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According and obituary
According to his The New York Times obituary published on April 3, 1872, Morse received respectively the decoration of the Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar ( English: Order of Glory ) medal on wearer's right depicted in photo of Morse with medals, set in diamonds, from the Sultan Ahmad I ibn Mustafa of Turkey ( c. 1847 ), a golden snuff box containing the Prussian gold medal for scientific merit from the King of Prussia ( 1851 ); the Great Gold Medal of Arts and Sciences from the King of Württemberg ( 1852 ); and the Great Golden Medal of Science and Arts from Emperor of Austria ( 1855 ); a cross of Chevalier in the Légion d ' honneur from the Emperor of France ; the Cross of a Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog from the King of Denmark ( 1856 ); the Cross of Knight Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, from the Queen of Spain, besides being elected member of innumerable scientific and art societies in this States and other countries.
According to her obituary in Jet magazine, she was " omesick for Washington " and returned ( she died in 1967 ).
According to an obituary of CBS's lawyer, CBS eventually won the case.
According to his lengthy New York Times obituary, " e concluded well before leaving the Pentagon that the war was futile, but he did not share that insight with the public until late in life.
According to his 1908 obituary, Beverly Jefferson was " a likeable character at the Wisconsin capital, and a familiar of statesmen for half a century ".
According to the publication California's Geographic Names, Mettler was founded in 1941, but an obituary of Clifford Alvin Mettler in the Bakersfield Californian reported that the settlement was founded by him, his father,
According to Mr. Dole's obituary, construction costs exceeded $ 100, 000, an enormous amount of money in those days.
According to a New York Sun obituary of Old Ranger, " the whole of Penobscot County knew the bear, and he defied the entire population ".
According to her obituary in the Daily Telegraph, a diamond swastika was among her jewels.
According to one obituary, " Cantinflas " is a meaningless name invented to prevent his parents from knowing he was in the entertainment business, which they considered a shameful occupation.
According to a UCI obituary, during his wait for a supernova to explode, he put signs on some of his large neutrino detectors, calling them " Supernova Early Warning Systems ".
According to his obituary in the New York Times, he had been living in Orange County, California, for eight years.
According to her obituary and census records, she was the second oldest child.
According to his obituary in the Evening Standard, O ' Donnell had been suffering from Parkinson's disease in his later years.
According to Allan Bloom's 1974 obituary in Political Theory, Strauss " was raised as an Orthodox Jew ," but the family does not appear to have completely embraced Orthodox practice.
According to his obituary, Ja ’ far offered to pay for the blanket as he was on friendly terms with his captors.
According to her New York Times obituary, Jarvis became embittered because too many people sent their mothers a printed greeting card.
According to his obituary in The Independent, " in recent years Estelle cut a slightly sorry figure, dressed in his ' Lofty ' outfit, setting out a stall of his tapes and singing to passers-by in shopping centres.
According to Thompson's obituary of Acosta, titled " Fear and Loathing in the Graveyard of the Weird: The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat ," Acosta was a powerful attorney and preacher but suffered from an addiction to amphetamines, as well as a predilection for LSD.
According to his obituary, Jennings “ was unable to report ” to spring training in 1926 due to his condition.
According to Leopold Kohr's obituary for Schumacher, when his paper " was published in the spring of 1943 in Economica, it caused some embarrassment to Keynes who, instead of arranging for its separate publication, had incorporated the text almost verbatim in his famous " Plan for an International Clearing Union ," which the British government issued as a White Paper a few weeks later.
According to an anonymous contemporary obituary in the Pall Mall Gazette, Legge was in his study every morning at three o ' clock, winter and summer, having retired to bed at ten.
According to his obituary in the New Orleans States-Item, Galouye ...
According to his University of Virginia obituary, his greatest frustration was not that people dismissed his theories, but that in his opinion most did so without even reading the evidence he had assembled.

According and Chen
According to various sources, Chiang's first personal act of violence occurred around this time, when he either instigated or performed the assassination of a dissident member of the Revolutionary Alliance who opposed both Sun Yat-sen and Chen Qimei.
According to the memoirs of Chen Jieru, Chiang's second wife, she contracted gonorrhea from Chiang soon after their marriage.
According to Han Suyin in Mortal Flower, Chen " opposed the opinions expressed Mao's analysis, denied that a radical land policy and the vigorous organization of the rural areas under the Communist party was necessary, and refused the publication of the essay in the central executive organs of publicity.
According to the written judgment, Chen said that the intelligence about Soong's activity was submitted to him by Bureau of Investigation Director-General Yeh Cherng-maw.
According to the official History of the Song Dynasty (《 宋史 》), Lü was seen several times visiting the house of Chen Tuan ( 陳摶 ), who was believed to be the first person to present to the public the Taijitu.
According to Chen, " the cage is the plan, and it may be large or small.
According to Zhang He's biography in Chen Shou's Records of Three Kingdoms, after Yuan Shao lost the Battle of Guandu, an embarrassed Guo Tu slandered Zhang He before Yuan Shao, accusing the general of taking pleasure in the defeat.
According to Companies Office records, Jack Chen, Jenny Shipley and another investor founded a business together in 2004 called New Zealand Pure & Natural.
According to Martha Chen, informal labor makes up 48 % of non-agricultural work in North Africa, 51 % in Latin America, 65 % in Asia, and 72 % in Sub-Saharan Africa.
According to the Eastern Han scholar Zheng Xuan, the latest material in the Shijing was the song " Tree-stump Grove " ( 株林 ) in the " Odes of Chen ", dated to the middle of the Spring and Autumn Period ( c. 700 BC ).
According to Windows developer Raymond Chen, " MS-DOS was just an extremely elaborate decoy.
According to volume 10 of Chen Shou's Records of Three Kingdoms, Xun Yu's remarks were said to have greatly displeased Cao Cao.
" According to the academic paper " Media Defendants in the Chinese Courts " by Professor Zhiwu Chen, specializing in finance at the Yale School of Management, judges in China tend to put protection of people's reputation as a top priority.
According to Diogenes Laertius, Sitia was the home of Myson of Chen, one of the Seven Sages of Greece.
According to Maxthon International CEO Ming Jie " Jeff " Chen, Maxthon was based on MyIE, a popular modification created by Chinese programmer Changyou to customize Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser.
According to Chen Shou's Records of Three Kingdoms, he was over eight chi tall ( about 190-200cms ) with a waist circumference of ten wei ( approximately 52 inches or 132 centimeters ).
According to tradition, the surname originated from a noble family of the ancient state of Chen, in what is now eastern Henan province.
According to Lord Tsong Khapa in his Lam Rim Chen Mo, Atiśa took the number and order of the subjects in the Ornament of clear realizations ( Abhisamayālaṃkāra ) as the basis to write the first lamrim text: the Lamp of the Path that therefore contains the essential points of all sutra teachings in their logical order for practice.
According to Hou Hanshu, General Ban Chao went on a punitive campaign against Yanqi in 94 AD after they attacked and killed the Protector General Chen Mu and Vice Commandant Guo Xun in 75 AD.
According to Alonso and Chen ( 2008 ) it was Hartline ( 1938 ) who applied the terms to single neurons, in this case from the retina of a frog.
According to the Records of Three Kingdoms by Chen Shou, Cao Chong had the intelligence of an adult around the age of five and six.
According to Chen Village family history, Chen Bu ( 陳仆 ; 陈卜 ) was a skilled martial artist who started the martial arts tradition within Chen Village.

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