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According and Belfast
According to Dr Edward M. Walsh, first President of the University of Limerick, the Mayor of Limerick applied to have a Queen's College located in the city in 1845, but instead Belfast, Cork and Galway were established.
According to the 2001 Census, 167, 487 people ( 10. 4 % of the population ) had " some knowledge of Irish " with the highest concentrations of Irish speakers found in Belfast, Derry, Newry and south Armagh, central Tyrone ( between Dungannon and Omagh ), and southern County Londonderry ( near Maghera ).
" According to the BBC, Best was remembered by mourners at his public funeral held in Belfast as " the beautiful boy " a " beautiful game ".
According to the University of Ulster Quarterly House Price Index report produced in partnership with Bank of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in Q4 2010, the North Coast region ( Coleraine / Limavady area ) had higher property prices than those of affluent south Belfast.
According to straw polls, the constituency was alone in Northern Ireland in voting against the Belfast Agreement.
According to Rev Dr Alexander Gordon of Belfast, " The system of belief is a singular union of opinions which seem diametrically opposed.
According to the newspaper, Jet2 will restart the daily Belfast service from March 2009.

According and Telegraph
According to The Daily Telegraph, " statistics show that more than 60 percent of Hungarian mortgages and car loans are denominated in foreign currencies ".
According to a September 2007 article in the Daily Telegraph, Nicks says she is again selling her home, her recently purchased Pacific Palisades home ( purchased two years before by Nicks, right down the street from a rental home she had for years in Pacific Palisades ).
According to Telegraph journalist Simon Heffer, both Powell and Heath believed that Powell was responsible for the Conservatives ' losing the election.
According to Tom Utley, writing in the Daily Telegraph, the site is connected to One World Action, a charity founded by Glenys Kinnock, and to Kinnock herself.
According to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, " the school was closed in 2005 because of budget problems and declining enrollment ," and on April 5, 2006 the 85-year-old Welton School building was demolished.
According to her obituary in the Daily Telegraph, a diamond swastika was among her jewels.
According to The Daily Telegraph, Kim was a chain-smoker.
According to the Sunday Telegraph, Kim had US $ 4 billion on deposit in European banks in case he ever needed to flee North Korea.
According to an August 2005 YouGov / Daily Telegraph survey, Britons ' feelings toward abortion by gestational age are:
According to a report in the Daily Telegraph ( Australia ), illegal brothels in Sydney now outnumber licensed operations by four to one ; according to a 2009 report, in Queensland only 10 % of prostitution happens in licensed brothels, the rest remains either unregulated or illegal.
According to the Telegraph, " The most prestigious group of scientists in the country was forced to act after fellows complained that doubts over man made global warming were not being communicated to the public ".
According to Lance Tingay of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Gibson was ranked in the world top ten from 1956 through 1958, reaching a career high of No. 1 in those rankings in 1957 and 1958.
According to The Daily Telegraph, between 2004 and 2008, he himself claimed a total of £ 87, 708 for his constituency home including £ 18, 800 for food.
According to a 2001 interview with The Telegraph, Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson said that his son Darren, who was at tryouts for Eredivisie rival Heerenveen at the time, begged his father, " You've got to sign Van Nistelrooy right away, he's fantastic.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the minister claimed a total of £ 86, 277 over four years in additional costs allowance – close to the total allowed under Parliament's green book.
According to the Daily Telegraph Davies spent £ 4, 000 renovating his designated second home before losing his seat in 2005.
According to a psychologist quoted in the Daily Telegraph, since Bo Xilai assumed power, " depression, burn out and suicides have all risen among officials … Officials now make up the largest share of patients in counselling in the city .”
According to The Daily Telegraph he has been described as the Jeffrey Archer of the art world, a purveyor of " badly conceived soft porn ", and a painter of " dim erotica ", According to Vanity Fair, critics say Jack Vettriano paints brainless erotica.
En-route they would reportedly hold corroborees at the current site of the Pymble Reservoir in Telegraph Rd and " camped on the hill ... at the junction of Merrivale Rd and Selwyn St ." According to Robert Pymble II " the Aborigines had faded out by about 1856, mainly because of smallpox.
According to Wallis Myers of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, she was ranked in the world top ten in 1936 and 1937 ( no rankings issued from 1940 through 1945 ), reaching a career high of World No. 1 in those rankings in 1937.
According to Lance Tingay of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and Bud Collins, Haydon-Jones was ranked in the world top ten from 1957 through 1963 and from 1965 through 1970, reaching a career high of World No. 2 in those rankings in 1967 and 1969.
According to The Daily Telegraph of 26 August 2004: " In 1998, he was at the centre of a scandal after he lent huge sums of money at exorbitant interest rates to more than 900 local police officers and civil servants in Cape Town.
According to Jan Moir in The Daily Telegraph, she was seen " shouting at sobbing, fat women while forcing them to eat quinoa and undergo frequent sessions of colonic irrigation enthusiastically administered by her good self.

According and "...
According to Berkman, "... with the elimination of Frick, responsibility for Homestead conditions would rest with Carnegie.
According to one historical account, aboriginal tribes of Australia were " most certainly cannibals ", and would willingly eat anyone who was killed in a fight ; they would also eat men famed for their fighting ability who had died natural deaths "... out of pity and consideration for the body ".
According to " The Phoenix on the Sword ", the adventures of Conan take place "... Between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas ..."
According to Kelly: "... when you are involved in doing choreography for film you must have expert assistants.
" According to Allen "... it is reasonable to assume that John Paul I would not have insisted upon the negative judgment in Humanae Vitae as aggressively and publicly as John Paul II did, and probably would not have treated it as a quasi-infallible teaching.
According to Brown University, The New Age "... helped to shape modernism in literature and the arts from 1907 to 1922.
According to Title 18 of the United States Code, "... the term " toxin " means the toxic material or product of plants, animals, microorganisms ( including, but not limited to, bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiae or protozoa ), or infectious substances, or a recombinant or synthesized molecule, whatever their origin and method of production ..."
According to Chaturvedy, "... Political scientists may serve as advisers to specific politicians, or even run for office as politicians themselves.
According to Traditions and Encounters, the founding of the primary education system began in 425 AD and "... military personnel usually had at least a primary education ...".
According to Tacitus, they found heaps of bleached bones and severed skulls nailed to trees, which they buried, "... looking on all as kinsfolk and of their own blood ...".
According to a reporter, "... when he takes the floor, Garfield's voice is heard above all others.
According to Hegel, "... the only thought which Philosophy brings with it to the contemplation of History, is the simple conception of reason ; that reason is the Sovereign of the World ; that the history of the world, therefore, presents us with a rational process.
According to historian Robert Brugger, "... the measure marked a notable departure from Old World oppression.
According to William Rubinstein, "... of these 10 million estimated dead blacks, possibly 6 million were killed by other blacks in African tribal wars and raiding parties aimed at securing slaves for transport to America.
According to Kenyon, Pindar's idionsyncratic genius entitles him to the benefit of a doubt in all such cases: "... if there be actual imitation at all, it is fairly safe to conclude that it is on the part of Bacchylides.
According to the commander of the 2nd battalion 116th RCT the tanks "... saved the day.
According to the original Foundation Trilogy ( 1951 ), Asimov states ( by way of the Encyclopedia Galactica ), "... the impossibility of proper administration ... under the uninspired leadership of the later Emperors was a considerable factor in the Fall.
According to Ben Graham in Intelligent Investor, the prototypical defensive investor is "... one interested chiefly in safety plus freedom from bother.
According to Leonardo's contemporary, Giorgio Vasari, "... after he had lingered over it four years, left it unfinished ...." Leonardo, later in his life, is said to have regretted " never having completed a single work ".
According to the scientists, "... low H < sub > 2 </ sub >/ CH < sub > 4 </ sub > ratios ( less than approximately 40 ) indicate that life is likely present and active.
According to Clement of Alexandria in his Stromata, "... in the time of Crotopus occurred the burning of Phaethon, and the deluges of Deucalion.
According to some, following his death, Briseis: "... was given to one of Achilles ' comrades-at-arms just as his armor had been ", after the fall of Troy.
According to Zündel, Irving "... thought I was ' Revisionist-Neo-Nazi-Rambo-Kook!
According to Neil Strauss in the New York Times, "... many musical observers trace the official beginnings of the British bootleg scene to The Evolution Control Committee, which in 1993 mixed a Public Enemy a cappella with music by Herb Alpert.

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