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According and CBS
According to Arnaz, the CBS network told him, " You cannot show a pregnant woman on television ".
According to Moore, she asked CBS to pull the show, as she was unhappy with the direction of the program and the producers.
According to the CBS press release for Rawhide, Universal Studios ( then known as Universal-International ) was shooting in Fort Ord when an assistant noticed Eastwood and arranged for him to meet the series ' director.
According to an article in The New York Times: " What the Tony broadcast does have, say CBS officials, is an all-important demographic: rich and smart.
According to a CBS poll, 92 % of Panamanian adults supported the U. S. incursion, and 76 % wished that U. S. forces had invaded in October during the coup.
According to an obituary of CBS's lawyer, CBS eventually won the case.
According to the book The Twilight Zone: Unlocking the Door to a Television Classic by Martin Grams, Serling wrote the teleplay in response to a request from CBS to write scripts utilizing as few actors as possible for budgetary purposes.
" According to a James Arness interview, CBS felt John Wayne was ideal for the role, but he, as most big screen stars, saw the fledging medium as a step down ; The belief Wayne was asked to pin on the badge is disputed by Warren.
According to a CBS 60 Minutes segment in late January 2008, Saddam Hussein denied to an American interrogator that he had employed doubles.
According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ( CBS ), a total of 63, 462 people were living in Ramla at the end of 2004.
According to CBS data, there were 21, 000 salaried workers and 1, 700 self-employed persons in Ramla in 2000.
According to CBS, there are 31 schools and 12, 000 students in the city.
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 100. 0 % Arab ( 99. 7 % Muslim ), with no significant Jewish population. There were 18, 700 males and 18, 000 females ( 36, 800 total ), with 51. 2 % of the population aged 19 years of age or younger, 18. 2 % between 20 and 29, 18. 9 % between 30 and 44, 7. 8 % from 45 to 59, 1. 5 % from 60 to 64, and 2. 4 % 65 years of age or older.
According to CBS, there were 5, 843 salaried workers and 1, 089 self-employed in 2000.
According to CBS, there are a total of 17 schools and 9, 106 students in the city: 15 elementary and 4 junior high-schools for more than 5, 400 elementary school students, and 7 high schools for more than 3, 800 high school students.
According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ( CBS ), the city had a population of 32, 200 at the end of 2007.
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 100. 0 % Jewish.
According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ( CBS ), at the end of 2005 the city had a total population of 15, 800.
According to CBS, in 2001 the ethnic makeup of the city was 99. 3 % Jewish and other non-Arab, with no significant Arab population.
According to CBS, in 2001 there were 7, 400 males and 7, 900 females.
According to CBS, as of 2000, in the city there were 5, 739 salaried workers and 399 are self-employed.
According to CBS, there are 10 schools and 2, 409 students in the city.
According to the CBS, the ethnic makeup of the city was in 2006 was 99. 9 % Jewish and other non-Arab, with no significant Arab population.
According to the CBS, in 2006 there were 21, 700 males and 22, 800 females.
According to the CBS, as of 2005, there were 18, 612 salaried workers and 2, 006 are self-employed in the city.

According and News
According to The Chicago Tribune News Service, State Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk of California has devised a series of questions which the joiner might well ask about any organization seeking his money and his name: 1.
According to the U. S. News & World Report's Best Graduate Schools 2011 ranking, " California Institute of Technology headlines the new rankings, with top billing in three categories: chemistry, earth sciences and physics.
According to former ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson, when the President heard of this treatment, he demanded — and eventually received — Regan's resignation.
According to a 2001 article in U. S. News & World Report, Limbaugh had an eight-year contract, at the rate of $ 31. 25 million a year.
* 12 April 2007 According to Engineering News, a South Korean consortium has agreed to build a new 800 km railway in the Congo-Brazzaville Republic in return for timber concessions.
The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon changed the focus of the racial profiling debate from street crime and “ driving while Black ” to terrorism and “ flying while Arab .” According to a June 4 – 5, 2002 FOX News / Opinion Dynamics Poll, 54 % of Americans approved of using “ racial profiling to screen Arab male airline passengers .” A 2002 survey by Public Agenda tracked the attitudes toward the racial profiling of Blacks and people of Middle Eastern descent.
* Saving ' Spam :' Hormel's Fight to Protect Its Famous Product's Name According to ABC News, Hormel is involved in a multi-million dollar trademark dispute with Spam Arrest, a company that blocks obnoxious emails.
According to Richards, Jones christened the band during a phone call to Jazz News.
According to U. S. News & World Report, the University of Manitoba is among the top 20 universities in Canada and top 400 universities in the world as of 2009.
According to the editor of Ballot Access News, which periodically compiles and analyzes voter registration statistics as reported by state voter agencies ( only 29 states and DC tally voter registration by party ), it ranks third nationally among all U. S. political parties in registered voters, with 438, 222 registered voters as of October 2008.
According to Ballot Access News, in 2010 the Constitution Party received the third highest gubernatorial vote total, with 872, 498 votes.
According to Bloomberg News, ALEC is funded by, among others, Koch Industries Inc. and Exxon Mobil.
According to Howard K. Smith, who covered the executions for the International News Service, Rosenberg was the only condemned man, who when asked at the gallows if he had any last statement to make, replied with only one word: " No ".
According to the New York Daily News, “ Blaine can lay claim to his own brand of wizardry.
According to Fox News, this is a ' 25 percent ' rise, with more than ' 2. 9 million ' total veterans now disabled.
According to U. S. News and World Report, Louisiana Tech's class of 2010 graduated with the 10th least amount of debt per student compared to all other national universities.
According to a writer for McClatchy News Service, the rankings were " determined by popularity, name recognition and how long the show lasted.
The Good News According to Matthew.
According to a recent episode, Oscar hates " Pox News " ( a parody of Fox News ) but his mother likes it.
According to an article in Science News, " researchers with the University of Cambridge in England have shown that fleas take off from their tibiae and tarsi — the insect equivalent of feet — and not their trochantera, or knees.
" According to the Buffalo News ( Wednesday, November 2, 1932 ), " There were seats for about 90 persons and the admission was three cents.
* According to the 2012 US News & Report, UNCG is classified as a Tier 1 University with an overall National University rank of # 189 among public colleges and universities in the United States.
According to Huey Lewis and the News, this was especially damaging to them since " Ghostbusters " was so popular, rising to number one on the charts for three weeks.
According to the BBC News, 255, 000 people on Réunion had contracted the disease as of 26 April 2006.

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