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According and IPS
According to Novak and Evans, Letelier was able to receive funding of $ 5, 000 a month from the Cuban government and under the supervision of Beatriz Allende, he used his contacts within the Institute for Policy Studies ( IPS ) and western human rights groups to organize a campaign within the United Nations as well as the US Congress to isolate the new Chilean government.
According to IPS Perimetry Standards 1978 ( 2002 ): " Perimetry is the measurement of observer's visual functions ... at topographically defined loci in the visual field.

According and Clinton
According to some sources, Clinton was in his early years a death penalty opponent who switched positions.
According to Robert Longley, " Clinton and Gore were responsible for pressing almost all federal agencies, the U. S. court system and the U. S. military onto the Internet, thus opening up America's government to more of America's citizens than ever before.
According to epidemiologist David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Energy for Environment, Safety, and Health in the Clinton Administration, the tobacco industry invented the " sound science " movement in the 1980s as part of their campaign against the regulation of second-hand smoke.
According to a 2009 U. S. State Department communication by Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State, ( disclosed as part of the Wikileaks U. S. ' cables leaks ' controversy in 2010 ) " donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide ".
According to Daniel Walker Howe ( 2007 ) Clinton is an authentic but largely forgotten hero of American democracy.
According to Rosa's timelines, Clinton Coot was born in 1830, and died in 1910, aged 80.
According to Clinton ( who shares credit for the song with Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins ), he was frustrated that radio stations refused to play his songs and invented his own station ( called W-E-F-U-N-K ) and a DJ to man it.
According to her published schedule, First Lady Hillary Clinton was at the White House for at least some portion of seven of those days.
According to America's last ambassador to Yugoslavia, the Bosnian Government were ready to accept the VOPP, but unfortunately the Clinton Administration delayed in its support, thus missing a chance to get it launched.
According to the 2001 census there are 1, 402 households in Aston Clinton with a Population of 3, 542: 1, 725 males and 1, 817 females.
According to George Stephanopoulos, a former close aide to President Bill Clinton, Warner was among top choices to replace Les Aspin as the Secretary of Defense in the Clinton administration.
According to Roosevelt ’ s principal speechwriter, Judge Clinton Sorrel, FDR first used " fireside chat " in 1929 as Governor of New York.
According to the Congressional Research Service, President Bill Clinton made 139 recess appointments.
According to Clinton Heylin, the original handwritten manuscript to " Song for Woody " bears the following inscription at the bottom of the sheet: " Written by Bob Dylan in Mills Bar on Bleecker Street in New York City on the 14th day of February, for Woody Guthrie.
( According to Clinton Heylin, Lomax first heard the song " in 1908 when, across the Brazos river from Texas A & M College, he heard a lady called Dink sing her song.
According to the police report, Buddy was killed by a car while " playfully chasing a contractor " who had left the Clinton home in Chappaqua, New York, on January 2, 2002.
According to historian and former Australian Army officer, Dr Clinton Fernandes, " The ALP's change of policy – and the resulting pressure of the Government – was a critical factor in the independence of East Timor.
According to Justin Raimondo, Ledeen " holds up Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright as patsies for Khomeini — who supposedly believed that the Ayatollah overthrew Shah Reza Pahlavi because the Iranian government was ' excessively repressive and intolerant.
According to a 2001 article in Salon. com Abdurahman Alamoudi, a member of the CNIF Board of Directors, said at a November 2000 rally against Israel in Lafayette Park, across from the White House: "' Hear that, Bill Clinton!
" The committee, five Republicans and four Democrats, investigated whether the Clinton Administration's waivers allowing U. S. military contractors to transfer military technology to China damaged national security. According to officials who have been briefed about its contents, the report concludes that Beijing's acquisition of secret American weapons designs was part of an intelligence collection effort that spanned 20 years, including both Republican and Democratic Administrations.
According to Clinton Heylin, these were her first shows with drummer Jay Dee Daugherty, the culmination of four years spent " compiling a unique rock & roll sound ".
" According to Clinton Heylin, " Marcus isolated Slow Train Comings greatest flaw, an inevitable by-product of his determination to capture the immediacy of newfound faith in song.
" According to Judicial Watch, Clinton and top Congressional Democrats encouraged the IRS to audit them and say that an IRS agent asked them, " What do you expect when you sue the President?

According and administration
According to Ridenti, who cites the Fernando Henrique Cardoso administration as an example of the first group and the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva administration as an example of the second, " we have it cyclically ".
According to international law a blockade is an act of war, but the Kennedy administration did not think that the USSR would be provoked to attack by a mere blockade.
According to Dedham's Charter, the " administration of all the fiscal, prudential, and municipal affairs of the town, with the government thereof, shall be vested in a legislative branch, to consist of a representative town meeting.
According to a story told decades later by George Bancroft, Polk set four clearly defined goals for his administration:
According to Jerzy Mazurek the native Polish-speaking population, like in other areas with Polish inhabitants, faced severe discrimination from Germanized local administration, in this climate first resistance defending the rights of rural population was formed ; according to Jerzy Mazurek usually teachers engaged in publishing Polish-language newspapers.
According to the municipal administration of Rybno, after World War I Poles in Działdowo believed that they will be quickly joined with Poland, they organized secret gatherings during which the issue of rejoining Polish state with help of Polish military was discussed.
According to the Rybno administration most active Poles during that region included Jóżwiakowscy, Wojnowscy, Grzeszczowscy families working under the guidance of politician Leon Wojnowski who protested German attempts to remain Działdowo a part of Germany after the war ; other local pro-Polish activists were Alfred Wellenger, Paczyński, Tadeusz Bogdański, Jóźwiakowski.
According to the Masurian Institute the Masurian members of resistance against Nazi Germany who survived the war, became active in 1945 in the region, working in Olsztyn in cooperation with new state authorities in administration, education and cultural affairs
According to the Liber Pontificalis, Marcellus divided the territorial administration of the Church into twenty-five districts ( tituli ), appointing over each a presbyter, who saw to the preparation of the catechumens for baptism and directed the performance of public penances.
According to Cassius Dio, however, after 197 Severus fell heavily under the influence of his Praetorian Prefect, Gaius Fulvius Plautianus, who came to have almost total control of most branches of the imperial administration.
According to the Vision for Space Exploration, the next manned NASA program was to be Project Constellation with its Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles and the Orion Spacecraft ; however, the Constellation program was never fully funded, and in early 2010 the Obama administration asked Congress to instead endorse a plan with heavy reliance on the private sector for delivering cargo and crew to LEO.
According to historian Bruce Catton, Garfield's statements influenced the Lincoln administration to find a replacement for Rosecrans.
According to an article on The New York Times, the way in which the present mayor of Thessaloniki is treating the city's debt and oversized administration problems could be used as a paradigm by Greece's central government for a successful strategy in dealing with these problems.
According to the authors, " This study answers positively the question of whether repeated administration of ECS seizures can cause brain lesions.
According to the historian David Childs, “ Brandt was anxious that his government should be a reforming administration and a number of reforms were embarked upon ”.
According to the report, all review submissions, with the exception of that provided by the Federal Magistrates ' Court, " considered that the most effective model for the delivery by the Courts of family law services would be a single family court, with two separate judicial divisions serviced by a single administration.
According to the original Foundation Trilogy ( 1951 ), Asimov states ( by way of the Encyclopedia Galactica ), "... the impossibility of proper administration ... under the uninspired leadership of the later Emperors was a considerable factor in the Fall.
According to Frankfurt Document No 1, the constitution should specify a central Power of German government, but nevertheless respect the administration of the Länder and it should contain provisions and guarantees of individual freedom and individual rights of the German people in respect to their government.
According to the single study on human subjects, daily administration of 1. 5g taurine had no significant effect on insulin secretion or insulin sensitivity.
Its administration in Southern Iraq has been criticized as corrupt and as " theocracy mixed with thuggery " According to a 2005 report by journalist Doug Ireland, the Badr Organization has been involved in many incidents of attacking and killing gays in Iraq.
The investigation also concluded that several of the officials “ frequently consumed alcohol at industry functions, had used cocaine and marijuana, and had sexual relationships with oil and gas company representatives .” According to the New York Times, " The reports portray a dysfunctional organization that has been riddled with conflicts of interest, unprofessional behavior and a free-for-all atmosphere for much of the Bush administration ’ s watch.
" According to the CBD, Kempthorne's regulations violated the Endagered Species Act, " did not go through the required public review process " and " were rushed by the Bush administration through an abbreviated process " with " environmental impacts were analyzed in a short and cursory environmental assessment, rather than a fuller environmental impact statement.
According to medieval statute, the prison was to be managed by two annually elected Sheriffs, who in turn would sublet the administration of the prison to private " gaolers ", or " Keepers ", for a price.

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