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According and Jordanes
According to JordanesGetica, written in the mid-6th century, the earliest migrating Goths sailed from Scandza ( Scandinavia ) under King Berig in three ships and named the place at which they landed after themselves.
According to Jordanes, he negotiated a peace with the new emperor, Theodosius I, that made some Thervings foederati, or official allies of Rome allowed to settle on Roman soil as a state within a state.
According to Jordanes, the Alan king Sangiban, whose foederati realm included Aurelianum, had promised to open the city gates ; this siege is confirmed by the account of the Vita S. Anianus and in the later account of Gregory of Tours, although Sangiban's name does not appear in their accounts.
According to Jordanes, the Catalaunian plain rose on one side by a sharp slope to a ridge.
According to Jordanes, Aëtius feared that if the Huns were completely destroyed, the Visigoths would break off their allegiance to the Roman Empire and become an even graver threat.
According to Jordanes ( following Priscus ), sometime during the peace following the Huns ' withdrawal from Byzantium ( probably around 445 ), Bleda died ( killed by his brother, according to the classical sources ), and Attila took the throne for himself.
According to Jordanes and John Malalas, her husband was one of the Bessi, a tribe of Thracians.
According to Jordanes ' Getica, Ermanaric ruled of the realm of Oium.
According to the 6th century historian Jordanes:
According to the Gothic historian Jordanes, Alaric left Rome and headed south with his troops.
According to a tale related by Jordanes, Gothiscandza was the first settlement of the Goths after their migration from Scandinavia ( Scandza ) during the first half of the 1st century CE.
According to the Getica, he was the Gothic king who halted the advance of the Egyptian armies of the Egyptian king Sesostris ( whom Jordanes calls Vesosis ).
According to Herwig Wolfram, following Jordanes, the Ostrogoths had a huge kingdom north of the Black Sea in the 4th century, which the Huns overwhelmed in the time of the Gothic king Ermanaric ( or Hermanric ; i. e. " king of noblemen ") when the Huns migrated to the Russian steppe.
According to some historians, Jordanes ' account of the Goths ' history in Oium was constructed from his reading of earlier classical accounts and from oral tradition.
According to other historians, Jordanes ' narrative has little relation to Cassiodorus ,' no relation to oral traditions, and little relation to actual history.
According to Jordanes, the Goths claimed the land for themselves and defeated the previous inhabitants, the Spali.
According to Jordanes, their royal line had originated near the sea of Azov, then moved northward toward Scandzia where they established a separate priest-king line on the island of Gotland.
According to Jordanes, a king named Sitalces wanted revenge much later, and gathered 150 000 men to attack the Athenians.
According to Jordanes, Berig led his people on three ships from Scandza ( Scandinavia ) to Gothiscandza ( the Vistula Basin ).

According and Getica
According to Jordanes's Getica, the Goths entered Oium, part of Scythia, under their 5th king, Filimer, where they subdued the Spali ( Sarmatians ), conquered the Kingdom of the Bosporus and captured several cities on the Euxinean coast, including Olbia and Tyras.
According to the Getica, the chief god of the Goths was Mars, who they believed was born among them:
According to a statement in Jordanes's Getica, Germanus was a descendant of the noble Roman clan of the Anicii.

According and around
According to a World Bank official, a country that has around 12 percent rate of growth or even lower, at the range of 7 to 8 percent, can afford a level of public debt of up to 50 percent.
According to Strabo, this site was first called Sigeia ; around 306 BC Antigonus refounded the city as the much-expanded Antigonia Troas by settling the people of five other towns in Sigeia, including the once influential city of Neandria.
According to the FidoNet Nodelist, BBSes reached their peak usage around 1996, which was the same period that the World Wide Web suddenly became mainstream.
According to Maureen Walsh, only around 4 % of hazardous wastes that come from OECD countries are actually shipped across international borders.
According to early tradition, this book was composed near the end of Domitian's reign, around the year 95 AD.
According to the band's website, although the group admired Holly ( and years later produced an album covering some of his songs ), their name was inspired primarily by the sprigs of holly in evidence around Christmas of 1962.
According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, around 125, 000 ethnic Serbs who fled the 1991 – 1995 conflict are registered as having returned to Croatia, of whom around 55, 000 remain permanently.
According to mythology, the dynasty ended around 1600 BC as a consequence of the Battle of Mingtiao.
According to various sources, Chiang's first personal act of violence occurred around this time, when he either instigated or performed the assassination of a dissident member of the Revolutionary Alliance who opposed both Sun Yat-sen and Chen Qimei.
According to the World Cocoa Foundation, some 50 million people around the world depend on cocoa as a source of livelihood.
According to Partridge ( 1972: 12 ), it dates from around 1840 and arose in the East End of London, however John Camden Hotten in his 1859 Dictionary of Modern Slang, Cant and Vulgar Words states that ( English ) rhyming slang originated " about twelve or fifteen years ago " ( i. e. in the 1840s ) with ' chaunters ' and ' patterers ' in the Seven Dials area of London.
According to tradition, Constantine arranged for the rockface to be removed from around the tomb, without harming it, in order to isolate the tomb ; in the centre of the rotunda is a small building called the Kouvouklion ( Kουβούκλιον ; Modern Greek for small compartment ) or Aedicule ( from Latin: aediculum, small building ), which supposedly encloses this tomb, although it is not currently possible to verify the claim, as the remains are completely enveloped by a marble sheath.
According to tradition, it was written around the 6th century BC by the sage Laozi ( or Lao Tzu, " Old Master "), a record-keeper at the Zhou Dynasty court, by whose name the text is known in China.
According to later accounts, the Nile had, by around the twelfth century, just six branches.
According to a recent United Nations report, more than 84 percent of Eritreans who have sought asylum around the world have been recognized as refugees deserving asylum status.
According to the CIA, the Tigrinya people make up about 55 % of the population, with the Tigre people constituting around 30 % of the population.
According to the CIA, the Kunama constitute around 2 % of Eritrea's population.
According to tradition, Saul / Paul of Tarsus wrote this letter while he was in prison in Rome ( around AD 62 ).
According to genetic studies, divergence of primates from other mammals began and the earliest fossils appear in the Paleocene, around.
According to this theory, short term memory ( STM ) can only retain information for a limited amount of time, around 15 to 30 seconds unless it is rehearsed.
According to Arendt, the concept of freedom became associated with the Christian notion of freedom of the will, or inner freedom, around the 5th century C. E.
In comparison, scheduled flights operate from around 560 airports in the U. S. According to the U. S. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, general aviation provides more than one percent of the United States ' GDP, accounting for 1. 3 million jobs in professional services and manufacturing.
According to Stones ' confidant and close friend of Parsons, Phil Kaufman, the twosome would sit around for hours, playing obscure country records and trading off on various songs with their guitars.
According to Human Rights Watch in 1997 Taliban soldiers were summarily executed in and around Mazar-i Sharif by Dostum's Junbish forces.

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