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According and autobiography
According to the Dictionary of American Hymnology, " Amazing Grace " is John Newton's spiritual autobiography in verse.
According to Day's autobiography, as told to A. E. Hotchner, the usually athletic and healthy Martin Melcher had an enlarged heart.
According to Arnaz himself, in his autobiography A Book ( 1976 ), the family owned three ranches, a palatial home, and a vacation mansion on a private island in Santiago Bay, Cuba.
According to his autobiography, Abdur Rahman had three goals: subjugating the tribes, extending government control through a strong, visible army, and reinforcing the power of the ruler and the royal family.
According to Bruce Campbell's autobiography, If Chins Could Kill, Richard acquired his stage name by combining his short name with his roommates ' names, Hal and Del.
According to his autobiography, the incident occurred " some years ago ".
According to castmate Todd Bridges ' autobiography Killing Willis, Coleman was made to work long hours on the set of Diff ' rent Strokes despite his age and health problems, and this contributed to his being unhappy and separating himself from the cast.
According to John Major's autobiography, the first thing Redwood's successor William Hague said, on being appointed, was that he had better find someone to teach him the words.
* According to Alberti himself, in a short autobiography written c. 1438 in Latin and in the third person, ( many but not all scholars consider this work to be an autobiography ) he was capable of " standing with his feet together, and springing over a man's head.
According to Keith Emerson's autobiography, two of Lemmy's Hitlerjugend knives were given to Emerson by Lemmy during his time as a roadie for The Nice.
According to Gandhi's autobiography, the contest winner was Maganlal Gandhi ( presumably no relation ), who submitted the entry ' sadagraha ', which Gandhi then modified to ' satyagraha '.
According to Levon Helm's autobiography, in the later stages of his illness, Manuel was consuming eight bottles of Grand Marnier per day.
According to Tom Watson, Jr., in his autobiography: One day my dad went into a roadside saloon to celebrate a sale and had too much to drink.
According to Willie " The Lion " Smith's autobiography, the term " gutbucket " comes from " Negro families " who all owned their own pail, or bucket, and will get it filled with the makings for chitterlings.
According to Jack Warner in his autobiography, prior to the United States entering World War II, the head of Warner Bros. sales in Germany, Philip Kauffman, was murdered by the Nazis in Berlin in 1936.
According to Gibbons ' autobiography Rock + Roll Gearhead, he settled on " ZZ Top " because B. B.
According to Moe Howard's autobiography, the Stooges split with Ted Healy in 1934 once and for all because of Healy's alcoholism and abrasiveness.
According to his own account, recorded in his autobiography Mein Leben, Wagner conceived Parsifal on Good Friday morning, April 1857, in the Asyl ( German: " Asylum "), the small cottage on Otto Wesendonck's estate in the Zürich suburb of Enge, which Wesendonck-a wealthy silk merchant and generous patron of the arts-had placed at Wagner ’ s disposal, through the good offices of his wife Mathilde Wesendonck.
According to his autobiography Bessemer was working with an ordinary reverbatory furnace but during a test, some pieces of pig iron were jostled off the side of the ladle, and were left above the ladle in the furnace's heat.
According to Keaton's autobiography, Natalie turned him out of their bedroom and hired detectives to follow him.
According to Shepherd's autobiography, it was a 1970 Glamour magazine cover that caught the eye of film director Peter Bogdanovich.
According to her autobiography, during this time she hid in friends ’ homes and moved from place to place at night.
According to his autobiography, he and Errol Flynn were firm friends and had decided to rent Rosalind Russell's house at 601 North Linden Drive as a bachelor pad.

According and Mein
According to the Daily Express of April 24, 1934, Leni Riefenstahl had read Mein Kampf during the making of her film The Blue Light.
According to James Herbert Brennan in his book, Occult Reich, Hitler's mentor, Dietrich Eckhart ( whom Hitler dedicates Mein Kampf to ), wrote to a friend of his in 1923: " Follow Hitler!

According and Leben
According to Sandqvist, his affiliation to Das Neue Leben and his sporadic contacts with the Art Soviet of Munich meant that he was trying to " adjust to the spirit of the age.

According and Wagner
According to Benjamin, these drafts were astonishing for “ the precision of their materialist deciphering ,” as well as the way in which “ musical facts … had been made socially transparent in a way that was completely new to me .” In his Wagner study, the thesis later to characterize Dialectic of Enlightenment — man's domination of nature — first emerges.
According to local historians and published works, the wife of a postmaster was a devoted fan of the works of the composer Richard Wagner, and she shared that composer's interest in Norse mythology.
According to biographer Brigitte Hamann, Winifred Wagner was reported to be " disgusted " by Hitler's persecution of the Jews.
According to Gottfried Wagner, Winifred's grandson, she never admitted the error of her ways.
According to set designer Robin Wagner, as interviewed for the book Set Design, by author Lynn Pecktal, the original Bennett version was to be a " multimedia " show, with an elaborate tilting floor, banks of television monitors, and other technological touches.
According to the Christian Science Monitor, " C. Peter Wagner, head of Global Harvest Ministries in Colorado Springs, Colo., is in the vanguard of the warfare movement.
According to Wagner, the basic methodology is to use “ spiritual mapping ” to locate areas, demon-possessed persons, occult practitioners such as witches and FreeMasons, or occult idol objects like statues of Catholic saints, which are then named and fought, using methods ranging from intensive prayer to burning with fire, “ they must burn the idols … the kinds of material things that might be bringing honor to the spirits of darkness: pictures, statues, Catholic saints, Books of Mormon … and what have you ….
According to Twin Galaxies, the record high score on BurgerTime is 11, 512, 500 points, set by Bryan L. Wagner in 2008.
According to Chlodwig's son Alexander ( Denkwurdigkeiten, i. 178, 211 )) Chlodwig's appointment as Minister-President occurred at the instigation of the composer Richard Wagner.
" According to Hans von Wolzogen, Wagner, " with considerable delight believed he had found in this heretofore unknown man from faraway Hungary the theorist he had long been waiting for.
According to the Social theorist Peter Wagner, modernization can be seen as processes, and as offensives.
According to Steve Wagner of the Stone Brewing Company, it is conceivable that this is a corollary of the geographic proximity of West Coast breweries to hop fields in the Pacific Northwest.
According to Kenneth Johnson, interviewed for " Bionic Beginnings ", a featurette included in the 2010 North American DVD release of The Bionic Woman Season 1, Wagner was cast in the role based upon her appearance on The Rockford Files.
According to Jeff Wagner in his book Mean Deviation, the song was a creative watershed in metal, and except for Mekong Delta, no other extreme metal band at the time had merged the genre with classical music so seamlessly.
According to Hermann Wagner it was not felt wise to have any of these employees appointed as head of the establishment.
Other productions included an early example of a formatted documentary, Thighs, Lies & Beauty, an investigation of the myths and reality surrounding the beauty business for BBC1 ; The Art of Tripping, a 2 hour dramatised documentary for Channel Four on drug taking and the arts starring Bernard Hill ; a Frontline ( Channel Four ) current affairs film featuring the story of South African Jann Turner whose father was assassinated in front of her when she was 13, and as an adult returns to South Africa to look at the arguments for revenge versus reconciliation in the new South Africa ; Steven Spielberg on " Schindler's List " and Tom Hanks & The World According to Gump, both for the BBC ; and Wagner vs Wagner, for Channel Four, featuring Richard Wagner's great grandson on the composer's political and cultural legacy of anti-semitism and race hatred.
* Suzanne Allen, 47 ( d. 1996 ): According to Vlassakis, Bunting had told him that he and Wagner had travelled to Adelaide to visit Allen and found her dead from a heart attack in her bathroom.
According to Wagner the Grail imbues the Knight of the Swan with mystical powers that can only be maintained if their nature is kept secret ; hence the danger of Elsa's question.
According to an anecdote, Bruckner and Wanger drank so much beer together that upon arriving home Bruckner realized that he had forgotten which symphony Wagner had chosen.
According to Wagner ( 1999 ) it is the most basal gastropod.
According to David L. Wagner, who experimented on himself, the hairs do not sting, contrary to popular belief.

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