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According and Election
According to Federal Election Commission data, Spacey has contributed US $ 42, 000 to Democratic candidates and committees.
According to the Federal Election Commission ( FEC ), the NLP spent $ 2. 3 million on its presidential campaign in the 1999-2000 election cycle.
* Amy McGrath, ( 2005 ), The Stolen Election, Australia 1987 According to Frank Hardy, Author of Power Without Glory, Towerhouse Publications and H. S.
According to Federal Election Commission advisories, Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate directly with candidates or political parties.
According to its 2010 General Election Manifesto, the National Front's policy on environmental issues includes enacting legislation to protect existing green areas and to also seek to expand their size and number, particularly in cities.
According to Federal Election Commission records, Bonner spent $ 650, 000 on his re-election campaign.
According to preliminary results issued on January 6 by Georgia's Central Election Commission, Saakashvili won over 97 % of the votes cast.
According to statistics released by the Georgian Election Commission, the elections were won by a combination of parties supporting President Eduard Shevardnadze.
According to report by the ad hoc Committee by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, " The Presidential Election Law and the Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights Law provided the legal framework for the presidential elections, laying down conditions for the transparency in the organisation and conduct of the election.
According to the Constitution the Prime Minister is appointed by the President based upon the result of the electorates choice in parliamentary general election held by the Election Commission.
According to Minnesota Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test, Oberstar supports having taxes on corporate earnings, gasoline and cigarettes.
According to Sydney Morning Herald Political Editor Peter Hartcher, prior to the defeat of the Howard Government at the Australian Federal Election, 2007, Abbott had opposed the Government's centrepiece Workchoices industrial relations deregulation reform in Cabinet, on the basis that the legislation exceeded the government's mandate ; was harsh on workers ; and was politically dangerous to the government.
According to Federal Election Commission records, she made the maximum contribution of $ 2, 300 to the Obama campaign during the 2008 primary season.
According to Elections Canada, the geographical boundaries for this riding for the 39th General Election ( 2006 ) are:
According to Elections Canada, the geographic boundaries of this riding for the 39th General Election ( 2006 ) are:
According to Elections Canada, the boundaries of this riding for the 39th General Election ( 2006 ) are:
According to Elections Canada, the geographic boundaries of this riding for the 39th General Election are:
According to Elections Canada, the geographic boundaries for the 39th General Election ( 2006 ) are:
According to Elections Canada, the boundaries of this riding for the 39th General Election are:
According to Elections Canada, the geographic boundaries for this riding as of the 39th General Election are:
" According to a computer-aided analysis of 1986 Federal Election Reports, despite AIPAC ’ s claims of non-involvement in political spending, no fewer than 51 pro-Israel PACs — most of which draw money from Jewish donors and operate under obscure-sounding names — are operated by AIPAC officials or people who hold seats on AIPAC ’ s two major policymaking bodies.
According to official Central Election Commission results announced on November 23, the run-off election was won by Viktor Yanukovych.
According to Tymoshenko " It became clear that the court is not out to establish the truth, and, unfortunately, the court is as biased as the Central Election Commission, which includes a political majority from Yanukovych ".
According to the Uzbekistan ’ s Election Commission, the following parties have been allowed to take part in these elections: Adolat ( Social-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan ) with 123 candidates, Milliy Tiklanish ( Democratic Party of Uzbekistan ) with 125 candidates, the People ’ s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan ( PDP ) with 134 candidates, the Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan ( UzLiDeP ) with 135 candidates, and the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.

According and Assistance
According to the ( OECD ) Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, in October 2011 when its Development Assistance Committee ( DAC ) released its list, Trinidad and Tobago were no longer on that list for the first time in history.
According to the U. S. Department of Labor, the Vietnam Era Veterans ' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 ( VEVRAA ) states, " A Vietnam era veteran is a person who
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data from October 2008, the largest sectors of non-agricultural employment were: Government, 24. 3 %; Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, 17. 3 % ( including 11. 0 % in retail trade ); Professional and Business Services, 11. 9 %; Manufacturing, 10. 9 %; Education and Health Services, 10. 0 % ( including 8. 5 % in Health Care & Social Assistance ); Leisure and Hospitality, 9. 2 %; Financial Activities, 6. 0 %, Natural Resources, Mining and Construction, 5. 1 %; Information, 1. 4 %; and Other services 4. 0 %.
According to the U. S. Department of State, Office of Foreign Assistance, Eritrea is the only African nation that has not requested US aid for the fiscal year of 2011.
According to the Institute for Refugee Assistance, the actual count of refugees on 1 March 1939 stood at almost 150, 000.
According to a 2006 provincial assessment provided by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan ( UNAMA ).
According to the government of Laos, " the project is an essential part of the country's development framework and the Project's implementation is likely to be the first real possibility for ( Laos ) to reduce gradually its dependence on Official Development Assistance ".
According to the government " the Project is an essential part of the country's development framework and the Project's implementation is likely to be the first real possibility for ( Laos ) to reduce gradually its dependence on Official Development Assistance.

According and Commission
According to FBI director Robert Mueller and the 9 / 11 Commission, Omari entered the United States through a Dubai flight on June 29, 2001, with Salem al-Hazmi, landing in New York.
According to U. N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, the approved expansion is equal to about 82 % of Japan's total land area.
According to the records compiled by the United States Sentencing Commission, in 2009, the United States Department of Justice typically convicted a little over 81, 000 people ; of this, approximately 800 are convicted of money laundering as the primary or most serious charge.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, Moqed set off the metal detector at the airport and was screened with a hand-wand.
According to the Constitution of North Korea ( 조선민주주의인민공화국 사회주의 헌법 ) Article 100, " the National Defence Commission is the highest military leadership body of State power.
" According to Article 102, " the Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea commands and directs all the armed forces and guides national defence as a whole.
According to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, electromagnetic radiations from ultraviolet to infrared, to radiofrequency ( including microwave ) radiation, static and time-varying electric and magnetic fields, and ultrasound belong to the non-ionizing radiations.
According to the Texas Transportation Commission, Paris is the second-largest city in Texas without a four-lane divided highway connecting to an Interstate highway within the state.
According to the American writer Kevin Self, in the 1920s a German committee member of the International Electrotechnical Commission proposed giga-as a prefix for 10 < sup > 9 </ sup >, drawing on a verse by the humorous poet Christian Morgenstern that appeared in the third ( 1908 ) edition of Galgenlieder ( Gallows Songs ).
According to a recent report by the European Commission, Slovakia ( along with some other Central and Eastern European economies ) is low down on the list of EU states in the area of innovation ( Slovakia ranks 22nd ).
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, it is possible that pilots were not stabbed to death and were sent to the rear of the plane.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, 26 al-Qaeda terrorist conspirators sought to enter the United States to carry out a suicide mission.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, " This was an unprecedented order.
According to 9 / 11 Commission staff statement No. 17 there were several communications failures at the federal government level during and after the 9 / 11 attacks.
According to the 9 / 11 Commission Report, 13 passengers from Flight 93 made a total of over 30 calls to both family and emergency personnel ( twenty-two confirmed air phone ( airfone ) calls, two confirmed cell phone and eight not specified in the report ).
According to the FBI and the 9 / 11 Commission report, Hazmi first entered the United States on June 29, 2001, although there are numerous unconfirmed reports that he was living in San Antonio, Texas with fellow hijacker Satam al-Suqami much earlier.
According to accounts filed with the Electoral Commission for the year ending 2010, the party had a membership of 16232, up from 15, 097 in 2008 and 9, 450 in 2003.
Time magazine in 1983 published reports of human rights violations in an article which stated that " According to Nicaragua's Permanent Commission on Human Rights, the regime detains several hundred people a month ; about half of them are eventually released, but the rest simply disappear.
According to Captain Phillip's amended Commission, dated 25 April 1787, the colony included all the islands adjacent in the Pacific Ocean within the latitudes of 10 ° 37 ' S and 43 ° 39 ' S which included most of New Zealand except for the southern half of the South Island.
According to the United States EMP Commission, the main potential problem with the E2 component is the fact that it immediately follows the E1 component, which may have damaged the devices that would normally protect against E2.
According to the EMP Commission Executive Report of 2004, " In general, it would not be an issue for critical infrastructure systems since they have existing protective measures for defense against occasional lightning strikes.
According to the CIE ( the International Commission on Illumination ), reflectivity is distinguished from reflectance by the fact that reflectivity is a value that applies to thick reflecting objects.
According to the International Boundary and Water Commission, its total length was in the late 1980s, though course shifts occasionally result in length changes.

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