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According and conspiracy
According to Barkun, the appeal of conspiracism is threefold: First, conspiracy theories claim to explain what institutional analysis cannot.
According to anthropologists Todd Sanders and Harry G. West, evidence suggests that a broad cross section of Americans today gives credence to at least some conspiracy theories.
According to some psychologists, a person who believes in one conspiracy theory tends to believe in others ; a person who does not believe in one conspiracy theory tends not to believe another.
According to the Historia Augusta, an unreliable source compiled long after the events it describes, a conspiracy was led by the commander of the guard Aurelius Heraclianus and one Marcianus.
According to Sani Meo, the publisher of This Week in Palestine, " Capital or no capital, Ramallah has done well and Palestine is proud of its achievements .” Some Palestinians allege that Ramallah's prosperity is part of an Israeli " conspiracy " to make Ramallah the capital of a Palestinian state, instead of Jerusalem.
* According to some conspiracy theorists, during the military investigation of green fireballs in New Mexico, UFOs were photographed by a tracking camera over White Sands Proving Grounds on April 27, 1949.
According to the London Sunday Times on March 20, 2005, despite their cultural differences, " Riza, an Arab feminist who confounds portrayals of Wolfowitz as a leader of a ' Zionist conspiracy ' of Jewish neoconservatives in Washington ... who works as the bank ’ s senior gender co-ordinator for the Middle East and north Africa ... not only shares Wolfowitz ’ s passion for spreading democracy in the Arab world, but is said to have reinforced his determination to remove Saddam Hussein ’ s oppressive regime.
According to the common belief, she prepared a conspiracy to overthrow Mustafa.
According to Held, the idea for the conspiracy theory formed in his mind at a student party while speaking to an avid reader of New Age magazines.
According to the SI, the development of this conspiracy was no doubt precipitated by the recent elimination of the SI's right wing, the Spur group, on whose support the Nashists had relied.
According to the legend, John of Procida was the mastermind behind the conspiracy that led to the Vespers.
According to his official site, Khodorkovsky would have been eligible for early release, but an alleged conspiracy involving jail guards and a cell mate resulted in a statement that Mikhail had violated one of the prison rules.
According to him, this conspiracy started with a speech given by a U. S. gay rights activist in the 1960s whose name he could not remember.
According to researcher Gordon Bennett, the conspiracy theory that the FSB was behind the bombings is kept alive by the Russian oligarch and Kremlin-critic Boris Berezovsky.
According to Orlov, Stalin uncovered the conspiracy and used Yezhov to execute those responsible.
According to his widow June, Roy Kellerman believed there was a conspiracy behind the death of JFK.
According to historian Ilya Zemtsov, the author of Chernenko: The Last Bolshevik: The Soviet Union on the Eve of Perestroika, Brezhnev began starting a conspiracy against Khrushchev when he found out that he had chosen Podgorny, and not himself, as his potential successor.
According to the Detroit Post, an extant newspaper, and publisher of an autobiography of Chandler, " Mr. Chandler, was from his boyhood, was radical in his opposition to human bondage, and for a time hoped that the Whig Party of the North could be used to effectually resist the conspiracy of the slave power against the territories.
According to a conspiracy theory, they were responsible for the French Revolution and Americans feared its excesses.
According to the description on the back of Diary, Misty " soon finds herself a pawn in a larger conspiracy that threatens to cost hundreds of lives.
According to a book by Ceauşescu's bodyguard, Securitate Lieutenant Colonel Dumitru Burlan, the generals who were part of the conspiracy led by General Stănculescu were trying to create fictional terrorism scenarios in order to induce fear and to push the army onto the side of the plotters.
According to some historians, Yanayev was the most visible and powerful member of the Emergency Committee but was not its mastermind ; KGB chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov has been described as the " heart and soul of the conspiracy ".
According to Skousen ’ s interpretation of Quigley ’ s book, each of these is a facet of one large conspiracy.

According and theorists
According to Marxist theorists, history develops in accordance with the following observations:
According to other social contract theorists, citizens can withdraw their obligation to obey or change the leadership, through elections or other means including, when necessary, violence, when the government fails to secure their natural rights ( Locke ) or satisfy the best interest of society ( called the " general will " in Rousseau, who is more concerned with forming new governments than in overthrowing old ones ).
According to economist theorists, companies receive a convenience yield by holding inventories of certain commodities.
According to some theorists, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in its modern past has influenced Japanese popular culture to include many apocalyptic themes.
According to labor historian Philip S. Foner, the Wobbly conception of industrial democracy is intentionally not presented in detail by IWW theorists ; in that sense, the details are left to the " future development of society ".
According to certain occult theorists, a hidden treasure, or alternatively, some form of occult mystery, is hidden within Olyphant.
According to Thomas A Potterfield, many organizational theorists and practitioners regard employee empowerment as one of the most important and popular management concepts of our time.
According to some theorists, the presence or absence of democracy in a country's past can have a significant effect on its later dealings with democracy.
According to some oscillatory universe theorists, the Big Bang was simply the beginning of a period of expansion that followed a period of contraction.
According to Transpersonal theorists western schools of psychology have had a tendency to dismiss or pathologize transpersonal levels, equating them with regressive pathological conditions belonging to a lower level.
According to these theorists, teaching in multiple overlapping sensory systems benefits learning, and they encourage teachers to use content and media that integrates well with the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic systems whenever possible.
According to Melucci, one of the leading new social movement theorists, these movements arise not from relations of production and distribution of resources but within the sphere of reproduction and the life world, as a result of which, the concern has shifted from the sole production of economic resources directly connected to the needs for survival or for reproduction to cultural production of social relations, symbols and identities.
According to moral sense theorists, certain moral truths are known via this moral sense simply on the basis of experience, not inference.
According to republican theorists of freedom, like the historian Quentin Skinner or the philosopher Philip Pettit, one's liberty should not be viewed as the absence of interference in one's actions, but as non-dependence.
According to some feminist media theorists, news is like fictional genres that impose order and interpretation on its materials by means of narrative.
According to Soviet theorists, the basic character of Soviet foreign policy was set forth in Vladimir Lenin's Decree on Peace, adopted by the Second Congress of Soviets in November 1917.
* According to conspiracy theorists, there is a Council of 13 group that is part of or working for the Illuminati.
According to these theorists, whatever attracts each member to a particular group causes them to put more emphasis on the group than on individuals.
According to some theorists, this six-steps description of the nursing process is outdated and misrepresents nursing as linear and atomic.
According to Susan Bayly: Those like ( Sir William ) Hunter, as well as the key figures of H. H. Risley ( 1851 – 1911 ) and his protégé Edgar Thurston, who were disciples of the French race theorist Topinard and his European followers, subsumed discussions of caste into theories of biologically determined race essences, ... Their great rivals were the material or occupational theorists led by the ethnographer and folklorist William Crooke ( 1848 – 1923 ), author of one of the most widely read provincial Castes and Tribes surveys, and such other influential scholar-officials as Denzil Ibbetson and E. A. H. Blunt.
According to conflict theorists such as Marvin Wolfgang, Hubert Blalock and William Chambliss, the disproportionate representation of racial minorities in crime statistics and in the prison population is the result of race-and class-motivated disparities in arrests, prosecutions and sentencing rather than differences in actual participation in criminal activity, an approach which has also been taken by proponents of critical race theory.
According to Dubnov, assimilation was not a natural phenomenon and the Jewish political struggle should be centered on a Jewish autonomy based upon community, language and education, and not upon class struggle as advocated by Bundist theorists.
According to TMT theorists, symbols that create cultural worldviews are fiercely protected as representations of actual life.

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