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According and Doctor
According to the Food And Drug Administration ( FDA ), `` Doctor '' Ghadiali, Dr. Albert Abrams and his clique, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich -- to name three notorious device quacks -- succeeded, respectively, in distributing 10,000, 5000, and 2000 fake health machines.
According to Ivinskaya, Pasternak continued to stick to his daily writing schedule even during the controversy over Doctor Zhivago.
According to the Doctor, some are inspired, some run away, and some are driven mad.
According to Coke, Garnet instigated the plot: " hath many gifts and endowments of nature, by art learned, a good linguist and, by profession, a Jesuit and a Superior as indeed he is Superior to all his predecessors in devilish treason, a Doctor of Dissimulation, Deposing of Princes, Disposing of Kingdoms, Daunting and deterring of subjects, and Destruction.
According to the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Gallifrey Chronicles by Lance Parkin, it previously belonged to a Time Lord named Marnal, who was, like the Doctor, something of a renegade.
According to Doctor Gontero, the leading Doctor of the above mentioned study which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009, " Overall treatment results were subjectively scored as acceptable in spite of curvature improvements, which varied from “ no change ” to “ mild improvement .”" The study concluded that penile extender devices provided only minimal improvements in penile curvature but patients were generally satisfied likely from increased penile length.
) According to Charles C. Kenney, " Jack Connors remembers being in Wang's office one day when the Doctor pulled out a chart on which he had plotted Wang's growth and projected that Wang Laboratories would overtake IBM sometime in the middle of the 1990s.
According to the Doctor in " Doomsday ", a new parallel universe is created by every decision made.
According to Briggs, permission from Russell T Davies, producer and creator of The Sarah Jane Adventures, had been secured that would have allowed the character and actress Elisabeth Sladen to return to Big Finish for a series of stories alongside Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor, but Sladen's illness and death in April 2011 put an end to those plans.
According to Douglas Guthrie, who bases his account on L Thorndike, medical men were first called " Doctor " at the Medical School of Salerno.
According to the Dalek Survival Guide, written by various Doctor Who novelists, the Ogrons have never named their planet, and a committee has proposed the name " the Ogron Planet ".
* According to the Doctor Who special The Waters of Mars, the first manned mission to Mars will set up a base there.
According to the Brazilian Law, the Barrister can also be called as Doutor ( Doctor ).
According to the new law in 2008, all pharmacists, who have acquired the Masters degree of Pharmacy, are entitled to the Doctor of Pharmacy.
According to Professor R. A. Nadzharov, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Deputy Director of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences ' Psychiatric Institute,
According to the On Target website ( see link below ), the Target Books line was retired on new books following the publication of Victor Pemberton's Doctor Who-The Pescatons in the autumn of 1991.
According to the official website for The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2007, the Doctor stored several presents for Sarah inside K-9, including a " sonic lipstick " and a watch that scans for alien life.
According to a report in Broadcast magazine, the BBC opted out of involvement in order to focus on their own Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood, meaning that BBC-owned characters do not appear in the series.
According to Doctor Gaius Baltar, Caprica was the " seat of politics, culture, art, science and learning.
According to Avati, the TV series Jazz Band ( 1978 ), written about the story of the Doctor Dixie Jazz Band marked a turning point for his work.
According to several DVD releases in the Doctor Who series and interviews with the actress herself, taking dramatic steps, John had herself photographed in a bikini and sent the picture around to BBC producers.
According to The Official Dr. Who & the Daleks Book, Sara Kingdom was originally devised by Terry Nation as a supporting character in a proposed American-produced spin-off of Doctor Who that would have focused on Kingdom and her colleagues fighting the Daleks.

According and engineering
According to ScienceWatch, UVic is nationally ranked first in geoscience, second in space science and education, and third in engineering and mathematics for the period of 2000 – 2004.
According to Sloan Career Cornerstone Center, individuals working in this area, " computational methods are applied to formulate and solve complex mathematical problems in engineering and the physical and the social sciences.
According to BLS, " a computer engineering major is similar to electrical engineering but with some computer science courses added to the curriculum ".
According to the Tampere International Business Office, the area is strong in mechanical engineering and automation, information and communication technologies, and health and biotechnology, as well as pulp and paper industry education.
According to the magazine L ' Etudiant, the ECP is ranked 2nd in the top-list of French engineering schools, ahead of more than 200.
According to the United States National Security Agency's official history of the war, the Trail system was " one of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th century.
According to Elvin, Chinese knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering in the 14th century was far more advanced than anywhere else in the world.
According to Dr. Maurice Albertson and Audrey Faulkner, appropriate hard technology is “ engineering techniques, physical structures, and machinery that meet a need defined by a community, and utilize the material at hand or readily available.
According to her backstory, Ruri has a special affinity with computers due to genetic engineering, something that also affects her attitude towards others.
According to a survey conducted by Thomson Scientific in 2006, an established authority in compiling Science Citation Index, PolyU has been ranked number one in the world on the number of papers published in leading journals from 2003 to 2005 in the field of civil engineering.
According to the 2009 by-fields Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities ( conducted by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan ), PolyU was ranked 72nd in 2008 but 63rd in 2009, in the world in terms of engineering publication performance.
According to a journalist writing in the Far Eastern Economic Review, the highway is " an impressive piece of engineering " that " cuts a straight path through mountainous terrain with 21 tunnels and 23 bridges on the 168 kilometers route to P ' anmunjm.
According to Severud Associates, the structural engineering consultants, it was the first tall building to use high strength bolted connections, the first tall building to combine a braced frame with a moment frame, one of the first tall buildings to use a vertical truss bracing system and the first tall building to employ a composite steel and concrete lateral frame.
According to the Qs World university rankings in September 2012, Hokkaido University was placed 135th ( worldwide ) and 6th ( in Japan ) for general standards in engineering and technology.
According to the 2007 National Science Foundation survey, SJSU placed second out of all 23 CSU campuses and 211th out of 1, 216 institutions nationwide for total federal support of science and engineering.
According to this, the university has world class researchers in allied health professions, computer science, engineering, architecture, accounting and finance, business and management, library and information management, and art and design.
According to his official biography, Stearns was born in Washington, D. C., educated at Woodrow Wilson High School, and later earned a degree in electrical engineering from George Washington University.
According to a Ford press-release, engineering work began at Ford Racing's Performance Parts division in the USA, with sales scheduled to start in 2010.
According to Leonardo Troyano, " his capacity for creation, invention and research and his non-conformity with existing ideas and doctrines made him one of the most notable engineers in the history of engineering ".
According to the ASME Y14. 5-2009 standard, the purpose of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing ( GD & T ) is to describe the engineering intent of parts and assemblies.
According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics: " Many 4-year colleges offer bachelor ’ s degrees in engineering technology, but graduates of these programs often are hired to work as technologists or applied engineers, not technicians.
According to this statute, a software engineering firm cannot outsource work to a software engineering consultant, without hiring the consultant as an employee.

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