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According and Manchester
According to historian William Manchester, his great grandson Alfried Krupp would interpret these outbursts as a prophecy fulfilled by the coming of Hitler.
According to the 2012 Highfliers Report, Manchester is the most targeted university by the Top 100 Graduate Employers.
According to Embedded Systems columnist Jack W. Crenshaw, Li-Chen's Manchester encoding code, achieving 14K read / write speeds, is a " work of art.
According to the liner notes of this album, Oasis also played the song live in Manchester before they were well known.
According to the UK Independent Media Centre, " round 150 different events included critical mass bike rides, occupations, and mass demonstrations in Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow and London and many other places.
According to another source, Noel told Liam and the rest of the group after having heard them play for the first time: " Let me write your songs and I'll take you to superstardom, or else you'll rot here in Manchester ".
According to an independent poll carried out in 2007, Manchester Piccadilly has the highest customer satisfaction level of any UK station, with 92 % of passengers satisfied with the station ; the national average was 60 %.
According to Short and Kasparov, the head of the chess world's governing body FIDE, Florencio Campomanes, decided on the venue of the match ( Manchester ) and the prize fund without consulting them, in breach of FIDE rules.
According to Sean O ' Hagan, writing in the NME: " There is a particularly credible music biz rumour-come theory that certain Northern towns — Manchester being the prime example — have had their water supply treated with small doses of mind-expanding chemicals ... Everyone from Happy Mondays to the severely disorientated Morrissey conform to the theory in some way.
According to NME journalist Stuart Maconie, the British press had " gone bonkers over Manchester bands ".
According to his biographer William Manchester, Winston was most likely conceived before the marriage, rather than born prematurely.
According to a 2001 interview with The Telegraph, Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson said that his son Darren, who was at tryouts for Eredivisie rival Heerenveen at the time, begged his father, " You've got to sign Van Nistelrooy right away, he's fantastic.
According to Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore is based on Sandler's childhood friend, Kyle, who lived near Sandler in Manchester, New Hampshire.
According to the last Football Fans Census in 2003, Burnley, Manchester City and Stoke City are cited as Stockport County fans ' biggest rivals.
According to William Manchester: " Servants kept score of each man's orgasms, for the pope greatly admired virility and measured a man's machismo by his ejaculative capacity.
According to the 1991 census the town was part of the Greater Manchester Urban Area however in the 2001 census it was no longer considered part of that urban area.
According to Kasparov and Short, FIDE president Florencio Campomanes broke these rules by simply announcing the venue of winning bid as being Manchester.
According to the Manchester Evening News, " it told the world something about the reinvention of the murky old city, that its once-filthy waterway could almost pass for Venice.
According to Embedded Systems magazine the Exatron Stringy Floppy used Manchester encoding, achieving 14K read-write speeds and the code controlling the device was developed by Li-Chen Wang ( who also wrote a Tiny BASIC, the basis for the TRS-80 Model I Level I BASIC.
According to Oxford University Press, Manchester derived its name from Mamucium, the Roman name for the 1st century-settlement and fort.
According to Kinkladze's agent, Manchester City, as well as Spanish clubs Valencia, Mallorca and Málaga, were all interested in signing Kinkladze.
According to the Blue Book: Manchester High School West Hand Book ( 1940 ), the school was officially opened in September 1923 as a grade school and high school, hosting the seventh and eighth grades.
According to a 2011 study conducted by the Manchester Business School in partnership with Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village, the global economic downturn has had a negative impact on learning and development spending within the Middle East.

According and Evening
According to the Evening Standard, Major has become a prolific after-dinner speaker.
According to the New York Evening Telegram, " everything smelled of ... fresh paint, fresh plaster and fresh grass.
According to Canon C. 24, " Every priest having a cure of souls shall provide that, in the absence of reasonable hindrance, Morning and Evening Prayer daily and on appointed days the Litany shall be said in the church, or one of the churches, of which he is the minister.
According to his obituary in the Evening Standard, O ' Donnell had been suffering from Parkinson's disease in his later years.
According to the CBS News Library and source Sandy Genelius ( Vice President, CBS News Communications ), the " CBS Evening News " was the program title for both Saturday and Sunday evening broadcasts.
According to the Boston Evening Transcript of October 4, 1904, Dugan had deposited a forged check for $ 955 in the Peoples Bank of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and convinced the bank manager to let him withdraw $ 500.
According to an article in the London Evening Standard, Global Infrastructure Partners ( the new owner of Gatwick Airport ) has named him as one of the members of the board of Gatwick.
According to the Newark Evening News 1964:
In television, he started as a film loader and later a camera assistant on classic programs such as Emergency !, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Columbo, The Six Million Dollar Man, and as a camera operator on Mork and Mindy, as well as the more recent Evening Shade, Hearts Afire, Hunter, Cheers, Hill Street Blues, Seinfeld, According To Jim, and Girlfriends.
According to the Evening Star newspaper, February 25, 1934, " immense cans of ice cream and barrels of lemonade were always on hand to refresh the children with, when they were tired out from running in the woods, playing games and swinging in the grapevine swing ".
According to the San Diego Evening Tribune in 1938, Rife stopped short of claiming that he could cure cancer, but did argue that he could " devitalize disease organisms " in living tissue, " with certain exceptions ".
According to Fiona Mountford in The Evening Standard, the production was " given the outing of its life by " Oberman and her co-star, Zubin Varla.
According to the book An Evening at Joe's, he was born in ancient Egypt and was the second son of three boys and two girls, making him one of the few ancient immortals not known to be a foundling.
According to the Evening Standard, stranded commuters and evacuated locals in Shepherd's Bush held an impromptu street party during the evening of 21 July, in the vicinity of the crime scene, which lasted until the early morning.
According to the Paterson Evening News, it was “ the first time such a feat had ever been turned in by the Negro club in this territory .”
According to Munro, her career took off in 1966 when her mother and photographer friend entered some headshots of her to Britain's Evening News ( London ) " Face of the Year " contest.
According to the Canton Evening Repository, the purpose of the league was to " raise the standard of professional football in every way possible, to eliminate bidding for players between rival clubs and to secure cooperation in the formation of schedules, at least for the bigger teams.
According to an article in the Boston Evening Transcript in 1935, Bellamy contributed quite a lot to the town of Bethlehem:

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