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According and ICC
According to the ICC, it is the most important tournament and the pinnacle of achievement in the sport.
According to the study of Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau ( CIB ) of the International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC ), counterfeit goods make up 5 to 7 % of World Trade, however these figures cannot be substantiated due to the secretive nature of the industry.
According to the ICC Evaluation Service ( ICC-ES ), it provides extended burn-through resistance, delivering a 15-minute thermal barrier ( ASTM E119 ).
According to Article 7 ( d ) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which established the International Criminal Court ( ICC ), " deportation or forcible transfer of population " constitutes a crime against humanity if it is " committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack ".

According and definition
According to the definition by IUPAC, the former two are alkanes, whereas the third group is called cycloalkanes.
According to one definition of asymmetric, anything that fails to be symmetric is asymmetric.
Meteorologists ( and most of the temperate countries in the southern hemisphere ) use a definition based on months, with autumn being September, October and November in the northern hemisphere, According to United States tradition, autumn runs from the day after Labor Day ( i. e. the Tuesday following the first Monday of September ) through Thanksgiving ( i. e. the fourth Thursday in November ), after which the holiday season that demarcates the unofficial beginning of winter begins.
According to the definition above, two relations with the same graph may be different, if they differ in the sets and.
According to United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization the term bean should include only species of Phaseolus ; however, a strict consensus definition has proven difficult because in the past, several species such as Vigna ( angularis ( azuki bean ), mungo ( black gram ), radiata ( mung bean ), aconitifolia ( moth bean )) were classified as Phaseolus and later reclassified.
" According to this definition, celibacy ( even short-term celibacy that is pursued for non-religious reasons ) is much more than not having sex.
According to this definition, an object qualifies as a classical KBO if:
According to Bryan Wilson, functionally the definition of a " fellowship " within Christadelphian history has been mutual or unilateral exclusion of groupings of ecclesias from the breaking of bread.
According to the logical positivists, unless a statement could be verified by experience, or else was true or false by definition ( i. e. either tautological or contradictory ), then it was meaningless ( this is a summary statement of their verification principle ).
According to McBrien, the majority of the bishops were not so much interested in a formal definition of papal infallibility as they were in strengthening papal authority and, because of this, were willing to accept the agenda of the infallibilists.
According to the WHO, some practices regarded as legal in countries that have outlawed FGM do fall under the category of Type IV ( see below ), but the organization decided to maintain a broad definition to avoid loopholes that could allow FGM to continue.
According to the Free Software Foundation, " freeware " is a loosely defined category and it has no clear accepted definition, although FSF says it must be distinguished from free software ( libre ).
According to Anthony Harkins in Hillbilly: A Cultural History of an American Icon, the term first appeared in print in a 1900 New York Journal article, with the definition: " a Hill-Billie is a free and untrammeled white citizen of Alabama, who lives in the hills, has no means to speak of, dresses as he can, talks as he pleases, drinks whiskey when he gets it, and fires off his revolver as the fancy takes him.
According to this definition, supplemented with the constancy of the speed of light, inertial frames of reference transform among themselves according to the Poincaré group of symmetry transformations, of which the Lorentz transformations are a subgroup.
According to the what economist Nicholas Barr describes as the " classical definition of income :" the 1938 Haig-Simons definition, " income may be defined as the ... sum of ( 1 ) the market value of rights exercised in consumption and ( 2 ) the change in the value of the store of property rights ..." Since the consumption potential of non-monetary goods, such as leisure, cannot be measured, monetary income may be thought of as a proxy for full income.
According to the definition established in a 1932 convention signed by Denmark, Norway and Sweden ( registered in the League of Nations Treaty Series 199-1933 ), the northern boundary between Kattegat and Skagerrak is found at the northernmost point of Skagen on Jutland and the southern boundary towards Oresund is found at the tip of Kullen Peninsula in Scania.
According to the International Confederation of Midwives ( a definition that has also been adopted by the World Health Organization and the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics ):
According to this definition noble gas atoms are considered molecules despite the fact that they are composed of a single non-bonded atom.
According to the IUPAC definition, a metallocene contains a transition metal and two cyclopentadienyl ligands coordinated in a sandwich structure, i. e., the two cyclopentadienyl anions are co-planar with equal bond lengths and strengths.
According to one definition of digital signal, the modulated signal is a digital signal, and according to another definition, the modulation is a form of digital-to-analog conversion.
According to Margaret Bent ( 1997 ), " a piece of music in several parts with words " is as precise a definition of the motet as will serve from the 13th to the late 16th century and beyond.
According to the international definition adopted by the XIV Congress of the International Naturist Federation ( Agde, France, 1974 ), naturism is:

According and match
According to Hypermedia Seduction for Terrorist Recruiting ( 2007 ), exploiting ICMP ping responses from broadcast addresses at multiple hosts sharing an Internet address, and forging the ping packet's return address to match a target machine's address, a single malformed packet sent to the " smurf amplifier " will be echoed to the target machine.
According to meritocratic theories, goods, especially wealth and social status, should be distributed to match individual merit, which is usually understood as some combination of talent and hard work.
According to contribution-based theories, goods should be distributed to match an individual's contribution to the overall social good.
According to the Central Bank of Somalia, as the nation embarks on the path of reconstruction, the economy is expected to not only match its pre-civil war levels, but also to accelerate in growth and development due to the Somalia's untapped natural resources.
According to the theorem, the reconstructed signal will match the original signal provided that the original signal contains no frequencies at or above this limit.
According to Kalven and Zeisel ( 1966 ), it is not uncommon to find that the verdicts passed down by juries following a trial match the verdicts held by the appointed judges.
According to Nevill ( citing the historian Sir Edward Creasy ), what Wellington said, while passing an Eton cricket match many decades later, was, " There grows the stuff that won Waterloo ", a remark Nevill construes as a reference to " the manly character induced by games and sport " amongst English youth generally, not a comment about Eton specifically.
According to official accounts, after lengthy discussion, the BMW R 71 motorcycle was found to most closely match the Red Army's requirements.
According to skeptics, many apparently fulfilled prophecies can be explained as coincidences ( possibly aided by the prophecy's own vagueness ), or that some prophecies were actually invented after the fact to match the circumstances of a past event (" postdiction ").
According to Bakshi, " Rotoscoping is terrible for subtleties, so it was tough to get facial performances to match the stage ones.
According to Peter J. Boyer, Wolfowitz ’ s appointment to Indonesia was not an immediately obvious match.
According to Short and Kasparov, the head of the chess world's governing body FIDE, Florencio Campomanes, decided on the venue of the match ( Manchester ) and the prize fund without consulting them, in breach of FIDE rules.
According to film historian Robert Osborne, in a six-minute scene in the movie, Powell and Astaire match witty banter, sing and dance in a performance that showcased the actress's energy and talent.
According to Chessmetrics, Gunsberg's best single performance was his 1887 match against Blackburne, where he scored 8 of 13 possible points ( 62 %).
According to Bruce Binkowski, the Holiday's executive director, average ticket prices for the Holiday Bowl would have had to have been increased from $ 60 to $ 100 to match the Alamo Bowl's offer of $ 3 million ( the Holiday Bowl was only offering $ 2. 35 million ).
According to Hackenschmidt, his sparring partners for this match were Americus ( Gus Schoenlein ), Jacobus Koch, Wladek Zbyszko and Dr. Roller.
According to the International Handball Association, team handball games are officiated by two referees with equal authority who are in charge of each match.
According to an eyewitness report, Mälzel took responsibility for the construction of the machine while preparing the game, and the Turk ( Johann Baptist Allgaier ) saluted Napoleon prior to the start of the match.
According to the grant, Liberty University must match the 12 million dollars for construction and equipment.
* According to King Kong: The History of a Movie Icon, director John Guillermin, known to have had outbursts from time to time on the set, got into a public shouting match with executive producer Federico De Laurentiis ( son of producer Dino De Laurentiis ).
According to present conventions 2578 Saint-Exupéry's provisional designation was, which is not a match.
According to contemporary records, thirty or more large pots of cauim could be consumed in a single party ; and " neither the German, nor the Flemish, nor the soldiers, nor the Swiss — that is, none of those people in France who devote themselves to great drinking, will match the Americans in that art.
According to him, he was sitting in the dressing room in Philadelphia and the road agent came to discuss the match.
According to the story, the Finns were under the impression that the match would be a day later, so they had gone out celebrating the night before the match, and as a consequence were easily beaten.

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