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According and resident
According to a 2005 report issued by the university, enrollment is expected to reach 35, 000 students by 2011 with more than 7, 000 resident students.
According to latest 2010 statistics, Singapore ’ s resident total fertility rate ( TFR ) reached a level of 1. 1 in 2010.
According to Bo Bryan, a noted Carolina Shag historian and resident of Beaufort County, the term was coined at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.
According to American artist George Caleb Bingham, himself a resident of Kansas City at the time, one could see the " dense columns of smoke arising in every direction ", symbolic of what he termed " a ruthless military despotism which spared neither age, sex, character, nor condition ".
According to Juanita Fernandez, a resident of Buttonwillow, the meeting which discussed the proposed acts was located in the town ’ s local school.
According to historical records Johanis Hardenburgh, a resident of Kingston, N. Y., purchased a large tract of land known as the Hardenburgh Patent.
According to the 2006 census, the usually resident population of the Queenstown urban area ( including Fernhill, Frankton and Kelvin Heights ) is 10, 416, an increase of 22. 1 % since 2001.
According to the licensing service for a private carry permit, a permit may be issued to a legal resident over the age of 21, that is working or living in dangerous zones defined by the Ministry ; an individual who works in specific professions listed by the Ministry or individuals who served in the Israeli Defense Force or other military agencies, at the rank of Captain or equivalent ( currently serving in the standing army or reserves ), retired officers at a rank of Lt.
According to some modern authorities, Mozart composed his first symphony while a resident of Cecil Court.
According to the Washington Post, the process of prosecution of Rwandans in Belgium for crimes committed in the violence were set in motion by Martine Beckers, a Brussels resident, whose sister Claire called her to tell her of being attacked by soldiers, who soon after killed her, her family, and 10 other villagers who were unable to reach a United Nations peacekeepers ' compound.
According to the 1988 Constitution, the president must be a native-born citizen of Brazil, be at least 35 years of age, be a resident in Brazil, be an elector, have all the electoral rights, and be inscribed in a political party ( write-in candidates are forbidden ).
According to Webster's New International Dictionary, 1993, a person who is a native or resident of Connecticut is a " Connecticuter ", although many prefer " Connecticutian " or the slightly shorter " Connecticite "; Despite Webster's ( West Hartford ) Connecticut roots, none of these are commonly used or even recognized by residents, who prefer the nickname " Nutmegger ", which is not a demonym, and more often no nickname or demonyn, simply stating, " I'm from Connecticut ".
According to an article in the Ottawa Citizen on July 27, 2005, Toronto resident Rick Broadhead saw an ad on Google stating " Hans Island is Greenland.
According to Ilan Pappé, a resident of Deir Hanna applied to hold a summer camp on the site of the Hittin mosque, which he hoped to restore, but his plans were stymied by the Israeli authorities and the land is currently used by residents of nearby kibbutzim ( Israeli agricultural villages ) for grazing.
According to a letter by resident J. Martin, written a week after the battle, Confederate dead numbered about 200, Union 30 ; McNeill ’ s official tally was 150 Confederates killed ( 300-400 wounded ) against 6 Union deaths ( 32 wounded ).
According to the 2001 census, 46. 6 % of the non-student resident population speak Welsh, which is low for Gwynedd but despite this, the language keeps a high profile in town.
According to the 2006 census, there were 10, 373 persons usually resident in Bondi Beach.
According to the United Kingdom Census 2001, the town of Northallerton had a total resident population of 15, 741 or 18. 5 % of the total of Hambleton District.
According to the 2006 census, the permanent resident population is 2, 172, a 3. 3 % increase since the 2001 census.
According to the 2000 U. S. Census on April 1, it had 193 housing units with a resident population of 115 persons living in 46 housing units.
According to the 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population, there were 8, 009 people usually resident in Beverly Hills.
According Goffman, total institutions create a barrier between the resident and the wider world, making the " curtailment of self ".
According to the 2006 census, the usually resident population was 1, 850, a decrease of 85 since 2001.
According to the 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing, there were 8, 508 persons usually resident in Arncliffe.

According and Charles
According to Charles Rostaing, this act of formal ' foundation ,' according certain privileges to the town, was a means of regenerating the destroyed town of Barcilona.
According to Charles Aaron, power ballads came into existence in the early 1970s, when rock stars attempted to convey profound messages to audiences.
According to Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection, characteristics such as camouflage that help an animal to survive will tend to evolve in any population.
According to Charles Darwin's 1859 theory of natural selection, features such as camouflage evolved by providing individual animals with a reproductive advantage, enabling them to leave more offspring, on average, than other members of the same species.
According to Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, they initiated the French into a new way of laughing, and introduced people to the mystery and purport of colour by ideas.
According to Gay, Herbert had relatively few followers, and it was not until the 1680s that Herbert found a true successor in Charles Blount ( 1654 – 1693 ).
According to Charles Holcombe, the early Tujue population was rather heterogeneous and many of the names of Göktürk rulers are not even Turkic.
According to the act of settlement of 1499, George's Protestant brother Heinrich was now heir prospective ; but George, disregarding his father's will, sought to disinherit his brother and to bequeath the duchy to Ferdinand, brother of Charles V. His sudden death prevented the carrying out of this intention.
According to Frankish custom, Louis had expected to share his inheritance with his brothers, Charles the Younger, King of Neustria, and Pepin, King of Italy.
According to contemporary royalist legal theory, the Long Parliament was regarded as having been automatically dissolved from the moment of Charles I's execution on 30 January 1649.
According to Charles Nayoumealuk, who was interviewed in Nanook Revisited ( 1988 ), " the two women in Nanook-Nyla ( Alice Nuvalinga ) and Cunayou ( whose real name we do not know ) were not Allakariallak's wives, but were in fact common-law wives of Flaherty.
According to Charles C. Mann's, " 1491 ", only the lower classes of Aztec society were polytheistic.
According to historians like Charles Perry, the Arabs adapted noodles for long journeys in the 5th century, the first written record of dry pasta.
According to Henry Petroski, transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau discovered how to make a good pencil out of inferior graphite using clay as the binder ; this invention was prompted by his father's pencil factory in Concord, which employed graphite found in New Hampshire in 1821 by Charles Dunbar.
According to Charles Joseph Chamberlain,
According to his biographers, King lacked the typical personal attributes of great leaders, especially in comparison with Franklin D. Roosevelt of the U. S., Winston Churchill of Great Britain, Charles de Gaulle of France, or even Joey Smallwood of Newfoundland.
According to Charles Tilly, " Altogether, about 100 million people died as a direct result of action by organized military units backed by one government or another over the course of the century.
According to Charles MacKay, this had little effect on the creation of " Bubbles ", ephemeral joint-stock companies created during the hysteria of the times.
According to legend, when required to kiss the foot of King Charles, as a condition of the treaty, he refused to perform so great a humiliation, and when Charles extended his foot to Rollo, Rollo ordered one of his warriors to do so in his place.
According to Charles Greville, Melbourne said to his secretary, Tom Young: " I think it's a damned bore.
According to Charles W. Morris, pragmatics tries to understand the relationship between signs and their users, while semantics tends to focus on the actual objects or ideas to which a word refers, and syntax ( or " syntactics ") examines relationships among signs or symbols.
According to Psychology notes written by Dr. Charles Ramskov, a Psychology professor at De Anza College, Rock, Neiser, and Gregory claim that top-down approach involves perception that is an active and constructive process.
According to Muslim accounts of the battle, in the midst of the fighting on the second day ( Frankish accounts have the battle lasting one day only ), scouts from the Franks sent by Charles began to raid the camp and supply train ( including slaves and other plunder ).
According to Creasy, the Muslims ' best strategic choice would have been to simply decline battle, depart with their loot, garrisoning the captured towns in southern Gaul, and return when they could force Charles to a battleground more to their liking, one that maximized the huge advantage they had in their mailed and armored horsemen.

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