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According and Ming
" According to Anders Hansson, by the Ming and Qing dynasties, " upward mobility into the elite was theoretically possible for virtually all male commoners.
According to this view, the people indigenous to Taiwan and those who have taken up residence there have been repeatedly occupied by groups including the Dutch, the Spanish, the Ming, Koxinga and the Ming loyalists, the Qing, the Japanese and finally the Chinese Nationalists led by the Kuomintang.
* According to Wang Yangming ( 1472 – 1529 ), the Ming Dynasty philosopher and governor of Jiangxi, China, he intends to use fo – lang – ji cannons in suppressing the rebellion of Prince Zhu Chenhao in this year.
According to History of the Ming, her family name is Zhu, while the History of the Qing say it is Wei ( 魏 ).
According to Sinologist Robert K. G. Temple, the well temperament was first invented by the Chinese prince of the Ming dynasty Chu Tsai-Yü in 1584 and came in contact with Western culture during exchange fairs organized by the Cantonese viceroy in that time.
According to Ming Pao she could not take the money because she would no longer have the freedom to communicate the revolution.
According to some reports, Zhu is a 18th generation descendent of Zhu Bian ( 朱楩 ), titled Prince of Min ( 岷王 ), the 18th son of Hongwu Emperor, the founder of the Ming Dynasty.
According to the myth, she was pregnant when captured by the Ming army.
According to A History of the Ming Dynasty – Biography of Guangxi Ethnic Minority Hereditary Headman " In Guangxi, most of the people were the Yaos and the Zhuangs, ... the other small groups were too numerous to mention individually.
According to the newspaper, the architect in charge will be chosen from among a shortlist of Spanish architects Santiago Calatrava and Pritzker Prize-winner Rafael Moneo, and Chinese-American Ieoh Ming Pei, also a Pritzker winner.
According to the most popular one, Emperor Ming ( 58 – 75 CE ) precipitated the introduction of Buddhist teachings into China.
According to Sheng-Wu-Chi's Ming dynasty chronicle (" Our dynasty is informed by military realizations "), in this land the Tungus Weji, Warka and Kurka tribes were established.
According to Meir Shahar, this is explained by a confluence of the late Ming fashion for military encyclopedias and, more importantly, the conscription of civilian irregulars, including monks, as a result of Ming military decline in the 16th century.
According to the depiction in the chapter 217 of 《 道法会元 》, a biography of Taoism and Chinese mythical stories complied in Ming Dynasty ; Tiānpéng Yuánshuài was a blazing powerful marshal in the North Pole.
According to the villagers of Shu Ming Village, nature is controlled by spirits called " Shv ".
According to a Media Credibility Survey conducted by Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006, Ming Pao was selected as the most credible Chinese language newspaper.
According to Ming Pao, its main reader groups are the middle class, professionals, managers and corporate decision-makers.
According to a survey conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001, the Hong Kong Economic Journal as well as Ming Pao were regarded as the newspapers with the highest degree of credibility in Hong Kong.
According to The Challenge of Hong Kong ’ s Reintegration With China, a book written by Ming K. Chan, Wen Wei Po is a " mouthpiece " of the PRC government.
According to legend, in the late Ming Dynasty Yue Fei's material is said to have made a re-appearance at one of the sister schools of the Shaolin temple.
According to Bret Hinsch in the book Passions of the cut sleeve: the male homosexual tradition in China, Zhengde had a homosexual relationship with a Muslim leader from Hami, named Sayyid Husain, who served as the overseer in Hami during the Ming Turpan Border Wars.
According, in 1473 he went to war against China, and even succeeded in capturing Hami in 1473 from the Oirat Mongol Henshen and holding it for a while, until Ali was repulsed by the Ming Dynasty into Turfan, but he reoccupied it after Ming left.

According and Shi
According to A. W. Barber of the University of Calgary, Chan Buddhism was introduced to the Nyingmapa in three principal streams: the teachings of Korean Master Kim, Kim Ho-shang, ( Chin ho shang ) 金和尚 transmitted by Sang Shi in ca.
According to the Bei Shi ( Dynastic History of Northern Dynasties ) and the Sui Shu ( Chronicles of the Sui Dynasty ), both Chinese records, this area belong originally to the territory one of the five semi-nomadic Shiwei, the Bo Shiwei tribes ().
According to the Records of the Grand Historian, written by Sima Qian during the next dynasty and avowedly hostile to Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor was not the actual son of King Zhuangxiang of Qin.
According to the later Records of the Grand Historian, the following year Qin Shi Huang had some 460 scholars buried alive for owning the forbidden books.
According to the Book of Jin, the ancestors of Shi Le, the founder of Later Zhao, were a separate tribe of Xiongnu known as Qiāngqú ( 羌渠 ).
According to Nihon Shoki, the Hata clan, which was composed of descendants of Qin Shi Huang, arrived at Yamato in 403 ( the fourteenth year of Ōjin ) leading the people of 120 provinces.
According to Needham, the earliest development of the armillary sphere in China goes back to the astronomers Shi Shen and Gan De in the 4th century BCE, as they were equipped with a primitive single-ring armillary instrument.
According to a 2008 study by Shi et al., however, if focusing haplogroup D, Andamanese and Tibetan people diverged from the original haplogroup D around from 66, 400 to 51, 600 years ago, and the Japanese subclade emerged around 37, 700 years ago.
According to Shi ' a Muslim belief, Abel is buried in Nabi Habeel Mosque, located west of Damascus, in Syria.
According to an editorial by Michael Smith for the New Statesman, this was " Located at the furthest extreme of the southern no-fly zone, far away from the areas that needed to be patrolled to prevent attacks on the Shi ' a ; it was destroyed not because it was a threat to the patrols, but to allow allied special forces operating from Jordan to enter Iraq undetected.
According to Shi ' a doctrine, this was a clear violation of the treaty he made with Hasan ibn Ali, in which Muawiyah said he would not make his son his successor.
According to Shi ' a view, Muawiyah opposed Ali, out of sheer greed for power and wealth.
According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Zhi could recite the Shi Jing, Analects and more than ten thousand verses worth of poems before he even turned twenty.
According to half historian and half writer Jin Yong, Hong Taiji had the broad and wise views of Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Gaozu of Han, Emperor Guangwu of Han, Emperor Wen of Sui, Emperor Taizong of Tang, Emperor Taizu of Song, Kublai Khan, the Hongwu Emperor, and the Yongle Emperor.
According to Shi ' a belief buried next to Ali within this mosque are the remains of Adam and Noah.
According to the most prevalent version of the " Four Beauties " legend, the quartet's members are Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan or Diaochan, and Yang Guifei.
According to the Shi ' ite customs, memorial services ( called Arba ' een ) are held forty days after a person's death.
According to ancient history, Qin Shi Huang traveled east into the sea, and moored the boat to this stone.
According to Shi ' a scholar Muhammad Husain Javari Sabinal, Shi ' ism would not have spread at all if not for taqiyya, referring to instances where Shi ' a have been ruthlessly persecuted by the Sunni political elite during the Umayyad and Abbasid empires.
According to Twelver Shi ’ ah Islam, the Imams are perfectly able to give judgment on all matters of religious law and their judgment is always legally correct.
According to Shi ' a accounts, after his father's assassination at the will of Al-Mu ' tasim, the Abbasid caliph ordered Umar bin al-Faraj to find a teacher in Medina for the young Imam that would preach hatred toward the Ahl al-Bayt.
According to Shi ' a Islam, the first caliph should have been Ali followed by the Shi ' a Imams.

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