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According and renowned
According to Planck, Gibbs's name " not only in America but in the whole world will ever be reckoned among the most renowned theoretical physicists of all times.
According to renowned Egyptologist Donald Redford:
According to legend, Taisie, renowned for her great beauty, was betrothed to Congal, heir to the Kingdom of Ireland.
According to the renowned neuropsychologist and neurobiologist Roger Wolcott Sperry though, intuition is a right-brain activity while factual and mathematical analysis is a left-brain activity.
According to a better-known source, a seventeenth-century account by Dutchman Jeremias Van Vliet, a ' renowned legend ' stated that Ramatibodi was an ethnic Chinese, having sailed down from China.
According to Plutarch, Aspasia was compared to the famous Thargelia, another renowned Ionian hetaera of ancient times.
According to his student, the renowned late 16th century music theorist Gioseffo Zarlino, Willaert went to Paris first to study law, but instead decided to study music.
According to Giorgio Vasari, he was considered Giotto's most talented pupil: in 1347 he is placed at the top in a list of Florence's most renowned painters.
According to legend, Kato Kiyomasa, a renowned general and castle engineer, hauled a large stone, that was later named after him, to the castle.
According to Maltese folklore, a mystical hermit named Kerrew would occasionally cross the channel between Malta and Comino on his cloak to meet the renowned cabbalist, Abulafia.
According to renowned Kurosawa scholar Donald Richie, the reason Kurosawa was allowed to direct the film was because he had had two film scripts printed, including one of which had won the education minister's prize.
According to the Federation of American Scientists, a renowned organization for assessing nuclear weapon stockpiles, Russia possesses the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in the world.
According to Jay Neitz, a renowned color vision researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin, each of the three standard color-detecting cones in the retina of trichromats – blue, green and red -- can pick up about 100 different gradations of color.
According to one of them in 1569 the king Sigismund Augustus, who was in mourning after death of his beloved wife Barbara Radziwiłł, asked the renowned sorcerer Master Twardowski to evoke her ghost.
According to renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz, the piece was inspired by Scriabin's eccentric conviction that a constant accumulation of heat would ultimately cause the destruction of the world.
According to the AustLit Gateway News Astley was " revered for her meticulous and controlled use of language and her portrayals of the Queensland landscape and character, was renowned for her quick wit, raspy voice, and ever-present cigarettes ".
According to the Saskatchewan Lung Association, when the National Anti-Tuberculosis Association ( Canada ) was founded in 1904, its members, including renowned pioneer in the fight against tuberculosis Dr. R. G.
According to local legend, the now renowned original icon was accidentally discovered by a hunter in hot pursuit of his prey.
According to the renowned scholar of the Caucasian studies Cyril Toumanoff, the Moschians were the early proto-Georgian tribes which were integrated into the first early Georgian state of Colchis.
According to various conflicting sources, the author of the pen-name which eventually became his official surname was either the known poet and poet's uncle Antoni Lange, or a renowned bon-vivant of Warsaw, Franc Fiszer.
According to his colleagues in different international institutes, each world renowned for their contributions in the field of astronomy & astrophysics, although Prof. Radhakrishnan has a number of important discoveries to his credit, his main impact on astronomy had been in his effect in other people ’ s research through discussion of the astronomical and technical problems and practical assistance with the later.
According to Chuon Nath's renowned Khmer dictionary, the ' pinpeat ' is composed of the Sanskrit terms vina () referring to a chapey which was formerly used as the premiere instrument in this ensemble and vadya () referring to an ensemble of instruments.
According to the renowned historian D. C. Sarkar, the Chandrapura Matha was the greatest centre of Hindu-learning in the entire Eastern India of the early period.
According to ancient history which has been accepted and advocated by the scions of Sultan Kudarat, a descendant of the renowned Shariff Kabungsuan of Maguindanao was that the name Dinas was taken from a Maguindanao term Di Nas where “ Di ” means “ Not ” and “ Nas ” means “ Bad Luck or Unlucky ”.

According and architectural
According to the American Institute of Architects, titles and job descriptions within American architectural offices might be as follows:
According to the Intension / Locality Hypothesis, the distinction between architectural and detailed design is defined by the Locality Criterion, according to which a statement about software design is non-local ( architectural ) if and only if a program that satisfies it can be expanded into a program which does not.
According to the architectural historian Sir John Summerson, " It inaugurates an artistic revolution which is the counterpart of the political revolution in which the Earl was so prominent a leader.
According to inscriptions describing his architectural work, Sheshonk I, founder of the 22nd dynasty, constructed a forecourt and pylon of the temple of Ptah, a monument which he called the " Castle of Millions of Years of Sheshonk, Beloved of Amun ".
According to architectural historian Henry Russell Hitchcock, Riverton was the first totally planned residential subdivision in America.
From the middle of the 19th century isometry became an " invaluable tool for engineers, and soon thereafter axonometry and isometry were incorporated in the curriculum of architectural training courses in Europe and the U. S ." According to Jan Krikke ( 2000 ) however, " axonometry originated in China.
According to the judge, the 265 inscriptions found on December 6, 1992 after demolition of the disputed structure, along with other architectural remains, leave no room for doubt that the inscription is written in the script of Devnagri of 11th and 12th century.
According to film historian Martin Hart, in the original Cinerama system " the camera aspect ratio 2. 59: 1 " with an " optimum screen image, with no architectural constraints, about 2. 65: 1, with the extreme top and bottom cropped slightly to hide anomalies ".
According to the 1875 London Dictionary of Greek & Roman Antiquities a Stilus is " an object tapering like an architectural column ; a metal instrument resembling a pencil in size and shape, used for writing or recording impressions upon waxed tablets.
According to Ann Sutherland Harris, " The Galleria frescoes make even more extensive use of ancient sculptural and architectural sources, and in addition take their basic structure from two ceilings by the most prestigious artists of the High Renaissance in Rome, the Loggia of Psyche by Raphael and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling ".
According to contemporary historians, Akbar took a great interest in the building of Fatehpur Sikri and probably also dictated its architectural style.
According to Levine, Neo-Grec was a somewhat looser style, which " replaced the rhetorical form of classical architectural discourse by a more literal and descriptive syntax of form.
According to the school's website, the combination of styles and the site of the building led a modern architectural expert to praise it as " undeniably one of Scotland's greatest buildings ".
According to Jeffrey Karl Ochsner, who has compiled all of Richardson's architectural works, despite its demolition in 1930, the Marshall Field Wholesale Store " is probably the most famous of Richardson's buildings, one that Richardson himself saw as among his most significant.
According to Purwanto ( 2005 ), the urban and architectural form of this settlement is very similar to the design principles applied in many Dutch cities, which begun to concern on the urban beautification.
According to architectural historian Willis L. Hall, the church's 20 large stained glass windows " are as much a feature of the church as the mosaics ".
According to Louis Lozowick, writing in 1947, the wooden synagogues were unique because, unlike all previous synagogues, they were not built in the architectural style of their region and era, but in a newly evolved and uniquely Jewish style, making them " a truly original folk expression ," whose " originality does not lie alone in the exterior architecture, it lies equally in the beautiful and intricate wood carving of the interior.
According to the World Heritage listing the Royal Exhibition Buildings and Carlton Gardens are " of historical, architectural, aesthetic, social and scientific ( botanical ) significance to the State of Victoria.
According to architectural historian Swati Chattopadhay, Abanindranath " used the Bengali meaning of the word, Jorasanko -- ' double bridge ' to develop this idea in the form of a mythical map of the city.
According to archeological evidences stilt-houses settlements was an architectural norm in Caroline Islands and Micronesia and still present in today Oceania.
According to architectural historian Shoichi Inoue, the practice of " scoring " a glimpse up young women's skirts became extremely popular around this period ; " Magazines of the time have articles telling the best places where panties could be viewed ".
According to the 1895 London street directory the company, ' Jules Allard & Sons, Decorators ' also had a branch in the heart of London's architectural quarter at No. 9 Buckingham Street, Adelphi, just off the Strand.
According to Freeman it is " one of the " highest achievements of architectural genius ".

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