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According and contemporaries
" According to one of his biographers, al-Wahrani, Saladin was able to answer questions on Euclid, the Almagest, arithmetic, and law, but this was an academic ideal and it was study of the Qur ' an and the " sciences of religion " that linked him to his contemporaries.
According to Bercé and Otteni, the biographers and contemporaries of Leo XII do not mention any interdict.
According to Augustine of Hippo ( City of God XVIII, 8, 10 ,& 11 ) Deucalion and his father Prometheus were contemporaries of Moses.
According to Tim Newby: " Despite the endless parade of fans and praise, Burke always seemed to be two steps ahead or one step behind his contemporaries.
According to some contemporaries, at least the Swedish People's Party electors more eagerly voted for Relander, because his wife happened to be a Finland Swede.
According to J. L. Heilbron, informed contemporaries of Galileo's:
According to Rey M. Longyear, Spohr's best works were hailed by many of his contemporaries as quintessentially Romantic and inherited by Mendelssohn.
According to several contemporaries, Wright should also be credited with having been the person who first suggested the building of the Rideau Canal, and once the canal's construction was under way, Wright secured most of the contracts for supplies, materials and craftsmen.
According to some of his contemporaries, Nicolae Iorga was an outstandingly talented public speaker.
According to her contemporaries, this peasant visionary, who was the daughter of devout farmers, spent her childhood doing charitable works and spending long hours in prayer.
According to contemporaries, William hesitated a moment before sheathing his sword and replying, " I don't love you enough to send you to paradise.
According to Acts, his authority with his contemporaries was so great that they accepted his advice, regardless of how unwelcome it was.
According to contemporaries, Yuzhmash was separate entity inside the Soviet state.
According to the writings of her contemporaries, Barbara was one of the most beautiful women in Europe.
According to Hrushevsky they were not really considered as hetman, at least by their contemporaries.
According to the Oxford Classical Dictionary, the remainder of his surviving writings, although praised by his contemporaries, is of primary interest for the incidental light they cast on the social history of Asia Minor in the second century AD.
( According to GEB, the phrase " turgid and confused " was used about the works of Johann Sebastian Bach by his contemporaries.
According to the records obtained from the “ Awarans ” of our old folks, the late Bernardo Gutierrez and the late Honorato Carungay, and also from the testimonies of some of their contemporaries, Bayambang was founded in the early sixteenth century by an Aeta known as Agalet.
According to many great pianists ( e. g. Edwin Fischer and András Schiff ), this movement is a parody of Italian opera and Beethoven's contemporaries, who were much more popular than Beethoven at the beginning of the 19th century.
According to the testimony of contemporaries two papal legates were present, Theophylact and Stephen, representing Pope Adrian I.
According to some contemporaries close to Catherine, Countess Praskovya Bruce was prized by her as " L ' Eprouveuse ", or " tester of male capacity ".
" According to David Denton and George Hirst, he hit the ball harder than any other player of their time ( and they were contemporaries of Jessop ).

According and period
According to the fossil record, Lissamphibia, which includes all modern amphibians and is the only surviving lineage, may have branched off from the extinct groups Temnospondyli and Lepospondyli at some period between the Late Carboniferous and the Early Triassic.
According to the National Statistical Service, during the January – August 2007 period, Armenia's industrial sector was the single largest contributor to the country's GDP, but remained largely stagnant with industrial output increasing only by 1. 7 percent per year.
According to the Christian doctrine of Universal Reconciliation, the Greek New Testament scriptures use the word " eon " to mean a long period ( perhaps 1000 years ) and the word " eonian " to mean " during a long period "; Thus there was a time before the eons, and the eonian period is finite.
According to the Jargon File, American hackers switched to what they later discovered to be the British quotation system because placing a period inside a quotation mark can change the meaning of data strings that are meant to be typed character-for-character.
According to their teaching, a period of universal apostasy followed the death of the Twelve Apostles.
According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research ( CEPR ), the period from 1980 – 2005 has seen diminished progress in terms of economic growth, life expectancy, infant and child mortality, and to a lesser extent education.
According to the FidoNet Nodelist, BBSes reached their peak usage around 1996, which was the same period that the World Wide Web suddenly became mainstream.
According to John J. Collins in his 1993 commentary, Daniel, Hermeneia Commentary, the Aramaic in Daniel is of a later form than that used in the Samaria correspondence, but slightly earlier than the form used in the Dead Sea Scrolls, meaning that the Aramaic chapters 2-6 may have been written earlier in the Hellenistic period than the rest of the book, with the vision in chapter 7 being the only Aramaic portion dating to the time of Antiochus.
According to the book, the prophet, exiled in Babylon, experienced a series of seven visions during the 22 years from 593 to 571 BC, a period which spans the final destruction of Jerusalem in 586.
According to Okrent ( 2009, p. 190 ), there was a final period of conflict, as Bliss would make continuous criticisms to McNaughton often followed by apologies.
According to Schiffer, some of the characteristics of the costume jewelry in the Art Deco period were:
According to Schiffer, some of the characteristics of the costume jewelry in the Retro period were:
According to Schiffer, some of the characteristics of the costume jewelry in the Art Modern period were:
According to Barks, this period of his life would later influence his best known fictional characters: Walt Disney's Donald Duck and his own Scrooge McDuck.
According to Parpola, ceramic similarities between the Indus Civilization, southern Turkmenistan, and northern Iran during 4300 – 3300 BC of the Chalcolithic period ( Copper Age ) suggest considerable mobility and trade.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the large number of people claimed to have been killed by the Jews is an improbability ; " Perhaps the most striking point against the historical value of the Book of Esther is the remarkable decree permitting the Jews to massacre their enemies and fellow subjects during a period of two days.
According to Nielsen Soundscan, Napalm Death sold 367, 654 units between May 1991 and November 2003, while Carcass sold 220, 374 units in the same period.
According to tradition, Brian Boru, ' High King ' of Ireland ( d. at the Battle of Clontarf, 1014 CE ) played the harp, as did many of the gentry in the country during the period of the Gaelic Lordship of Ireland ( ended c. 1607 CE with the " Flight of the Earls " following the Elizabethan Wars ).
According to the recently most widespread presumption, Finno-Ugric ( or Uralic ) languages were first spoken in Finland and the adjacent areas during the ( typical ) Comb Ceramic period, around 4000 BCE at the latest.
According to footnotes, the book covers the time period between ca 52 BC and 1 BC.
According to the Torah, this is the first day of the seventh month of the calendar year, and marks the beginning of a ten day period leading up to Yom Kippur.
According to the chapter heading, the book covers the time period between ca 420 BC and 361 BC and describes the efforts of the Nephite prophets to " keep them Nephites in the way of truth ".
According to Serge Klarsfeld, since the now complete and constant publicity which the artworks got in 1996, the majority of the French Jewish community is nevertheless in favour of the return to the normal French civil rule of prescription acquisitive of any unclaimed good after another long period of time and consequently to their ultimate integration into the common French heritage instead of their transfer to foreign institutions like during World War II.

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