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According and approaches
According to Ivinskaya, People who arrived in Peredelkino early in the morning on the day of the funeral told us that militiamen, commanded by very senior officers, were already stationed at the approaches to the village.
According to various teachers and authors, Kundalini Yoga has been described as: " A contrast of active and passive approaches designed to awaken the kundalini.
" According to her Reds co-star Warren Beatty, " She approaches a script sort of like a play in that she has the entire script memorized before you start doing the movie, which I don't know any other actors doing that.
According to Parsaye, there are three major approaches to the capture of tacit knowledge from groups and individuals.
According to Katsenelinboigen, the two styles reflect two basic approaches to the uncertainty: deterministic ( combinational style ) and indeterministic ( positional style ).
According to biographer Robert D. Sampson, O ' Sullivan was " far in advance of his colleagues on such issues as religious toleration, humane approaches to punishment and incarceration, sexual equality in the legal arena, and economic justice.
" According to Bush, experience gained could help " develop and test new approaches and technologies and systems " to begin a " sustainable course of long-term exploration.
According to Yosef, the preoccupation with Pilpul at the expense of Bkiut causes lack of knowledge among Ashkenazi poskim, which in turn leads to unnecessary chumra in making halakhic rulings, since the Posek is unaware of lenient Psikot and approaches to Halakha used by previous Rabbis upon which the Posek could rely to rule leniently.
According to Björneborn and Ingwersen ( 2004 ), the definition of webometrics is " the study of the quantitative aspects of the construction and use of information resources, structures and technologies on the Web drawing on bibliometric and informetric approaches.
According to the formulae of black hole thermodynamics, the more the black hole loses mass the hotter it becomes, and the faster it evaporates, until it approaches the Planck mass.
According to Burrowes ( 1996 ), in two recent approaches to the study of culture, in the 1980-1990s, the " cultural studies " and " cultural indicators " approaches, investigators explored the traditionally functionalist concern of " cultural systems integration.
According to the GPOBA website, it is a " Partnership of donors and international organizations working together to support OBA approaches to improving service delivery for the poor.
The Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods chooses a compromise between the two approaches: According to article 18 ( 2 ) of the Convention, an acceptance is effective when it reaches the offeror.
According to Nostradamus, the " King of Terror " and Russia would wage World War III against the West ( United States, United Kingdom and France ), starting with a nuclear strike on New York City (" the sky will burn at 45 degrees, fire approaches the great new city ").
According to Qutb, much of the Muslim world approaches the Qur ' an as a means to simply acquire culture and information, to participate in academic discussions and enjoyment.

According and exegesis
According to the Zohar, a foundational text for kabbalistic thought, Torah study can proceed along four levels of interpretation ( exegesis ).
According to Christian exegesis, " deeds of the body " and " what is earthly ", refer to the " wounded nature " of man or his concupiscence ( evil inclinations due to forming part of the Fall of Man ); humanity suffers the consequences of the original sin.
According to a tradition which has historical confirmation, it was Akiva who systematized and brought into methodic arrangement the Mishnah, or Halakah codex ; the Midrash, or the exegesis of the Halakah ; and the Halakot, the logical amplification of the Halakah ( Yer.
According to exegesis, God told Abraham to listen to Sarah, who said that both Hagar and Ishmael should be taken out of their household and into the desert.
According to scholar Moojan Momen, " One of the key statements in the Qur ' an around which much of the exegesis " on the issue of what Islamic doctrine says about who is in charge is based on the verse
According to Ahmadi exegesis on al-Kahf, which draws upon external and internal, religious and historical evidence to show that Moses ' journey towards, and his experience with the " servant of God " was not physical but by way of vision, similar to the Mi ' raj ( ascension ) of Muhammad.
Therefore, the first part of the Gospel According to Spiritism is dedicated to a series of observations and clarifications intended to situate its arguments and doctrine so that those more familiar with exegesis would find their way throughout it more easily.
According to author Dean M. Kelly, for Rauschenbusch, Christianity thus became a political religion, and the subsequent leftist activism of what were once the " mainline " Protestant denominations derived directly from his exegesis of these issues ; the ultimate decline of these " mainline " Protestant denominations, beginning in the mid-1960s, was a consequence of their acceptance of Rauschenbusch's deliberate politicization of Christianity.
According to Kabbalistic exegesis of the Hebrew word " Teshuvah " ( תשובה ), it can be read as " Returning the letter hei " ( תשוב-ה ).
According to exegesis and literature, Gabriel appeared to Mary, who was still young in age, in the form of a well-made man with a " shining face " and announced to her the birth of Jesus.
" According to this school of thought, the Massorah, with its beginnings of grammatical and biblical exegesis, belongs to the Karaites ; the Rabbanites were merely imitators.

According and interpretation
According to the official interpretation of the Charter, a member cannot be penalized by not having the right to vote in the General Assembly for nonpayment of financial obligations to the `` special '' United Nations' budgets, and of course cannot be expelled from the Organization ( which you suggested in your editorial ), due to the fact that there is no provision in the Charter for expulsion.
According to this interpretation, the name is from aphrós " foam " and déatai " seems " or " shines " ( infinitive form * déasthai ), meaning " she who shines from the foam ", a byname of the dawn goddess ( Eos ).
According to this interpretation, Agathon is mocked in the Thesmophoriazousae not only for his notorious effeminacy, but also for the pretentiousness of his dress: " he seems to think of himself, in all his elegant finery, as a rival to the old Ionian poets, perhaps even to Anacreon himself.
According to this interpretation of the scriptures, face-to-face combat is highly meritorious and fighters who die in battle go to heaven.
According to one premillennial Christian interpretation, the Messiah will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist ( the " beast ") and Satan the Devil in the Battle of Armageddon.
According to Kirsten Abbott, feminist interpretation regards the story of Hosea and his relations with his wife Gomer as a metaphor for the conflict between a Covenant Theology ( Israel violating the covenant relationship with YHWH ) and a Creation Theology ( YHWH will undo the fertility of the earth in response to Israel following other fertility gods ).
According to the interpretation, the act of measurement causes the set of probabilities to immediately and randomly assume only one of the possible values.
According to a poll at a Quantum Mechanics workshop in 1997 ,< ref > the Copenhagen interpretation is the most widely-accepted specific interpretation of quantum mechanics, followed by the many-worlds interpretation.
" According to this interpretation, events taking place on the internet are not happening in the locations where participants or servers are physically located, but " in cyberspace ".
According to the traditional Jewish interpretation of the Bible, Israel's character as the chosen people is unconditional, as it says in,
According to the standard interpretation of Hume on personal identity, he was a Bundle Theorist, who held that the self is nothing but a bundle of experiences (" perceptions ") linked by the relations of causation and resemblance ; or, more accurately, that the empirically warranted idea of the self is just the idea of such a bundle.
According to the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics, first proposed by Carlo Rovelli, observations such as those in the double-slit experiment result specifically from the interaction between the observer ( measuring device ) and the object being observed ( physically interacted with ), not any absolute property possessed by the object.
According to the understanding of quantum mechanics known as the Copenhagen interpretation, measurement causes an instantaneous collapse of the wave function describing the quantum system into an eigenstate of the observable state that was measured.
According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, the quantum state of the system collapses into state I.
According to the general interpretation John was also that " other disciple " who with Peter followed Christ after the arrest into the palace of the high-priest ( John 18: 15 ). Saint John alone remained near his beloved Master at the foot of the Cross on Calvary with the Mother of Jesus and the pious women, and took the desolate Mother into his care as the last legacy of Christ ( John 19: 25-27 ).
According to Ellenblum's interpretation the inhabitants of the Kingdom ( Latin Christians living alongside native Greek and Syrian Christians, Shia and Sunni Arabs, Sufis, Bedouin, Turks, Druze, Jews, and Samaritans ) all had major differences between each other as well as with the crusaders.
According to Weber's theses, social research cannot be fully inductive or descriptive, because understanding some phenomenon implies that the researcher must go beyond mere description and interpret it ; interpretation requires classification according to abstract " ideal ( pure ) types ".
According to the BHK interpretation, this proof itself is essentially the function F that is desired.
According to Snorri Sturluson's interpretation of the Völuspá, the three most important norns, Urðr ( Wyrd ), Verðandi and Skuld come out from a hall standing at the Well of Urðr ( well of fate ) and they draw water from the well and take sand that lies around it, which they pour over Yggdrasill so that its branches will not rot.
According to this interpretation, Aquinas's influence was such as to affect a number of early translations of these passages in an unfortunate manner, though more recent translations render them more literally.
According to Nichiren's interpretation of the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, persecutions which Nichiren Buddhists encountered should be perceived as a natural outcome of abiding by their beliefs, as predicted in various chapters of that Sutra: " There will be many ignorant people, who will curse and speak ill of us and will attack us with swords and staves, but we will endure all these things ”.

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