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According and museum
According to David Steel, curator of European art at the North Carolina Museum of Art, Erin Jones " brought that museum into the modern era ," employing " a top-notch curator, John Nolan ," and following " best practices in conservation and restoration.
According to Turner's narrative, he urged — and Hobart agreed — that before its final deposit in the museum, the stone should be presented to scholars at the Society of Antiquaries of London, of which Turner was a member.
According to Honor Godfrey, museum curator at Wimbledon, Wingfield " popularized this game enormously.
According to the Finnish museum bureau, Tapiola is a unique phenomenon in the world.
According to editor Paul Hirsch, in the original cut, the museum scene fared poorly at test screenings until he switched sequences around and Hughes changed the soundtrack.
According to a report issued in 2007 by the Basque Court of Auditors, the museum paid more than US $ 27 million for the acquisition of art between 2002 and 2005, including Serra's ' The Matter of Time ' for the cavernous ground-floor gallery.
According to a sign at the museum, there were originally two trains a day to Seattle, later only one.
According to an old Viking saga and a map discovered in the museum, Olaf the Blue, a Viking explorer, had reached the coast of North America in the early 10th century and had claimed this land as his property — a claim that was indeed valid according to an international treaty drafted in 792 during the reign of Charlemagne.
According to Stewart Pollens, " the earlier museum records document that all three Cristofori pianos were discovered with similar gauges of iron wire through much of the compass, and brass in the bass.
According to museum officials the looters concentrated on the heart of the exhibition: " the Warka Vase, a Sumerian alabaster piece more than 5, 000 years old ; a bronze Uruk statue from the Akkadian period, also 5, 000 years old, which weighs 660 pounds ; and the headless statue of Entemena.
According to the curator's message at the official website the museum " exists to preserve the history of the Youth International Party and all of its offshoots.
According to Floyd Davis, a prison guard of 13 years who continued to volunteer at the museum after his retirement, the inmate only made one mistake: he didn't make his breathing tube long enough, and ended up drowning in the power house mill pond.
According to the museum curator in the church Spasa Preobrazheniya on Ilyin Street, the division used the high cupola as a machine-gun nest.
According to Moscow Defense Brief, the company has over the past 18 years transported gigantic excavators and yachts, missile launchers, airplanes and helicopters, elephants and whales, entire mini-factories and power plants, the latest release of Beaujolais Nouveau wine, and unique museum collections.
According to their story, David Hart's grandfather, said to have been a porter at the museum, saved the specimen from being destroyed ; it had then been left in a crate in his garage by Hart's father and had remained there for twenty years before being " rediscovered ".
According to the XIT Ranch museum website, it covered portions of ten counties which apparently helped perpetuate the misbelief that the brand-XIT-stands for " Ten In Texas ".
According to the New York Times, " he average age museum attendees in a 2008 survey was 35, a large portion of the visitors ( 40 percent ) came from Brooklyn, and more than 40 percent identified themselves as people of color.
According to the Historical Society's first catalogue, printed in 1813, the museum then held 4, 265 books, as well as 234 volumes of United States documents, 119 almanacs, 130 titles of newspapers, 134 maps, and 30 miscellaneous views.
According to the " Shatnerverse ", a Star Trek timeline where Captain James T. Kirk still lives after the events of Star Trek Generations, written by William Shatner and co-written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, the NX-01 was sent to a museum on Pluto after its decommissioning, upon reminiscence by Captain Picard in Captain's Glory.
According to the museum's director Ann Philbin, the museum has defined our primary audience as artists ”.
According to the director of the museum in Gaoua which is considered to be the capital of the Lobi, " The Lobi is a farmer, a hunter and a herder, but above all he is a warrior ".
According to its Web site, Volksfront plans to construct a European-American community center on the land, which it intends to use as a national headquarters with an incorporated school, library, museum and recreation center ; it also intends to use the land for homestead-style housing and agriculture.
According to one vineyard that operates a private museum in Le Diois France, the process was found accidentally by a Gallic shepherd.
According to Maximilian Hartmuth an academician at Sabanci University, " the church was turned into a museum rather than re-opened as a place of worship following the restoration was, for example, claimed to be a wedge separating the monument from Turkey ’ s Armenian community.

According and professionals
According to Brazilian law, BCG is given again to professionals of the health sector and to people close to patients with tuberculosis or leprosy.
According to Absolute Return + Alpha, in 2011 the mean total compensation for all hedge fund investment professionals was $ 690, 786 and the median compensation was $ 312, 329.
According to a study of male physicians, life expectancy is slightly higher for physicians ( 73. 0 years for white and 68. 7 for black ) than lawyers or many other highly educated professionals.
According to Hoberman ( 2009 ), " A data model is a wayfinding tool for both business and IT professionals, which uses a set of symbols and text to precisely explain a subset of real information to improve communication within the organization and thereby lead to a more flexible and stable application environment.
According to Hoberman ( 2009 ), " A data model is a wayfinding tool for both business and IT professionals, which uses a set of symbols and text to precisely explain a subset of real information to improve communication within the organization and thereby lead to a more flexible and stable application environment.
According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, potential benefits of self-help groups that professionals may not be able to provide include friendship, emotional support, experiential knowledge, identity, meaningful roles, and a sense of belonging.
" The Huffington Post further corrected the prior reports ( including the since retracted report from Fox News ), stating " According to the medical professionals on site, while several participants received minor burns and blistering and received medical attention on site or afterward, these exaggerated reports apparently became the basis of a story then told around the world.
According to Ming Pao, its main reader groups are the middle class, professionals, managers and corporate decision-makers.
According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, the industries that have been the largest contributors to Grassley during his political career are health professionals ($ 1 million in contributions ), insurance industry ($ 997, 674 ), lawyers / law firms ($ 625, 543 ) and pharmaceuticals / health products ($ 538, 680 ).
Librarians, educators and information professionals may self-register and upload information-literacy-related materials ( IFLA, Information Literacy Section, n. d .) According to the IFLA website, " The primary purpose of the Information Literacy Section is to foster international cooperation in the development of information literacy education in all types of libraries and information institutions.
According to the accountants ' magazine Accountancy Age, he was highly regarded by finance professionals despite such gaffes.
According to market research survey in April 2001, over 70 % of Caijing's demographic are professionals that have a final say in the decisions made within their companies ' operations.
According to the minutes of the regatta's Committee of Management, Kelly was excluded both because he was not eligible under the manual labour rules and because he was a member of Vesper Boat Club, which was banned in 1906 because members of its 1905 Henley crew had raised money to pay for their trip through public donations-making them professionals in the eyes of the Henley Stewards.
According to ( ISC ) ², " the CISSP CBK is a taxonomy – a collection of topics relevant to information security professionals around the world.
According to the recent research, there are over 250 software companies and over 10, 000 software professionals in the Central and Eastern European region.
He is noted to have a special defence ; a 30 % resistance to pleas of mercy. According to his background in this article, Artax originally adventured with a different group of adventurers-consummate professionals who were truly interested in doing good.
According to a presentation at the 2005 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, individual, state-based March of Dimes chapters work with governors, state legislators, health departments, health professionals, and parents to improve state newborn screening programs and to make comprehensive newborn screening programs available to every newborn throughout the country.
According to sociologist Max Weber the upper middle class consists of well-educated professionals with graduate degrees and comfortable incomes.
According to the ANZSCO in 2006, occupations of residents included being clerical and administrative workers ( 17. 9 %), managers ( 17. 6 %), professionals ( 15. 8 %), technicians and trade workers ( 15. 4 %), sales workers ( 12. 2 %), laborers ( 7 %), community and personal service workers ( 6. 7 %), machinery operators and drivers ( 4. 8 %) and not stated ( 2. 6 %.
According to the Center for Constitutional Rights ' When Healers Harm campaign, health professionals were complicit in the torture and abuse of detainees during the so-called war on terror ” of U. S. President George W. Bush.
According to medical professionals with the Cleveland Clinic, once an athlete suffers from an episode of cervical spinal cord neurapraxia, team physician or athletic trainer first stabilize the head and neck followed by a thorough neurologic inspection.
According to health professionals, the fear of spread of disease by bodies killed by trauma rather than disease is not justified.
According to existentialism, dedicated professionals of their respective moral codes-priests interpreting sacred scriptures, lawyers interpreting the Constitution, doctors interpreting the Hippocratic oath-should, instead of divesting the self of responsibility in the discharge of one's duties, be aware of one's own significance in the process.
According to the foundation, the jock tax " forces traveling professionals to file potentially dozens of state and local income tax returns annually.

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