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According and comics
According to critic Geoffrey Blum, the process that saw its beginnings in 1942's Pirate Gold first bore its full fruit in 1950's ' Vacation Time ,' which he describes as ' a visual primer for reading comics and understanding ... the form ...." From the early 1950s Barks undertook the quarterly adventures of Uncle Scrooge and the duck clan in Scrooge's own title.
According to one biographer, Jack Warner's initial doubts about the project were quelled when he met Rin Tin Tin, " who seemed to display more intelligence than some of the Warner comics.
According to lead designer Chris Avellone, Planescape: Torment was inspired by books, comics, and games, including Archie Comics, The Chronicles of Amber, The Elementals and Shadowrun.
According to Joe Kubert, co-creator with the brothers Norman Maurer and Leonard Maurer, it sold an exceptional 1. 2 million copies at 25 cents apiece at a time when comics cost a dime.
According to an interview on May 16, 2008, the rights to an Anno Dracula movie have been optioned, and Newman has written a script, but " I don't know if there's much movement on it ... Over the years, I've had a few comics people say they'd be interested and even an occasional game nibble, but no one has ever come up with a solid deal.
According to BusinessWeek, the Beast is listed as one of the top ten most intelligent fictional characters in American comics.
According to the novels and comics, Saavik was born on Hellguard, an abandoned Romulan colony.
According to Pahls, " For years, had few friends and no sex life ; he was forced to spend many hours at school or on the job, and when he came home he ' escaped ' by drawing home-made comics.
According to DC editors, the Red Son universe is one of the new post-52 Earths, each of which represents a different incarnation of the standard DC comics characters.
According to the New York Times in 1989 two comics experts discovered a series of fake collages in the Andy Warhol retrospective in the MOMA.
According to BusinessWeek, she is listed as one of the top ten most intelligent fictional superheroes appearing in American comics, and is the only female character to appear on the list.
According to one edition of the comic in the 1980s Beanotown is apparently next to Whizztown ( home of Billy Whizz, however later comics contadict this and give Billy's home as Beanotown ), near the village of Bunkerton which has a castle where Lord Snooty lives, near the town of Burnham the home of Billy the Cat and Katie as well as being close to General Jumbo's hometown of Dinchester.
According to Bakay's official website, he wrote these comics when he was " ever so slightly embittered and pissed off at the world ".
According to the Robotech: Love and War comics, Max, along with his friend Ben Dixon, was in attendance for the celebration at Macross Island that marked the SDF-1's maiden launch when the Zentraedi attacked.
According to the Dark Tower comics, the Crimson King was the bastard offspring of Arthur Eld, a legendary gunslinger, and the Crimson Queen, a demonic creature of the Prim – the chaotic primordial void from which the Dark Tower, and all universes, arose.
According to CBR's Steven Grant, this status is derived not so much from the comics ' content, but for triggering both the 1990s speculator boom and crash that followed, and the trend towards the creation of superhero universes among various publishers.
According to one biographer, Jack Warner's initial doubts about the project were quelled when he met Rin Tin Tin, " who seemed to display more intelligence than some of the Warner comics.
According to Beechen, the comic book arc will open the door for the " legendary " DCAU to enter into the mainstream DC Universe ( comics ), tying into both continuities.
According to canon, the Superman of Earth-Two did not fight crime until reaching Metropolis as an adult, therefore this is the first appearance of Earth-One in comics.
According to the bio given in Dreamwave comics Ironhide was a supporter of the Mini-Cons joining the Autobots, and was joined with an Autobot warrior until he was killed by Terrorsaur.
According to an early post on the message board at IDW Publishing, the writers of their Beast Wars comics plan to make a profile of this Prowl in their comics which will give the character a background.
The Greek anarchopunk band The No Sin named their albums " Drug Called Future " ( 2006 ) and " Some Key According to Death and Candy "( 2009 ) in honor of Max Andersson's comics.

According and historian
According to the historian J.
According to Asinius Quadratus ( quoted in the mid-6th century by Byzantine historian Agathias ) their name means " all men ".
According to the historian Herodotus, the poet threw away his shield to make good his escape from the victorious Athenians then celebrated the occasion in a poem that he later sent to his friend, Melanippus.
According to the historian David O. Stewart, Cornelius Wendell led an acquittal committee, which met in the Astor House in New York ; it collected a bribery fund of up to $ 150, 000 to influence Senators into voting for Johnson's acquittal.
According to the Greek historian, he was of common origins.
According to film historian Jeffrey Vance, " although he relied upon associates to arrange varied and complex instrumentation, the musical imperative is his, and not a note in a Chaplin musical score was placed there without his assent.
According to the British historian Misha Glenny the murder in March 1929 of Toni Schlegel, editor of a pro-Yugoslavian newspaper Novosti, brought a " furious response " from the regime.
According to historian Yuki Tanaka, " cannibalism was often a systematic activity conducted by whole squads and under the command of officers ".
According to Mike Dash, a Welsh historian, few scientists doubt there are thousands of unknown animals, particularly invertebrates, awaiting discovery ; however, cryptozoologists are largely uninterested in researching and cataloging newly-discovered species of ants or beetles, instead focusing their efforts towards " more elusive " creatures that have often defied decades of work aimed at confirming their existence.
According to historian Christopher Moore, coalition governments in Canada became much less possible in 1919 when the leaders of parties were no longer chosen by elected MPs, but instead began to be chosen by party members.
According to literary historian Sacvan Bercovitch:
According to historian of Communism Archie Brown, the memory of the Cultural Revolution, where a form of mass political mobilization turned against the Party and resulted in chaotic destruction, may account for the reticence of educated Chinese to press for an end to one-party rule.
According to chemistry historian Henry Leicester, the influential 1923 textbook Thermodynamics and the Free Energy of Chemical Reactions by Gilbert N. Lewis and Merle Randall led to the replacement of the term " affinity " by the term " free energy " in much of the English-speaking world.
According to Mark Bollman, a mathematics and calculator historian and associate professor of mathematics at Albion College, the " Construction Master is the first in a long and profitable line of CI construction calculators " which carried them through the 1980s, 1990s, and to the present.
According to historian Michael A. Riff, a common feature of these movements was opposition not only to secularism, but also to both capitalism and socialism.
According to the church historian Eusebius, the Quartodeciman Polycarp ( bishop of Smyrna, by tradition a disciple of John the Evangelist ) debated the question with Anicetus ( bishop of Rome ).
According to the historian N. D. A. Kemp, the origin of the contemporary debate on euthanasia started in 1870. which will lead to unacceptable consequences.
According to an article by the math historian Kenneth May, “ Maps utilizing only four colours are rare, and those that do usually require only three.
According to historian Tibor Ivan Berend, dirigisme was an inherent aspect of fascist economies.
According to the historian Polybius, considerable debate took place in Rome on the question of whether to accept the Mamertines ' appeal for help, and thus likely enter into a war with Carthage.
According to the historian Philinus, this army was composed of 50, 000 infantry, 6, 000 cavalry, and 60 elephants.
" According to historian Piers Brendon, " Orwell was the saint of common decency who would in earlier days, said his BBC boss Rushbrook Williams, ' have been either canonised – or burnt at the stake '".
According to the 11th century Byzantine historian Georgios Kedrenos an uncial manuscript of Matthew's Gospel, believed to be that found by Anthemios, was then still preserved in the Chapel of St Stephen in the imperial palace.
According to science and technology historian Bert S. Hall: " It goes without saying, however, that historians bent on special pleading, or simply with axes of their own to grind, can find rich material in these terminological thickets.

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