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According and criminal
According to Foucault, it is the " effect " of power and " disciplines " ( See Discipline and Punish: construction of the subject as student, soldier, " criminal ", etc.
According to a US Department of State report on human rights practices, the government of North Korea often punishes the family of a criminal along with the perpetrator.
According to Livy, Tarquinius Superbus, the seventh and final king of Rome, judged capital criminal cases without the advice of counsellors, thereby creating fear amongst those who might think to oppose him.
According to DVD liner notes for Return of the Pink Panther, Sellers and Edwards originally planned to produce a British television series centered on Clouseau, but a film was made instead, Revenge of the Pink Panther, which ignores Dreyfus's death in the previous film and has Clouseau investigating a plot to kill him after a transvestite criminal is killed in his place.
According to Bejesky, the majority of long-term Falun Gong detainees are processed administratively through this system instead of the criminal justice system.
According to International Advocates for Justice, Falun Gong has filed the largest number of human rights lawsuits in the 21st century and the charges are among the most severe international crimes defined by international criminal laws.
According to the Court, " the restrictive criminal abortion laws in effect in a majority of States today are of relatively recent vintage.
According to E. R Dodds, " There he is not so much the typical petty criminal as the typical buffoon ; and so Lucian describes him.
According to Machiavelli, a risk taker and example of " criminal virtue ".
According to testimony given in the criminal case, Utah v. Warren Jeffs, the Hot Springs Motel located in Caliente is the site of several forced marriages between under-aged girls and older men.
According to the report, " Transient, criminal Juggalo groups pose a threat to communities due to the potential for violence, drug use / sales, and their general destructive and violent nature.
According to Steve Huey of allmusic, " Only Built 4 Cuban Linx ... contained a narrative album format revolving around cocaine trafficking, criminal activity, and a rise through the ranks of the illegal industry.
According to Mayer, features found in conflict include severe deficiencies in criminal procedure, harsh criminal penalties causing great suffering, discrimination against women and non-Muslims, and prohibition against abandoning the Islam religion.
According to their website, NORML " supports the removal of all criminal penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including the cultivation for personal use, and the casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts ," and " supports the development of a legally controlled market for cannabis.
According to Chester L. Quarles, professor of criminal justice at the University of Mississippi, some of the Christian Identity movement's followers hold that non-Caucasian peoples have no souls, and can therefore never earn God's favor or be saved.
According to Sarah Brady, had a background check been conducted on Hinckley, it could have detected some, or all, of this important criminal and mental health history.
According to Jewish interpretations the victim in criminal law gets financial compensation based on the law of human equality eschewing mutilation and ' lex talionis '.
According to the Munich state court, Demjanjuk does not have a criminal record.
According to Foucault, the very notion of the criminal had became political within the confines of Political economy, the western legal system had been transformed from one of cruelty to one of repeating one's crimes over and over again, therefore producing the ' rational ' professional criminal ; criminals were punished differently ( and less dramatically, rather ironically ).
According to PRC law, there are firearms regulations and according to those regulations " whoever, in violation of firearm-control regulations, secretly keeps firearms or ammunition and refuses to relinquish them shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years or criminal detention.
According to the official Party verdict, Lin and Jiang were singled out for blame because they led intra-Party cliques which took advantage of Mao's " mistakes " to advance their own political goals, engaging in " criminal activity " for their own self-benefit.
According to Morrison, " assuming that there has been gender-based disparate treatment by state authorities in this case, it would not be enough to save § 13981's civil remedy, which is directed not at a State or state actor but at individuals who have committed criminal acts motivated by gender bias.

According and justice
According to Jack Donnelly, in the ancient world, " traditional societies typically have had elaborate systems of duties ... conceptions of justice, political legitimacy, and human flourishing that sought to realize human dignity, flourishing, or well-being entirely independent of human rights.
According to most contemporary theories of justice, justice is overwhelmingly important: John Rawls claims that " Justice is the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought.
According to thinkers in the social contract tradition, justice is derived from the mutual agreement of everyone concerned ; or, in many versions, from what they would agree to under hypothetical conditions including equality and absence of bias.
According to utilitarian thinkers including John Stuart Mill, justice is not as fundamental as we often think.
According to the egalitarian, justice can only exist within the coordinates of equality.
According to the utilitarian, justice requires the maximization of the total or average welfare across all relevant individuals.
According to Feldman, Josephus also attaches particular significance to Moses ' possession of the " cardinal virtues of wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice.
According to David Hart, Comte had three main points: " firstly, that interference by the state over the centuries in property ownership has had dire consequences for justice as well as for economic productivity ; secondly, that property is legitimate when it emerges in such a way as not to harm anyone ; and thirdly, that historically some, but by no means all, property which has evolved has done so legitimately, with the implication that the present distribution of property is a complex mixture of legitimately and illegitimately held titles.
According to Garowe Online, to bolster the region's justice system, numerous new prosecutors, judges and other court personnel as well as additional prison guards were hired and trained.
According to Thomas Aquinas, Among the cardinal virtues, prudence ranks first, justice second, fortitude third, temperance fourth, and after these the other virtues. Part of his justification for this hierarchy is that Fortitude without justice is an occasion of injustice ; since the stronger a man is the more ready is he to oppress the weaker.
According to the party platform, freedom, justice, and social solidarity, form the basis of social democracy.
According to a view that has featured prominently in Western theology since early in the 2nd millennium, God's justice required an atonement for sin from humanity if human beings were to be restored to their place in creation and saved from damnation.
According to Taylor C. Boas and Jordan Gans-Morse Walter Eucken stated that “ social security and social justice are the greatest concerns of our time ”.
According to their website, their goal is: " to educate and mobilize North American Jewry to support peace efforts and social justice causes in Israel ....
According to the department of justice kidnapping makes up 2 % of all reported violent crimes against juveniles.
According to Marcion, the god of the Old Testament, whom he called the Demiurge, the creator of the material universe, is a jealous tribal deity of the Jews, whose law represents legalistic reciprocal justice and who punishes mankind for its sins through suffering and death.
According to Braithwaite ( 2004 ), restorative justice is:
According to Zehr and Mika ( 1998 ), there are three key ideas that support restorative justice.
According to Morris, some of the most common criticisms that used against the practicality or realism of restorative justice are:
According to other studies performed by Vicky De Mesmaecker, in order for restorative justice to become publicly accepted, there must be an effective public relations collaboration between the media and the criminologists.

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