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According and long-time
According to Ann-Marie Gallagher, a professor of women's studies and long-time author of many books related to Wicca, " there is no moralistic doctrine or dogma other than the advice offered in the Wiccan Rede ...
According to Rushton's widow, his last words included a message to his long-time friend and comedy partner, Barry Cryer: " Tell Bazza he's too old to do pantomime.
According to the NP's construction records at the University of Montana's K. Ross Toole Archives, the primary contractors were banker Horace C. Henry of Seattle, Washington, and long-time railroad contractor Nelson Bennett of Tacoma, Washington, the NP's prime contractor for Stampede Tunnel, which he completed in 1888.
According to John Ardoin, the long-time music critic for The Dallas Morning News, she sang in Lucia di Lammermoor in the 1958 season.
According to one long-time activist the conservative movement that exists in America today, and especially its beachhead in the Nation's Capital, would not have developed were it not for Young Americans for Freedom.
According to a 1980 article in Mother Jones magazine, Clark's 1978 vote ran strongest in " wealthy Orange County, a long-time stronghold of right-wing sentiments ; in the back country of the Sierra Nevada, where loggers, miners and developers rail against government restrictions on land use ; in Berkeley and the gay neighborhoods of San Francisco, which share the Libertarians ' antipathy for drug laws and vice squads ; and in the cocaine-and-Perrier precincts of Marin County ..."
According to Stephen Landrum, a long-time game programmer at Epyx, the company went bankrupt " because it never really understood why it had been successful in the past, and then decided to branch out in a lot of directions, all of which turned out to be failures.
According to a voiceover ( by long-time Yankee Stadium public address announcer Bob Sheppard ), during the end credits, no asterisk was ever officially placed next to Roger's feat, due to separate records being created for the 154 and 162 game seasons.
According to the Pick Your Poison DVD, after his firing, his long-time wife Cheryl filed for divorce.
According to outside observers and long-time staff members, Milton was the " idea " man.
According to long-time King guitarist, Robin Vosbury, Kilgore came to numerous shows and asked everybody to call him " Uncle Clifton.
According to Serge Sarkisian, long-time Defense Minister and Chairman of Security Council of Armenia who is the current president of Armenia, “ A lot was exaggerated ” in the casualties, and the fleeing Azerbaijanis had put up armed resistance.
According to energy analyst and long-time critic Tom Adams, NB Power " has been the most oil-dependent grid-connected utility in North America ".
According to his long-time friend Vera Figner, for his first sketches Łukaszewicz used the soot of his lamp and a blue paint from the walls of his cell.
According to official results, he placed second behind long-time President Gnassingbé Eyadéma in the 2003 election, with 33. 68 % of the vote against 57. 78 % for Eyadéma.

According and friend
According to the historian Herodotus, the poet threw away his shield to make good his escape from the victorious Athenians then celebrated the occasion in a poem that he later sent to his friend, Melanippus.
According to the story recounted by Hermippus, he arrived at the house of Solon and said, " I have traveled here from afar to make you my friend.
According to the biography, Penicillin Man: Alexander Fleming and the Antibiotic Revolution by Kevin Brown, Alexander Fleming, in a letter to his friend and colleague Andre Gratia, described this as " A wondrous fable.
According to Capp ’ s longtime friend Milton Caniff, Capp was “ charming ” when he chose to be, but he added, “ He could be very difficult if he didn ’ t like you .” Frank Frazetta described Capp as " exasperating, infuriating, domineering, obnoxious, loud, lots of fun, acidic and lovable.
According to Elaine Hoffman, Gropius had approached the Dutch architect Mart Stam to run the newly founded architecture program, and when Stam declined the position, Gropius turned to Stam's friend and colleague in the ABC group, Hannes Meyer.
According to a 2010 interview on Blog Talk Radios, Lessons Learned, Rick Tocquigny, when asked if Mumy was a Jonathan Harris fan, before Mumy's first meeting with Harris on Lost in Space, he said at age 5, he was too young to watch his mentor's show The Third Man which was probably late at night, but was old enough to watch The Bill Dana Show ( which also starred Harris's real-life best friend Don Adams ).
According to Fuller, as quoted in Wood biography Nightmare of Ecstasy ( 1992 ), she first met Ed Wood when she attended a casting call with a friend for a movie he was supposed to direct called Behind Locked Doors: it has also been stated that they met in a restaurant.
According to a letter Fahrenheit wrote to his friend Herman Boerhaave, his scale was built on the work of Ole Rømer, whom he had met earlier.
According to Dick Cavett's New York Times blog, when the elderly Groucho visited an old friend in the hospital, he said to the elevator attendant, as if in a department store, " Men's tonsils, please.
According to Stones ' confidant and close friend of Parsons, Phil Kaufman, the twosome would sit around for hours, playing obscure country records and trading off on various songs with their guitars.
According to Livy, Hannibal much later said that when he came upon his father and begged to go with him, Hamilcar agreed and demanded that he swear that as long as he lived he would never be a friend of Rome.
According to a modern history of the regiment, the idea for creating this unique force was proposed by Jacques Prevost, a Swiss soldier and adventurer who was a friend of The Duke of Cumberland ( William, who was the King's second son and was Commander-in-Chief of the Forces.
According to Ernst Hanfstaengl, who was a close friend of Hitler throughout the later 1920s and early 1930s, Riefenstahl tried to begin a relationship with Hitler early on but was turned down by him.
According to Plutarch, Antony threw her out of his house in Rome, because she slept with his friend, the tribune Publius Cornelius Dolabella.
According to the Talmud, Obadiah is said to have been a convert to Judaism from Edom, a descendant of Eliphaz, the friend of Job.
According to the foreword of Ubik: The Screenplay ( by Tim Powers, a friend of Dick's and fellow science fiction writer ), Dick had an idea for the film which involved " the film itself appearing to undergo a series of reversions: to black-and-white, then to the awkward jerkiness of very early movies, then to a crookedly jammed frame which proceeds to blacken, bubble and melt away, leaving only the white glare of the projection bulb, which in turn deteriorates to leave the theater in darkness, and might almost leave the moviegoer wondering what sort of dilapidated, antique jalopy he'll find his car-keys fitting when he goes outside.
According to Roman tradition, Hannibal had been made to swear by his father never to be a friend of Rome, and he certainly did not take a conciliatory attitude when the Romans berated him for crossing the river Iberus ( Ebro ) which Carthage was bound by treaty not to cross.
According to his friend, the theologian Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, More once seriously contemplated abandoning his legal career to become a monk.
According to Dave Wilson, in his book Rock Formations, the name They Might Be Giants had been used and subsequently discarded by a friend of the band who had a ventriloquism act.
According to Nicks, friend and former musical partner Tom Petty was responsible for convincing her to write music again when he rebuffed her request that he write a song with her.
According to his autobiography, Mein Leben, Wagner decided to dramatise the Tristan legend after his friend, Karl Ritter, attempted to do so, writing that:
According to the New York Times, Berger had become his " friend and confessor " during the last weeks of his life.
According to his friend Vaughan Williams, Holst once told him two things about art " that ought to be recorded ":

According and colleague
According to Toshiba, the name " flash " was suggested by Dr. Masuoka's colleague, Mr. Shōji Ariizumi, because the erasure process of the memory contents reminded him of the flash of a camera.
" According to those accounts, Senator Margaret Guilfoyle laughed and said to a colleague, " That's all he knows.
According to a former stage colleague Rice was " tall and wiry, and a great deal on the build of Bob Fitzsimmons, the prizefighter.
According to this theory, the dedication is simply Thorpe's tribute to his colleague and has nothing to do with Shakespeare.
According to this theory, in 1554, after the immolation of Michael de Villeneuve / Servetus, the editors and printers that had worked with him would have decided to make a new De Materia Medica as a tribute to their colleague and friend.
According to his colleague Yoshihiro Taki, " Yokoi had originally decided to retire at 50 to do as he pleased.
According to the Khipu Database Project undertaken by Harvard professor Gary Urton and his colleague Carrie Brezine, 751 quipus have been reported to exist across the globe.
According to a colleague of Father LeBar:
According to Daniel Okrent, Ferriss never designed a single noteworthy building, but after his death a colleague said he ' influenced my generation of architects ' more than any other man.
According to an anonymous biographer, his father, having incurred the displeasure of Lucius Verus, the colleague of Marcus Aurelius, by neglecting to pay his respects to him when he visited the town, was banished to Malta.
According to Tchaikovsky's colleague and friend Sergei Taneyev, who attended the Paris performance, Romeo's lack of success there may have been due to Pasdeloup's failure to understand the music.
According the Lebor Gabála Érenn, Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn and the Annals of the Four Masters, he came to power after killing the joint High King, Cermna Finn, in battle at Dún Cermna ( Downmacpatrick in Kinsale, County Cork ), and Cermna's brother and colleague Sobairce was killed by Eochaid Menn of the Fomorians ( another version of the Lebor Gabála says he came to power at the end of a seven year interregnum following the death of Tigernmas ).
According to his New York Times colleague Adam Nagourney, " Johnny was the person to call for a restaurant recommendation when heading anywhere around the globe.
According to an interview with Davies in Doctor Who Magazine, this episode was originally offered to his friend and former colleague, the critically acclaimed and award-winning scriptwriter Paul Abbott.
According to Jonathan Rowlands, the producer of both albums, when United Kingdom disc jockey Noel Edmonds heard colleague Tony Blackburn play the record, "... he grabbed it from his turntable, played it just once, and the result was that an atomic scientist who was on secondment with the British Museum, upon hearing the show and recognising that Captain Beaky's bete-noir Hissing Sid was not all that bad, wrote in the BBC proclaiming " Hissing Sid Is Innocent Okay!
According to one longtime colleague, Joe Biddle, who Russell hired and mentored, he had the uncanny ability of making others feel more important than himself.
According to Giwa's friend, colleague and neighbour Mr Ray Ekpu, Giwa had been invited by the Directorate of Military Intelligence ( DMI ) in September 1986, during this invitation Giwa was questioned by Col. Haliru Akilu, the Director of the agency about an alleged discussion he had with some people about arms importation.
According to one-time radio colleague Jimmy Bharucha, Greg Roskowski used to receive fan mail of over 500 letters a day.
" ( According to Simplicius, Plato's colleague Eudoxus was the first to have worked on this problem.

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