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According and her
According to Dr. Ellis, the average 20-year-old American woman is capable of far greater sexual arousal than her partner.
According to fellow folk singer Joan Baez, it was one of the most requested songs from her audiences, but she never realized its origin as a hymn ; by the time she was singing it in the 1960s she said it had " developed a life of its own ".
According to an interview she gave to an Egyptian journalist, her first name was Yvonne, though she is referred to as Yvette in most published references.
According to the Bibliotheca, no one had realised that Ajax had raped Cassandra until Calchas, the Greek seer, warned the Greeks that Athena was furious at the treatment of her priestess and she would destroy the Greek ships if they didn't kill him immediately.
According to a version of the Ariadne legend noted by Plutarch, Theseus abandoned Ariadne at Amathousa, where she died giving birth to her child and was buried in a sacred tomb.
According to Plutarch's source, Amathousians called the sacred grove where her shrine was situated the Wood of Aphrodite Ariadne.
According to the book Gender, Crime, and Punishment published by Yale University Press, " Under the Alford doctrine, a defendant does not admit guilt but admits that the state has sufficient evidence to find him or her guilty, should the case go to trial.
According to Hill, during her two years of employment as Thomas's assistant, Thomas had asked her out socially many times, and after she refused, he used work situations to discuss sexual subjects.
According to the standard modern text on the work, Lamar Ronald Lacey's The Myth of Aktaion: Literary and Iconographic Studies, the most likely original version of the myth is that Actaeon was the hunting companion of the goddess who, seeing her naked in her sacred spring, attempts to force himself on her.
According to Hyginus Artemis once loved Orion ( in spite of the late source, this version appears to be a rare remnant of her as the pre-Olympian goddess, who took consorts, as Eos did ), but was tricked into killing him by her brother Apollo, who was " protective " of his sister's maidenhood.
According to her diaries, Volume One, 1931 1934, Nin abandoned formal schooling at the age of sixteen years and later began working as an artist's model.
According to Volume I of her diaries, 1931 1934, published in 1966 ( Stuhlmann ), Nin first came across erotica when she returned to Paris with her mother and two brothers in her late teens.
According to her later memoirs, Fátimih fell in love with ` Abdu ' l-Bahá on seeing him.
According to TMZ, MTV has not asked Tracy Grandstaff to reprise her role as Daria Morgendorffer.
According to Tacitus, Boudica was flogged and her daughters were raped.
According to Tacitus in his Annals, Boudica poisoned herself, though in the Agricola which was written almost twenty years prior he mentions nothing of suicide and attributes the end of the revolt to socordia (" indolence "); Dio says she fell sick and died and then was given a lavish burial ; though this may be a convenient way to remove her from the story.
According to Ivinskaya, Zinaida Pasternak was infuriated by her husband's infidelity.

According and diaries
According to diaries of colonists, bulb onions were planted as soon as the Pilgrim fathers could clear the land in 1648.
According to Baumgartner, " talented conclavists could achieve a great deal for their masters, but because so much of what they did was behind the scenes, it is difficult to assess accurately their place in the elections, although many conclavists wrote diaries and memoirs detailing the events of the conclaves and their roles ".
According to House's diaries, Lane, while reluctant to leave his position as chairman, was willing to serve in the Interior position if offered.
According to the diaries of Sir John Oglander, the Governor of the Isle of Wight would donate 5 guineas for the purchase of the bull to be baited ; the meat was afterwards donated to the poor of the town.
According to diaries of emigrants, settlers in five wagons clashed with Shoshoni just east of the rocks on August 9 10, 1862.
According to Edie Beale's diaries and letters that she left to the executor of her estate, her nephew Bouvier, she had an affair in the late 1940s with Julius Albert Krug, the U. S. Secretary of the Interior, who was married.
According to his diaries, Nabokov first noted his work on the project on December 1, 1974, under the title Dying Is Fun.
According to his biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby ( for whom Prince Charles himself arranged access to unpublished royal diaries and family correspondence ), at that time he was contemplating an eventual marriage to Hon.
According to that book, Benckendorff kept personal notes and diaries throughout his life.
According to the diaries of Giles Radice, Doris Heffer would sit in the front row of the audience when Heffer was speaking, saying, " Nonsense, Eric " if he said something with which she disagreed.
According to his book A Diary of the Century, his diaries were to go to the Fales Library at New York University after his death.
According to his diaries, which were recently discovered in the house which was his family home at the time, Hume lived an ascetic life, preferring to renounce material comforts in favour of his study and his passion for mechanical invention.
According to the published diaries of Cecil Beaton, in his later years Lord Carisbrooke had a longtime male lover, Simon Fleet.

According and Vol
According to Garcilasso de la Vega, who says that he saw La Peregrina at Seville in 1607, ( Garcilasso, " Historie des Incas, Rois du Perou ," Amsterdam, 1704, Vol.
According to Spin Magazine ( 1991 Vol.
The Gospel According to Luke, X-XXIV, The Anchor Bible, Vol.
According to an article in " American Anthropologist: New Series, Vol.
According to Documentary History of New York Vol.
" The World According to Taruskin ," in Music and Letters Vol.
According to Hideo Kojima in the documentary Metal Gear Saga Vol.
According to the National Bulletin, Vol 60, Page 188 August 2011 these changes are designed to ' eliminate undue litigation while promptly addressing issues brought forward for review by the general public ,' and though the fees and costs were not specifically addressed, a potential litigant needs further inquiry prior to filing any type of legal claim.
* O. Klein and Y. Nishina, On the Scattering of Radiation by Free Electrons According to Dirac's New Relativistic Quantum Dynamics, The Oskar Klein Memorial Lectures, Vol.
According to Korean Official history record, " Kojong-silrok " ( Vol. 3 ), there were two survivors ( Robert Thomas and Cho Neung-bong ) who had dived into the river from the prow of ship but they were beaten to death.
According to Blavatsky, " The MONADS of the lowest specimens of humanity ( the " narrow-brained " savage South-Sea Islander, the African, the Australian ) had no Karma to work out when first born as men, as their more favoured brethren in intelligence had " ( The Secret Doctrine, Vol.
According to Takasaki ( 1966: p. 7 ), the Chinese Tripiṭaka retains one translation of the RGV, being known as No. 1611, Vol. 31 ( Taisho Daizokyo Ed.
* The Hajj According to the Five Schools of Islamic Fiqh ( Part 1 ), by ' Allamah Muhammad Jawad Mughniyyah ( translated from Arabic by Ali Quri Qara ' i ), al-Tawhid, Vol.
According to the newly ( 2010 ) published Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol.
According to Adam Osborne's classic book An Introduction to Microprocessors Vol 2: Some Real Products, it was " the most minicomputer-like " of the microprocessors available at the time.
According to the Gazetteer of the Trichinopoly District, Vol II, 1931, p 67, " the traditional meeting place of the three Tamil kingdoms was the temple of Cellānti Amman on the banks of the Kāvēri, twelve miles west of Kulittalai and three miles below the junction of the Amarāvati and the Kāvēri.
According to Next Magazine ( Vol 870 ), these men were closely associated with Stanley Ho.

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