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According and obituary
According to his The New York Times obituary published on April 3, 1872, Morse received respectively the decoration of the Atiq Nishan-i-Iftikhar ( English: Order of Glory ) medal on wearer's right depicted in photo of Morse with medals, set in diamonds, from the Sultan Ahmad I ibn Mustafa of Turkey ( c. 1847 ), a golden snuff box containing the Prussian gold medal for scientific merit from the King of Prussia ( 1851 ); the Great Gold Medal of Arts and Sciences from the King of Württemberg ( 1852 ); and the Great Golden Medal of Science and Arts from Emperor of Austria ( 1855 ); a cross of Chevalier in the Légion d ' honneur from the Emperor of France ; the Cross of a Knight of the Order of the Dannebrog from the King of Denmark ( 1856 ); the Cross of Knight Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, from the Queen of Spain, besides being elected member of innumerable scientific and art societies in this States and other countries.
According to her obituary in Jet magazine, she was " omesick for Washington " and returned ( she died in 1967 ).
According to an obituary of CBS's lawyer, CBS eventually won the case.
According to his lengthy New York Times obituary, " e concluded well before leaving the Pentagon that the war was futile, but he did not share that insight with the public until late in life.
According to his 1908 obituary, Beverly Jefferson was " a likeable character at the Wisconsin capital, and a familiar of statesmen for half a century ".
According to the publication California's Geographic Names, Mettler was founded in 1941, but an obituary of Clifford Alvin Mettler in the Bakersfield Californian reported that the settlement was founded by him, his father,
According to Mr. Dole's obituary, construction costs exceeded $ 100, 000, an enormous amount of money in those days.
According to a New York Sun obituary of Old Ranger, " the whole of Penobscot County knew the bear, and he defied the entire population ".
According to her obituary in the Daily Telegraph, a diamond swastika was among her jewels.
According to one obituary, " Cantinflas " is a meaningless name invented to prevent his parents from knowing he was in the entertainment business, which they considered a shameful occupation.
According to a UCI obituary, during his wait for a supernova to explode, he put signs on some of his large neutrino detectors, calling them " Supernova Early Warning Systems ".
According to his obituary in the New York Times, he had been living in Orange County, California, for eight years.
According to her obituary and census records, she was the second oldest child.
According to his obituary in the Evening Standard, O ' Donnell had been suffering from Parkinson's disease in his later years.
According to Allan Bloom's 1974 obituary in Political Theory, Strauss " was raised as an Orthodox Jew ," but the family does not appear to have completely embraced Orthodox practice.
According to his obituary, Ja ’ far offered to pay for the blanket as he was on friendly terms with his captors.
According to her New York Times obituary, Jarvis became embittered because too many people sent their mothers a printed greeting card.
" According to his obituary, Chen was one of the main designers of the economic policies of the 1961-1962 " capitalist road " era, when China's economic policy stressed material incentives and sought to encourage economic growth in preference to pursuing ideological goals.
According to Thompson's obituary of Acosta, titled " Fear and Loathing in the Graveyard of the Weird: The Banshee Screams for Buffalo Meat ," Acosta was a powerful attorney and preacher but suffered from an addiction to amphetamines, as well as a predilection for LSD.
According to his obituary, Jennings “ was unable to report ” to spring training in 1926 due to his condition.
According to Leopold Kohr's obituary for Schumacher, when his paper " was published in the spring of 1943 in Economica, it caused some embarrassment to Keynes who, instead of arranging for its separate publication, had incorporated the text almost verbatim in his famous " Plan for an International Clearing Union ," which the British government issued as a White Paper a few weeks later.
According to an anonymous contemporary obituary in the Pall Mall Gazette, Legge was in his study every morning at three o ' clock, winter and summer, having retired to bed at ten.
According to his obituary in the New Orleans States-Item, Galouye ...
According to his University of Virginia obituary, his greatest frustration was not that people dismissed his theories, but that in his opinion most did so without even reading the evidence he had assembled.

According and Independent
According to John Lichfield in a 14 July 2009 interview published in the Independent, she was working on an autobiography and had hoped to have a first draft by September 2009.
According to the UK Independent Media Centre, " round 150 different events included critical mass bike rides, occupations, and mass demonstrations in Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow and London and many other places.
According to the Complete University Guide published by The Independent, Bath has 23 out of 26 subjects placed within the top 10 in the UK.
According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, Ireland, the average daily circulation, of the Irish Independent was down to 125, 986 for the period January to June 2012 ..
According to a critical analysis in The Independent, the genre rose to prominence in the 1990s not as a continuance of the celebration of " sex and shopping reflected the materialism of the 1980s ", but as a signal of " disillusionment with those values ".
According to Gaiman, the studio " may still be New Line, but Warner Independent is keen on it too.
According to Peter Popham of The Independent: " Everybody here has long believed that Prodi's Ouija board tale was no more than an ill-advised and bizarre way to conceal the identity of his true source, probably a person from Bologna's seething far-left underground whom he was pledged to protect.
According to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the establishment of the Philippine Independent Church or the Aglipayan Church was his major turning point but Manalo remained uninterested since its doctrines were mainly Catholic.
According to historian Paul Kleppner, the origin of the Greenback Party is to be found in the state of Indiana, where early in 1873 a group of reform-minded farmers and political activists declared themselves free of the established parties and established themselves as the Independent Party.
According to Independent Charities, of the 1, 000, 000 charities operating in the United States today, it is estimated that fewer than 50, 000, or 5 percent, meet or exceed these standards, and, of those, fewer than 2, 000 have been awarded this Seal.
According to Association of Independent Music ( AIM ) "(...) An " major " is defined in AIM's constitution as a multinational company which ( together with the companies in its group ) has more than 5 % of the world market ( s ) for the sale of records and / or music videos.
According to a 1998 report issued by the US State Department, the Independent State of Croatia treasury was illicitly transferred to the IOR and several banks after the end of World War II.
According to The Independent, support for free speech was far higher than expected.
According to The Independent journalist Patrick Cockburn, " cooperation between Mr Basayev and the Russian army is not so surprising as it sounds.
According to Thomas Young, chairman of the Mars Program Independent Assessment Team, the program " was under funded by at least 30 %.
According to the Irish Independent, eight subsidiaries of Quinn Insurance provided guarantees of € 1. 2bn to cover Quinn Group ’ s debts, prompting the regulator to seek the appointment of provisional administrators in the High Court.
According to author Craig Werner, as quoted in the British newspaper The Independent, the " anti-disco movement represented an unholy alliance of funkateers and feminists, progressives and puritans, rockers and reactionaries.
According to The Independent on 13 November 2010, in his role as Agriculture minister James Paice scrapped improvements to laws on animal welfare made by the previous Labour government, delaying by five years a ban on millions of hens having parts of their beaks sliced off.
According to The Independent, " rows, however innocuous some of them seemed at the time, have become a trademark under Bragg: among the most notable have been Ben Elton vs Brenda Maddox, Rosie Boycott and Bragg vs novelist Kathy Lette, Armistead Maupin vs Libby Purves, and Bragg himself vs ( separately ) Joan Smith, Michael Dobbs, William Cash, Tony Parsons and Jean Aitchison.
According to the Pennsic Independent, a privately-published newspaper published on-site, the final count for 2009 was 10, 947.
According to the findings of the Independent Investigator that was appointed by the government following the 2008 Liserosis outbreak, there were 75 confirmed cases of listeriosis and was also the underlying or contributing cause of death for 22 of these individuals.
According to the Irish Independent, Barry O ' Callaghan is a large personal customer of Anglo Irish Bank.
According to the Irish Independent, eight subsidiaries of Quinn Insurance provided guarantees of € 1. 2bn to cover Quinn Group's debts, prompting the regulator to seek the appointment of provisional administrators in the High Court.
According to the President of the Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia Yuri Savenko, Nekipelov's book is a highly dramatic humane document, a fair story about the nest of Soviet punitive psychiatry, a mirror that psychiatrists always need to look into.

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