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According and Helsinki
According to the Cold War scholar John Lewis Gaddis in his book " The Cold War: A New History " ( 2005 ), " Leonid Brezhnev had looked forward, Anatoly Dobrynin recalls, to the ' publicity he would gain ... when the Soviet public learned of the final settlement of the postwar boundaries for which they had sacrificed so much '... ' the Helsinki Accords gradually became a manifesto of the dissident and liberal movement '... What this meant was that the people who lived under these systems — at least the more courageous — could claim official permission to say what they thought.
According to Londen, official adoption documents in the National Archive in Helsinki prove that Ior's biological mother was a 23 years old gardening instructor in Porvoo.
According to Magnus Londen, the investigation report archived in the police archive in Helsinki states that the brothers had been listening to music while Ior was dancing and playing with a gun.
According to CNN, the first smart mobs were teenage " thumb tribes " in Tokyo and Helsinki who used text messaging on cell phones to organize impromptu raves or to stalk celebrities.
According to the Helsinki City Transport ( HKL ) yearly report for 2003, the metro system had a total of 55. 4 million passengers, who travelled a total of 404. 1 million kilometres.
According to Emeritus Professor Jussila of Helsinki University, it is true that Alexander said that Finland had been raised to the status of a nation among nations, but the claim of a Treaty between equals was simply a device invented for the political realities of the struggle for independence.
According to this study the Metropolitan area of Helsinki consist of Kernel of Helsinki: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.
According to professors Niko Määttänen and Ari Hyytinen, price ceilings on Helsinki City Hitas apartments are economically highly inefficient.
According to Sonja Biserko, president of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, and Edina Becirevic, the faculty of criminology and security studies of the University of Sarajevo:
According to a survey requested by Helsingin Sanomat in late 2005, 77 % of Espoo residents and 90 % of Helsinki residents were in favour of the Länsimetro.

According and Final
According to a 2008 television programme, presented by Griff Rhys Jones,the flame has only been extinguished once, by a drunken Mexican football supporter on the night that France beat Brazil here in Paris ,” most likely referring to the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final.
According to a report conducted by the ICTY entitled Final Report to the Prosecutor by the Committee Established to Review the NATO Bombing Campaign Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia opined that, " Insofar as the attack actually was aimed at disrupting the communications network, it was legally acceptable " and that, " NATO ’ s targeting of the RTS building for propaganda purposes was an incidental ( albeit complementary ) aim of its primary goal of disabling the Serbian military command and control system and to destroy the nerve system and apparatus that keeps Milosević in power.
According to IGN, " he is probably the most famous hero in the history of the Final Fantasy series ," and although " his star has faded somewhat over the last decade and change, maybe it's just a consequence of overexposure.
According to an interview with Joypad, a French gaming magazine, in 2004, Yasumi Matsuno claimed during its development that Ivalice, the game world he created when he joined Square in 1995, is a complex world with a very long history and the stories of Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy XII are said to unfold quite close on the Ivalice map.
According to the scholar John Wolfson in his book Final Curtain, this damaged and unbalanced the script by detracting from its parody of government.
According to a 2007 SCRI study, Final Cut Pro made up 49 % of the US professional editing market, with Avid at 22 %.
According to the Final Call Newspaper: The Janazah prayer service was delayed for close to an hour so the huge crowd that had assembled could be organized and situated.
According to legend, the black and red colours of the SA Brewing Company came about after the West Adelaide Football Club ( who's colours are black and red ) defeated Port Adelaide in the 1909 South Australian National Football League ( SANFL ) Australian rules football Grand Final.
According to the list of municipalities which could be considered to be areas of predominant use of its own language or linguistic modality or areas of predominant use of normalised Catalan in the Second annex of the Second Final Disposition of the Avant-project of the Language Law, La Franja would be composed of:
According to the study's Final Environmental Impact Statement, Illinois Route 47 will interchange with Prairie Parkway approximately 1 / 2 mile south of Caton Farm Road near Yorkville.
According to Richard J. Evans, Weizsäcker shared the opinion of Ulrich von Hassell that the Final Solution was a " devilish campaign ".
According to the conversation recorded by the Cockpit Voice Recorder, the captain of Flight 66 was aware of reports of severe windshear on the final approach path ( which he confirmed by radio to the Final Vector controller ) but decided to press on nonetheless.
According to the lyrics of the song, Ayreon's spirit notices that the Final Experiment has failed, and looks on to Mars for mankind's new hope.
According to writer Greg Rucka in an interview about his Final Crisis: Revelations miniseries, " The sort of unspoken rule in the DCU is that God sits above all others.
According to Belgian referee John Langenus, who had been in charge of the 1930 FIFA World Cup Final, he had seen referees from his country making a similar attempt at scientific positioning on the field of play.
# According to Doug Yule in his liner notes to the Final V. U. 1971 – 1973 box set ( 2001 ).
" Final Judgment According to Works ... was quite clear for Paul ( as indeed for Jesus ).
According to a Square official, the game was not localized due to the disappointing sales of Tobal No. 1, and the assumption that most of the people who did buy it only did so for the included playable demo of Final Fantasy VII.
According to lead designer Takashi Tokita, Final Fantasy IV was the first Japanese RPG to feature such " deep characters " in response to the popularity it won.
According to them, the protesters had been peacefully staging rallies against the Court of Final Appeal ruling that the majority of 5, 114 people seeking residence in the territory did not have right to stay in Hong Kong and should return to mainland China.
According to the Iraq Survey Group Final Report:

According and Act
According to its Memorandum & Articles of Association, its objectives are :- “ To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them ....” Bank of England Nominees Limited was granted an exemption by Edmund Dell, Secretary of State for Trade, from the disclosure requirements under Section 27 ( 9 ) of the Companies Act 1976, because, “ it was considered undesirable that the disclosure requirements should apply to certain categories of shareholders .” The Bank of England is also protected by its Royal Charter status, and the Official Secrets Act.
According to an article in The Guardian, Guest attended the House of Lords regularly until the House of Lords Act 1999 barred most hereditary peers from their seats.
According to Olivier De Schutter, the UN special rapporteur on food, there was a rush by institutions to enter the food market following George W Bush's Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000.
According to the Julian calendar and Annunciation Style of enumerating years, then in use in the British Empire, Washington was born on February 11, 1731 ; when the Gregorian calendar was implemented in the British Empire in 1752, in accordance with the provisions of the Calendar ( New Style ) Act 1750, his birth date became February 22, 1732.
According to Lemley, it was only at this point that the term really began to be used in the United States ( which had not been a party to the Berne Convention ), and it did not enter popular usage until passage of the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980.
According to statistics obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, the average commuter on the Metropolitan line in 2006 wasted three days, 10 hours and 25 minutes due to delays.
According to the Party Act ( article 46 ) adopted in 1980, " KPA is the revolutionary armed forces of the KWP.
According to the Slovenian Motorway Company Act valid since December 2010, the construction and building of highways in Slovenia is carried out and financed by private companies, primarily the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia ( Slovene:, acronym DARS ), while the strategic planning and the acquisition of land for their course is carried out and financed by the Government of Slovenia.
According to its title, the Theft Act 1968 revises the law as to theft and similar or associated offences.
According to Schenck, the Espionage Act violated the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.
According to one legal style manual, a sample citation would be " Privacy Act of 1974, ( 2006 )", read aloud as " Title five, United States Code, section five fifty-two A " or simply " five USC five fifty-two A.
According to the U. S. Department of Labor, the Vietnam Era Veterans ' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 ( VEVRAA ) states, " A Vietnam era veteran is a person who
According to Wright biographer Addison Gayle, just a few months later Wright answered questions at the American embassy in Paris about people he had met in the Communist Party who were at this point being prosecuted under the Smith Act.
According to the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, the president cannot appoint persons of the same political party to more than five of the nine CPB board seats.
According to historian Mark Stegmaier, " The Fugitive Slave Act, the abolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia, the admission of California as a free state, and even the application of the formula of popular sovereignty to the territories were all less important than the least remembered component of the Compromise of 1850 -- the statute by which Texas relinquished its claims to much of New Mexico in return for federal assumption of the debts.
According to Hugh Nibley, much of the rain forest west of Portland, Oregon was acquired by the Oregon Lumber Company by illegal claims under the Act.
According to the Act, students may not be suspended or expelled for non-compliance with the dress code.
According to First Amendment scholar Floyd Abrams, the Act " was the first law barring unions and corporations from making independent expenditures in support of or opposition to federal candidates.
According to Peter Andreas, a border theorist, the creation of DHS constituted the most significant government reorganization since the Cold War, and the most substantial reorganization of federal agencies since the National Security Act of 1947, which placed the different military departments under a secretary of defense and created the National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency.
According to the Army Act, army courts can try personnel for all kinds of offences except for murder and rape of a civilian, which are primarily tried by a civilian court of law.
According to a survey by Korn / Ferry International, Sarbanes – Oxley cost Fortune 500 companies an average of $ 5. 1 million in compliance expenses in 2004, while a study by the law firm of Foley and Lardner found the Act increased costs associated with being a publicly held company by 130 percent.
" According to the CBD, Kempthorne's regulations violated the Endagered Species Act, " did not go through the required public review process " and " were rushed by the Bush administration through an abbreviated process " with " environmental impacts were analyzed in a short and cursory environmental assessment, rather than a fuller environmental impact statement.
According to the Libel Act 1843, proving the truth of the accusation and a public interest in its exposure was a defence against a libel charge, and Wilde's lawyers concluded that the prostitutes ' testimony was likely to do that.

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