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According and 1885
According to Guinness, the world's largest rosebush was planted in Tombstone in 1885 and still flourishes today in the city's sunny climate.
According to a tract published in 1885, the Liberal Normal School and Business Institute was " located in the liberal town, taught by liberal teachers and courted only the patronage of liberal patrons.
According to the National Park Service, the caves were, most likely, discovered by Absalom Lehman in 1885.
According to the practice of the versions of 1611 and 1885, the RSV translated it as "" or " God " ( depending on whether the Hebrew of the particular verse was read " Adonai " or " Elohim " in Jewish practice ), whereas the ASV had translated it " Jehovah ".
According to a New York Times article of 1894 many violent revolutionists who had been expelled from Belgium and Switzerland went to Carrara in 1885 and founded the first anarchist group in Italy.
According to the Treaty of Berlin after the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 the region was included in the autonomous region Eastern Rumelia which united with the Principality of Bulgaria on 6 September 1885.
According to the corporate website, Charles Alexander See II ( 1882 – 1949 ) arrived in the United States from Canada in 1921 with his wife Florence MacLean Wilson See ( 1885 – 1956 ), and his widowed mother Mary Wiseman See ( 1854 – 1939 ).
According to the 1885 Dictionary of National Biography He was the author of Veritatis Defensio and Hæreseos Confusio.
According to the Brighton Allston Historical Society, the name comes from Packard's Sales Stable and Riding School which existed in the area from 1885 through 1920, and was perpetuated by the Packard automobile dealership that was built in 1910.
According to German statistics Poles constituted 72 % of population in 1825 and 62 % in 1861 ; Gerard Labuda gives the number of 1500 Poles and 590 Germans living in the city in 1825 During the January Uprising in Russian Empire, Barczewo was the local centre of supplying medicine, food and even firearms to Polish rebels, with the Polish society in the city becoming active in war effort and led by August Sokołowski In 1885 a mass rally was organised by Poles, demanding among others that Polish children should be allowed to use their language in education
According to the comic strip's continuity, Melchester Rovers were founded in 1885 winning at least three League Championships and a number of FA Cups during the pre-war years of their existence.
According to Trevor's confession the Gloria Scott left Falmouth " thirty years ago " and precisely in 1855, but that would set Holmes's enquiry in 1885 and not in his college years, as he told Watson.
According to the Coastal Heritage Preservation Foundation, in 1885 Army major, Charles T. Gray was the first to settle the land now known as Grayton Beach.
According to Laura Jane Moore in the book Sifters, Native American Women's Lives: In 1885 Geronimo and Naiche fled their reservation with 140 followers including Lozen after rumors began circulating that their leaders were to be imprisoned at Alcatraz Island.
According to the Diccionario Español-Bisaya ( 1885 ), Danao means lago, laguna, pantano, estanque grande, avenida, campañas, etc.
According to the Diccionario Español-Bisaya, 1885 by Fr.
According to the Jan 10th 1885 edition of Corbett's Herald, a temporary theatre had collapsed on an audience of 1, 000, causing 150 fatalities.
According to WHB Smith in " Mauser, Walther and Mannlicher Firearms " the Mannlicher 1885 became the inspiration for the M1 Garand and the Mannlicher 1900 with the ' short-stroke piston ' became the inspiration for the M1 Carbine.
According to the Mysore State Gazetteer, Gokak Falls was discovered in 1885 by British explorers.
According to a page one article in the New York Times of December 26, 1885, four hundred men were arrested during the course of the year.

According and edition
According to the author of his biography in the Eleventh edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica: " Ambrose is interesting as typical of the new humanism which was growing up within the church.
According to Del Mar, this edition corrects nearly 3000 mistakes in the Breitkopf edition, some of which were remarkable.
According to current thinking, a first draft ( the Yahwist ) was probably written in the 6th century BCE during the Babylonian exile ; this was supplemented and completed as a post-Exilic final edition ( the Priestly source ) at the very end of the 6th century or during the 5th century, and further adjustments and minor revisions continued down to the end of the 4th century.
According to a statement of proceedings published elsewhere in the same edition of the BMJ, the report was officially ‘ approved at last week ’ s Council meeting of the British Medical Association .’ ( BMA Council Proceedings, BMJ, April 23, 1955: 1019 ).
According to the 2001 edition of the National Jewish Population Survey, in the United States ' Jewish community — the world's second largest — 4. 3 million Jews out of 5. 1 million had some sort of connection to the religion.
According to a new edition of Severn's letters and memoirs, Severn fathered an illegitimate child named Henry ( b. 31 Aug 1819 ) about a year before leaving England for Italy.
According to the Encyclopedia of Social Work ( 19th edition ), the news media play an influential role in the general public's perception of cults.
According to the 1999 edition of Religion and Politics In America Unification Church followers were known " universally " by the term.
According to the publishers, it would take a single person 120 years to " key in " text to convert it to machine readable form which consists a total of 59 million words of the OED second edition, 60 years to proofread it, and 540 megabytes to store it electronically.
According Steve White, during the Putin presidency Russia made clear that it had no intention of establishing a " second edition " of the American or British political system, but rather a system that was closer to Russia's own traditions and circumstances.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first figurative use of the term appeared in the 1902 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica relating to an entry on the chemical analysis of glucose.
According to the American writer Kevin Self, in the 1920s a German committee member of the International Electrotechnical Commission proposed giga-as a prefix for 10 < sup > 9 </ sup >, drawing on a verse by the humorous poet Christian Morgenstern that appeared in the third ( 1908 ) edition of Galgenlieder ( Gallows Songs ).
According to the revised fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM-IV-TR ), to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, three diagnostic criteria must be met:
According to the Saintly Bible website, every Saint book published between 1928 and 1983 saw the first edition issued by Hodder and Stoughton in the UK ( a company that originally published only religious books ) and The Crime Club ( an imprint of Doubleday that specialized in mystery and detective fiction ) in the United States.
According to his nephew's Memoir the first edition was prepared by Bowdler's sister, Harriet, but both were published under Thomas Bowdler's name, probably because a woman could not then publicly admit that she understood Shakespeare's racy passages.
According to Anthony Cronin, " always possessed a Bible, at the end more than one edition, and Bible concordances were always among the reference books on his shelves.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary ( second edition 1989 ), valerian is derived from a Latin adjectival form of the personal name Valerius.
According to a later edition of the Enconium, the English took the initiative in communicating with Harthacnut in 1039, possibly when it was known that Harold had not long to live.
According to the jacket bio for the first edition of his scriptwriting text ( see Print below ), Straczynski had a play produced when he was 17, a sitcom produced when he was 21, and sold his first movie script when he was 24.
According to the featurettes Pacino, DeNiro and the Conversation and The Making of Heat: True Crime, included in the special edition DVD, which includes a taped interview with Adamson, the scene of McCauley and Hanna in the restaurant was also based on a real life event.
* Poke's edition of Creasy's 15 Most Important Battles Ever Fought According to Edward Shepherd Creasy Chapter VII.
According to the Dictionary of the Fungi ( 10th edition, 2008 ), the order consists of 12 families, 80 genera, and 1767 species.
According to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary ( third edition 1933 ) the term sidewalk was still in occasional use in the UK and pavement was also used for: ' a piece of paved work '; ' the superficial covering of a floor, yard, street etc.

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