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According and Associated
According to the Council of the League of Nations, meeting of August 1920: " draft mandates adopted by the Allied and Associated Powers would not be definitive until they had been considered and approved by the League ... the legal title held by the mandatory Power must be a double one: one conferred by the Principal Powers and the other conferred by the League of Nations ,"
According to an Associated Press report, " a coalition of women's groups ," operating under the name " ERA Summit ," planned " to ask Congress to nullify 1982 deadline for ratification.
According to Associated Press, " Shaking was felt at the White House and all over the East Coast, as far south as Charleston, S. C. Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated.
According to the Associated Press he was quoted as saying, “ Hitler, for example, had some good ideas.
* According to recent published Associated Press news reports, former Witchblade actress, Yancy Butler currently resides in Sharon.
According to the Friday, August 12, 2011 online edition of the Peoria Journal Star by Deanna Bellandi of the Associated Press, President Barack Obama, who worked and lived in Chicago, Illinois, will visit Atkinson during a three-state bus tour of the Midwest focusing on jobs, the state of the economy, and the housing market in a campaign-style event.
According to Vicki Smith, Associated Press writer, Pearlington was seemingly forgotten during Katrina recovery.
According to Reuter and the Associated Press, at a late-night vigil, with the hundreds of thousands of young people who were in Paris for the celebrations, he made the following comments: " On the eve of Aug. 24, we cannot forget the sad massacre of St. Bartholomew ’ s Day, an event of very obscure causes in the political and religious history of France.
According to a Friday, March 30, 2012 online Associated Press news article in the online edition of the Peoria, Illinois-based Peoria Journal Star ,: " The logistics subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. ( which is based in Peoria ), the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, said Friday it opened a parts distribution center in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
According to the Associated Press Ghezali was " reportedly part of a group of 156 suspected Al-Qaeda fighters caught while fleeing Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains.
* According to the Associated Press, on January 31, 2005,the nation ’ s largest insurance brokerage company, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc., based in New York, will pay $ 850 million to policyholders hurt by ” corporate practices that included “ bid rigging, price fixing and the use of hidden incentive fees .” The company will issue a public apology calling its conduct " unlawful " and " shameful ," according to New York State Attorney General Elliott Spitzer.
According to the Associated Press on June 2, 2009, the eve of the 20th Anniversary of the Chinese government's crack down, Chai Ling issued a statement calling for the release of political prisoners in China.
According to Michelle R. Smith of the Associated Press, when asked whether he felt that his loss may have helped the country by switching control of power in Congress, he replied: " To be honest, yes.
" According to the Associated Press, Murkowski bought the land from two developers tied to the Ted Stevens probe.
According to the profile by the Associated Press, " Chocola is a strong supporter of President Bush.
According to an Associated Press story:
According to the Associated Press, he " backtracked " from his 1995 term-limit pledge in May 2004, stating that the voters should be the ones making the decision.
According to an Associated Press story, Fullerton suffered a massive stroke on December 31, 2009 and was recovering at a facility in Southern California that specializes in stroke treatment.
" According to an Associated Press report,
According to an Associated Press report, Guido Valentich, the father of the missing pilot, said " he hoped his son had been taken by a UFO and had not crashed.
According to the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, a covert operation ( also as CoveOps or covert ops ) is " an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor.
" According to the Associated Press, Berg was released from custody on 6 April 2004 and advised by U. S. officials to take a flight out of Iraq, with their assistance.
According to The Associated Press, the weapon was loaded.
According to the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, there are five current International wrestling disciplines acknowledged throughout the world.

According and Press
According to the book Gender, Crime, and Punishment published by Yale University Press, " Under the Alford doctrine, a defendant does not admit guilt but admits that the state has sufficient evidence to find him or her guilty, should the case go to trial.
" According to Dennis Dewsnap's memoir, What's Sex Got To Do With It ( The Syden Press, 2004 ), Orton and Halliwell had their ashes mixed and were buried together.
According to John Canemaker, in Paper Dreams: The Art and Artists of Disney Storyboards ( 1999, Hyperion Press ), the first storyboards at Disney evolved from comic-book like " story sketches " created in the 1920s to illustrate concepts for animated cartoon short subjects such as Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie, and within a few years the idea spread to other studios.
According to the Congressional Quarterly Press ' 2008 City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America, Virginia Beach, Virginia ranks 311th in violent crime amount 385 cities containing more than 75, 000 inhabitants.
According to a list of Spanish and Mexican grants in Texas ( found in the Book, " With All Arms ," by Carl Laurence Duaine, New Santander Press, Edinberg, TX, 1987 ), Pedro Aguirre owned 51, 296 acres in Zavala County, while Antonio Aguirre had 34, 552.
According to the Eastern Daily Press it had been Norfolk's wettest ever September day.
According to an article in The Press Enterprise dated May 31, 2002, “ Its clean streets, quiet neighborhoods and no violent crime are big draws for its middle-income population .”
According to the Heritage Press there were some early pioneers who lived in caves and covered wagons while building their log cabins in the area now known as Midland.
According to the Marble Hill Press ( Oct. 28, 1897 ), the McMinn Mill had recently burned.
According to Jeffrey M. Dorwart's book, Cape May County, New Jersey ( New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1992 ) Rio Grande is a community which was founded in the mid-nineteenth century around a country store owned by the Hildreth family.
According to the Second Chapter, Article 2, in the Freedom of the Press Act ( part of the Swedish constitution ): " The right of access to official documents may be restricted only if restriction is necessary having regard to
According to the new, full translation put out by the Naval Institute Press, nearly all errors can be attributed to the editors, with only a few being the fault of Jules Verne, who was meticulous in his presentation of science within science fiction.
According to Flags of the World, the Ecology Flag was created by cartoonist Ron Cobb, published on November 7, 1969, in the Los Angeles Free Press, and then placed in the public domain.
According to the Historical Jewish Press, The Palestine Post was established " as part of a Zionist-Jewish initiative ", and " Zionist institutions considered the newspaper one of the most effective means of exerting influence on the British authorities ".
* According to the Evidence ( Souvenir Press, 1977 ) ISBN 0-285-62301-X
According to Arnold Palmer's autobiography, " A Golfer's Life ," in 1960 he ( already having won the Masters and the U. S. Open that year ) and his friend Bob Drum ( of the Pittsburgh Press ) on the trans-Atlantic flight to The Open Championship at St Andrews came up with the idea that adding the The Open Championship and PGA Championship titles that summer would constitute a modern Grand Slam.

According and 2011
According to Forbes magazine Armenia had the second worst economy in the world in 2011.
According to the 2011 census, Adelaide has a population of 1. 23 million.
According to the show's website, it is scheduled to reopen for an open-ended commercial run in the Fall of 2011.
According to the 2011 India census, Ajmer district has a population of 2, 584, 913, which was made up of 1, 325, 911 males and 1, 259, 002 females.
According to the City's 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:
According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, as of 2011 the city of Bursa had a population of 1, 704, 441 and its metropolitan municipality 1, 948, 744.
According to the Town's 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:
According to a study in 2011, Napoleon Bonaparte, and therefore all the Bonaparte ( males only ), belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1 * ( E-M34 *).
According to the Census of Canada, the population of Cape Breton Island in 2011 was 135, 974, a 4. 4 % decline from 142, 298 in 2006, and a 14. 1 % decline from 158, 260 in 1996.
According to the U. S. News & World Report's Best Graduate Schools 2011 ranking, " California Institute of Technology headlines the new rankings, with top billing in three categories: chemistry, earth sciences and physics.
According to Concord's 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:
According to Samsung this was because the " Demand for the old ' Square monitors ' has decreased rapidly over the last couple of years ," and " I predict that by the end of 2011, production on all 4: 3 or similar panels will be halted due to a lack of demand.
According to the August 2011 version of the GEBCO Gazetteer of Undersea Feature Names, the location and depth of the Challenger Deep are and ±.
According to Mercer's 2011 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Dublin is the 13th most expensive city in the European Union ( down from 10th in 2010 ) and the 58th most expensive place to live in the world ( down from 42nd in 2010 ).
According to the project's Facebook group, the English-language DVD has been released in Denmark on April 16, 2011 and is available internationally through the website forlaget-afart. dk /.
According to the Bank for International Settlements, the total outstanding notional amount is US $ 708 trillion ( as of June 2011 ).
According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics and other proponents of demographic structural approach ( cliodynamics ), the basic problem Egypt has is unemployment driven by a demographic youth bulge: with the number of new people entering the job force at about 4 % a year, unemployment in Egypt is almost 10 times as high for college graduates as it is for people who have gone through elementary school, particularly educated urban youth, who are precisely those people that were seen out in the streets during 2011 Egyptian revolution.
According to a UK Film Council press release of 20 January 2011, £ 1. 115 billion was spent on UK film production during 2010.
According to the official 2011 census, which used sophisticated methodology, the population of Greece was 10, 787, 690.
According to a 2005 report issued by the university, enrollment is expected to reach 35, 000 students by 2011 with more than 7, 000 resident students.
According to a report by the United Nations, the Taliban and other militants were responsible for 76 % of civilian casualties in 2009, 75 % in 2010 and 80 % in 2011.
According to Absolute Return + Alpha, in 2011 the mean total compensation for all hedge fund investment professionals was $ 690, 786 and the median compensation was $ 312, 329.
According to the Italian government, there were 4, 570, 317 foreign residents in Italy as of January 2011.
According to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the CIA World Factbook, in 2011 Italy was the eighth-largest economy in the world, the fourth-largest in Europe and the third-largest in the Eurozone in terms of nominal GDP, and the tenth-largest economy in the world and fifth-largest in Europe in terms of purchasing power parity ( PPP ) GDP.
The economy of Japan is the third largest national economy in the world after the United States and the People's Republic of China and is the world's second largest developed economy According to the International Monetary Fund, the country's per capita GDP ( PPP ) was at $ 34, 739 or the 25th highest in 2011.

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