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According and Brooklyn
According to Dr. Bianchi, associate curator of the Brooklyn Museum " In tomb 15, the prince is looking on to things he enjoyed in life that he wishes to take to the next world.
According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, there were 37 banks and 21 credit unions operating in Brooklyn in 2010.
According to the 2010 U. S. Census, the demography of Brooklyn was as follows:
According to 2005 U. S. Census Bureau estimates, there are 2, 486, 235 people ( up from 2. 3 million in 1990 ), 880, 727 households, and 583, 922 families living in Brooklyn.
According to Brooklyn Center's 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:
According to Brooks, the character of Rookie Carroca also was based on a real person, a Filipino sailor in the U. S. Navy who was his neighbor in Brooklyn.
According to DJ Spooky, DJ Olive started an event in Brooklyn called Lalalandia-that had nothing to do with illbient.
According to Lancaster ( 1972 ), the delay prompted some reflection ; James S. T. Stranahan, then President of the Brooklyn Board of Park Commissioners, invited Calvert Vaux to review Viele's plans early in 1865.
According to the bill's CRS Summary, " New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act-Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to: ( 1 ) issue permits to allow the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of natural gas pipeline facilities in the Gateway National Recreation Area ( New Jersey-New York ); and ( 2 ) enter into a lease agreement to allow the occupancy and use of an aircraft hanger building on Floyd Bennett Field ( Brooklyn, New York ) to house facilities associated with the operation of natural gas pipeline facilities.
According to Article 12 of New York education law, " Admissions to the Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, and Brooklyn Technical High School shall be solely and exclusively by taking a competitive, objective, and scholastic achievement examination, which shall be open to each and every child in the city of New York.
According to Robert Hofler's 2005 biography, The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson: The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson, agent Willson saw Saxon's picture on the cover of a detective magazine and immediately contacted the boy's family in Brooklyn.
According to Rand's biographer, Barbara Branden, Hospers met Rand when she addressed the student body at Brooklyn College.
According to the end credits, it was filmed in and around Brooklyn, Manhattan, Montauk, Mount Vernon, Wainscott, and Yonkers, New York ; also Bayonne and West Orange, New Jersey.
According to the New York Times, " he average age museum attendees in a 2008 survey was 35, a large portion of the visitors ( 40 percent ) came from Brooklyn, and more than 40 percent identified themselves as people of color.
According to Bakshi, " My background was in Brooklyn — my Jewishness, my family life, my father coming from Russia.
According to the New York Times, " In a five-year period in the late 1960's and early 70's, the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn was transformed from a neatly maintained community of wood houses into what often approached a no man's land of abandoned buildings, empty lots, drugs and arson.
According to the document, Downtown Brooklyn could become the city ’ s third-largest business district because of its proximity to Lower Manhattan ( closer by subway than Midtown ).
According to GO Brooklyn, " At the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb avenues in Downtown Brooklyn, there has been a diner run by the Rosen family since 1929.
According to an informal study by researchers at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the last manager to wear street clothes is believed to be Burt Shotton of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who last managed a game on October 1, 1950.
According to multiple biographies, the famous baseball player Sandy Koufax announced his decision to sign with the Brooklyn Dodgers in front of Dubrow's Cafeteria on Kings Highway in Brooklyn.
According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Jones was a Maine native and co-owned a lumberyard at the corner of Kent and West Streets.
According to the South African National Census of 2001, 2, 690 people lived in Brooklyn.

According and Rail
According to the plan established by ASEAN, this stretch is scheduled for completion by 2020 ; it will form part of the Singapore – Kunming Rail Link project, overseen by the ASEAN – Mekong Basin Development Cooperation ( AMBDC ).
According to the U. S. Census Bureau it was merged from Rail Prairie Township on 31 December 2002.
According to a 2004 New Civil Engineer report on contemporary maintenance, such a practice never existed, although under British Rail management, and before, the bridge had a permanent maintenance crew.
According to Network Rail, which manages it, over 28. 5 million people use the station annually.
( According to CBC News, an arbitrator's report later concluded that Bédard had voluntarily left Via Rail.
According to Network Rail, over 38 million people use it annually, 80 % of whom are passengers.
According to the City of New York's own map portal, the Long Island Rail Road station on the property, the ramp between the grandstand and the train station, and some of the adjoining parking fields straddle the Queens County line.
According to the TheyWorkForYou website, Ward asked many Parliamentary questions about the Croxley Rail Link, VAT, the Middle East, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.
According to Network Rail, which manages the station, over 36. 8 million people use the station annually.
According to Network Rail, which manages the station, over 19. 2 million people use it annually.
According to Amtrak, 47. 4 % of the train delay was due to track-and signal-related problems, especially along the Delaware & Hudson ( CP Rail ) segment.
According to the magazine's masthead, the current publication also includes these former titles: Toy Trains, Electric Trains and Hobby Railroading, Miniature Rail Roading, Model & Railway News, and The O Gager.
According to its long-range plan, the WSDOT Rail Office plans eventual service of 13 daily round trips between Seattle and Portland and 4-6 round trips between Seattle and Bellingham, with four of those extending to Vancouver, BC.
According to an article in the October 2005 issue of Rail Professional, at that time Island Line were paying " an eye-watering £ 140, 000 a year " to lease the trains, meaning that " ince privatisation, HSBC Rail has pocketed over £ 1m for leasing these relics that are effectively worthless.
According to internet sources, electrification of these sections of the North Downs Line was again discussed as part of the Blackwater Valley Rail Survey, in 1991.
According to National Rail, this station's official name is Appledore ( Kent ), despite the other Appledore station in Devon having closed in 1917.
According to Office of Rail Regulation usage figures for 2010-2011, Lowestoft is, after Ipswich, and, the most used station in Suffolk, with busy commuter traffic to and to a lesser extent to Ipswich.
According to Louko, the price of the excavation work has risen a third more than that of other ground construction work, due to security requirements and to the increase in simultaneous excavation work elsewhere, including the construction of the Kehärata ( Ring Rail Line ) in nearby Vantaa.
According to the Office of Rail Regulation statistics on rail trends for the year 2005, 982, 255 exits and entries were made at Andover rail station, making it the 14th most used rail station in the county of Hampshire ( including the unitary authority areas of Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council ).
According to the Office of Rail Regulation statistics for the 2009 / 10 financial year, the total number of entries and exits at the station was 1, 630, 474 ( based on tickets sold at Shrewsbury, and tickets sold to Shrewsbury ); with 163, 854 passengers interchanging between services.
According to Network Rail, the points system at Gaer junction would need to be replaced before the line could be linked from Rogerstone station to Newport station.

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