklós Rózsa ’ s major vocal piece, “ The Vanities of Life .” A decade later the choir would perform the west coast premier of Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki ’ s “ Passion According to St. Luke ”.
According to Houtermans, they are Martians, who are afraid that their accents will give them away, so they masquerade as Hungarians, i. e., people unable to speak any language but Hungarian without an accent.
According to Hungarian legend the first aszú ( a wine using botrytised grapes ) was made by Laczkó Máté Szepsi in 1630.
According to author Simon Broughton, the composer and song collector Kodály identified songs that " apparently date back 2, 500 years " in common with the Mari people of Russia ; and, as well as the Mari, the ethnomusicologist Bruno Nettl indicates similarities in traditional Hungarian music with Mongolian and Native American musical styles.
According to Broughton, traditional Hungarian music is " highly distinctive " like the " Hungarian language, which invariably is stressed on the first syllable, lending a strongly accented dactylic rhythm to the music ".
According to Szabolcsi, these ' Hungarian transpositions ', along with " some melodic, rhythmical and ornamental peculiarities, clearly show on the map of Eurasia the movements of Turkish people from the East to the West ".
According to the 1910 census, the population of Bečej municipality numbered 54, 275 people, of whom 30, 465 spoke Hungarian and 22, 821 Serbian.
According to the 1910 census, population of the Ruma municipality numbered 49, 138 inhabitants, of whom 22, 956 spoke Serbian, 15, 529 German, 5, 746 Hungarian, and 3, 730 Croatian.
According to the 1910 census, the population of Sombor was 30, 593 people, of whom 11, 881 spoke the Serbian language, 10, 078 spoke the Hungarian language, 6, 289 spoke the Bunjevac language, 2, 181 spoke the German language.
According to some claims, the town was at first in the possession of the Hungarian kings, and later became property of a Hungarian aristocrat, Miklós Perényi, ban of Severin.
According to some claims, it was donated to the despot by Hungarian king Sigismund in 1411.

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