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According and paleontologist
According to paleontologist Thomas M. Lehman, the Laramide orogeny triggered " the most dramatic event that affected Late Cretaceous dinosaur communities in North America prior to their extinction.
According to University of Pennsylvania paleontologist Peter Dodson, " almost singlehandedly he's responsible for Argentina becoming the sixth country in the world in kinds of dinosaurs ".
According to Bengt Sjögren ( 1980 ), the Swedish paleontologist Hans-Christian Bjerring was soon interviewed by Swedish news agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, and said:

According and Alan
According to Alan Ware, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK retained viable conservative parties into the 1980s.
According to Alan Ryan, the ideology of the original classical liberals argued against direct democracy, where law is made by majority vote by citizens, " for there is nothing in the bare idea of majority rule to show that majorities will always respect the rights of property or maintain rule of law.
According to Cordwainer Smith scholar Alan C. Elms, this speculation first reached print in Brian Aldiss's 1973 history of science fiction, Billion Year Spree ; Aldiss, in turn, claimed to have gotten the information from Leon Stover.
According to playwright Alan Franks, writing later in The Times, " he was indeed ' deranged '.
According to Alan Reid's account, Erwin had no concerns about policy — his anxiety was entirely focussed on Holt's leadership style, his parliamentary performance and his public image.
According to scholar Alan Dundes, who wrote extensively on the topic, the custom originated among Romani Gypsies in Wales ( Welsh Kale Gypsies ) and England ( English Romanichal Gypsies ).
According to Alan V. Oppenheim and Ronald W. Schafer, the principles of signal processing can be found in the classical numerical analysis techniques of the 17th century.
According to Yes drummer Alan White, Toledo was especially memorable for a sweltering-hot 1977 show the group did at Toledo Sports Arena.
According to Alan Hart, the Mossad's specialty is poison.
According to The Descendants of William Sabin, compiled by Gordon Alan Morris, Thomas J. Prittie, and Dixie Prittie, the first Caucasian child born in the county was Mary Stuart Sabin, daughter of Dr. Warren Sabin, c. 1812.
According to Mark Lewisohn and Alan W. Pollack
According to some scholars, in the mid-460s, Eastern Roman Emperor Leo I wanted to balance the weight of the Germanic component of the army, whose leader was the Alan magister militum Aspar.
According to Alan McQuillan, the assistant director of the Assets Recovery Agency in 2005, " In the loyalist community, drug dealing is run by the paramilitaries and it is generally run for personal gain by a large number of people.
According to Alan Pollack, the " approach-avoidance tactic " is encountered in the verse, as the V chord ( for example E in A key ) appearing on the words " Always know ", " I know when " " I think a No " and " I think I disagree ") never resolves into a I chord ( A in A key )) directly as expected.
According to Jordanes, the Alan king Sangiban, whose foederati realm included Aurelianum, had promised to open the city gates ; this siege is confirmed by the account of the Vita S. Anianus and in the later account of Gregory of Tours, although Sangiban's name does not appear in their accounts.
According to Alan F. Arbogast (" Discovering Physical Geography ") wind direction and speed are affected by three main factors:
According to Alan Davidson, the French word omelette came into use during the mid-16th century, but the versions alumelle and alumete are employed by the Ménagier de Paris ( II, 5 ) in 1393.
According to Dixon & Godrich ( 1981 ) and Leadbitter and Slaven ( 1968 ), Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress researchers did not record any Delta bluesmen ( or women ) prior to 1941, when he recorded Son House and Willie Brown near Lake Cormorant, Mississippi, and Muddy Waters at Stovall, Mississippi ; however, this claim is disputed as John and Alan Lomax did record Bukka White in 1939, Lead Belly in 1933 and most likely others.
According to Alan Watson, spokesperson for the Auger Collaboration, AGASA results have been shown to be incorrect, possibly due to the systematical shift in energy assignment.
According to Alan Budd, the Treasury's Chief Economic Adviser during the period, the important step of central bank independence could only have been successful once monetary stability had been achieved ; " In 1997 the Bank of England was not asked to succeed where politicians had failed ; it was asked to maintain the rate of inflation, namely 2. 5 %, that it inherited.
According to the theory of cosmic inflation and its founder, Alan Guth, if it is assumed that inflation began about 10 < sup >− 37 </ sup > seconds after the Big Bang, then with the plausible assumption that the size of the universe at this time was approximately equal to the speed of light times its age, that would suggest that at present the entire universe's size is at least 10 < sup > 23 </ sup > times larger than the size of the observable universe.
According to Alan Price, Lindsay Anderson had been frustrated in his efforts to make a documentary featuring Price and his band about touring in England because of the prohibitive cost to license the cover songs they frequently performed.
In their book, " The Philosophy of Sex ", Alan Soble and Nicholas Power speculate about the internet, infidelity and culture, " According to the dominant account in our culture, the paradigm case of what counts as sex is heterosexual intercourse, where a man and women engage in a particularly intimate form of physical contact, in which a penis penetrates a vagina.

According and Turner
According to Turner's narrative, he urged — and Hobart agreed — that before its final deposit in the museum, the stone should be presented to scholars at the Society of Antiquaries of London, of which Turner was a member.
According to Turner and co-authors Norell and Peter Makovicky, quill knobs are not found in all prehistoric birds, and their absence does not mean that an animal was not feathered – flamingos, for example, have no quill knobs.
According to Free Software Foundation compliance engineer David Turner, the term viral license creates a misunderstanding and a fear of using copylefted free software.
According to Sybert, 1998 the data are inadequate to allow conclusions about phenotype-karyotype correlations in regard to cardiovascular malformations in Turner syndrome because the number of individuals studied within the less common karyotype groups is too small.
According to Turner Classic Movies, the film cost $ 35, 000 to produce ( roughly between $ 1, 600, 000 and $ 3, 300, 000 adjusted to 2007 dollars ) and its profits eventually amounted to almost $ 1 million ( roughly $ 46, 000, 000 to $ 95, 000, 000 ).
Chichester Canal circa 1828 by J. M. W. Turner According to historian L. D.
According to Turner Classic Movies, certain citizens of Fredonia, New York, were appalled by the use of the name " Freedonia " for the country in the movie, even though " Freedonia " is spelled and pronounced differently than " Fredonia.
According to the critic W J Turner the LSO's problem was not that its playing had deteriorated, but that it had failed to keep up with the considerable improvements in playing achieved over the past two decades by the best European and American orchestras.
According to Robert Osborne of the television network Turner Classic Movies in the introduction to the film's airing on its weekly segment " The Essentials ," Tracy, weighted down by his growing alcoholism, refused to give MGM an answer.
According to her daughter, this was a nickname Turner detested throughout her entire career.
According to Turner, if Kahn did indeed have an abortion, she was the first of four of Reich's partners to do so: his first wife, Annie, had several, and his long-term partners, Elsa Lindenberg and Ilse Ollendorf ( his second wife ), each had one at Reich's insistence.
According to a family tradition, given by William Turner, on settling at Norwich he went through Samuel Clarke's Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity ( 1712 ) with his congregation, adopted its view, and came forward ( 1737 ) in defence of a dissenting layman excommunicated for heterodoxy on this topic by James Sloss ( 1698 – 1772 ) of Nottingham, a pupil of John Simson.
According to Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies, it was originally intended for Buzz to be the murderer, but the U. S. military objected to the portrayal of a psychologically disturbed veteran as the killer.
According to Powell, even after meeting her many times, Turner never remembered who she was.
According to James P. Allen and Eugene Turner from California State University, Northridge, by some calculations in the 2000 Census, the multiracial population that is part white is as follows:
According to Louis Ruchame, " The Turner rebellion was only one of about 200 slave uprisings between 1776 and 1860, but it was one of the bloodiest, and thus struck fear in the hearts of many white southerners.
According to Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies, Helen Hayes noted that various scenes were dropped from the script without explanation.
According to Gerber, Ann Turner Cook is the famous Gerber baby, whose portrait is featured prominently on all Gerber product packaging.
* According to American activist folk musician Pete Seeger, Jeanette Turner did a loose English translation, " a singable translation " of the poem in with a different title, I Come And Stand At Every Door and sent a note to Seeger asking " Do you think you could make a tune for it?
According to Turner, the forging of the unique and rugged American identity had to occur precisely at the juncture between the civilization of settlement and the savagery of wilderness.
According to Ben Mankiewicz, a host of Turner Classic Movies, Ford, a well-known taskmaster, was especially hard on Wayne, who did not serve in the armed forces, during filming.
According to the commentary, Barbossa's skills are equal to James Norrington ( Jack Davenport ) and exceeded only by Will Turner.
According to Sharon Turner in The History of the Anglo-Saxons ( 4 vols., 1799-1805 ), they were believed to be derived from " Ochus Bochus ," a magician and demon of the north. andSome have suggested the phrase predated His Majesties Hocus Pocus, being corrupted from the name of a demonic sorcerer of Norse folklore, Ochus Bochus.
According to legend, one of the Shawnee chiefs, Fish, died and was buried in the Shawnee Township Cemetery ( which is located in the heart of modern day Turner ).

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