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According and Party's
According to the Libertarian Party's platform, " Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no impact on the government's treatment of individuals, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws.
According to MORI, Green issues are currently rated as importantly as during the Green Party's last high point in the late 1980s.
According to a Washington Post study, Sununu voted with the Republican Party's position 84 % of the time.
According to the Party's official historian this period was marked by a growing division between the practitioners of cultural politics – heavily inspired by the writings of Antonio Gramsci and party's powerful industrial department which advocated a policy of militant labourism.
According to Con Coughlin, the author of Saddam: His Rise and Fall, one of the Ba ' ath Party's main goal was the elimination of both the Iraqi upper and middle class.
According to former minister Hüseyin Çelik, " the AK Party is a conservative democratic party the AK Party's conservatism is limited to moral and social issues.
According to a 1940 tell-all book by Benjamin Gitlow, the Communist Party's assistant organizational secretary Jack Stachel and the business manager of the Daily Worker, a man named Ravitch, were responsible for the Cannon burglary.

According and statute
According to statute, Qing society was divided into relatively closed estates, of which in most general terms there were five.
According to historian Mark Stegmaier, " The Fugitive Slave Act, the abolition of the slave trade in the District of Columbia, the admission of California as a free state, and even the application of the formula of popular sovereignty to the territories were all less important than the least remembered component of the Compromise of 1850 -- the statute by which Texas relinquished its claims to much of New Mexico in return for federal assumption of the debts.
According to medieval statute, the prison was to be managed by two annually elected Sheriffs, who in turn would sublet the administration of the prison to private " gaolers ", or " Keepers ", for a price.
According to its statute, the research, education, public activities and relations among its members is carried out based on the following principles:
According to the rules of ordynacja, which became a statute approved by the Sejm
According to the legislative history of the 1989 amendment to the POW Medal statute, internees were intended beneficiaries of the POW Medal so long as they were treated comparably to POWs during periods of armed conflict.
According to Article 9 of Law No. 2893, a statute including the fundamentals of the implementation was also published.
According to this statute, a software engineering firm cannot outsource work to a software engineering consultant, without hiring the consultant as an employee.
According the party statute, it was the supreme ruling body of the entire Communist Party.
According to a statute adopted in 1957, the flag of the governor of Oklahoma consists of a forest green field, fringed in gold, charged with the state seal surrounded by a pentagram of five white stars.
According to Guatemalan labour law, domestic work is “ subject neither to a working time statute nor to regulations on the maximum number of working hours in a day ”.
According to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which came into force on 1 July 2002, when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed at any civilian population, a " forced disappearance " qualifies as a crime against humanity and, thus, is not subject to a statute of limitations.
According to their statute, they are striving to achieve " full national and social freedom in and for the Basque Country ".
According to the provisions of this statute, upon the avoidance of any episcopal see, the dean and chapter of the cathedral church are to certify the vacancy of the see to the crown, and to pray that they may be allowed to proceed to a new election.
According to Edgar Sentell, a retired senior vice-president and general counsel of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, almost all the states recognize the presumption of death, by statute or judicial recognition of the common law rule.
According to the text of the statute, the " power to review a sentence for reasonableness arises only when the sentencing court has departed from the applicable guideline range.
According to its founding statute, the Tribunal has a set of 21 serving judges from a variety of states parties in three primary bodies:
According to The Living Constitution, 3rd Revised Ediiton 1995, ( Saul K. Padover, Revised by Jacob W. Landynski ) the other issue involved was whether a federal court could order a local government to raise taxes above the state statute amount to cover the cost of removing the " vestiges of discrimination ".
According to the plain meaning rule, absent a contrary definition within the statute, words must be given their plain, ordinary and literal meaning.
According to the Biennale's official website, this hiatus was a result of the 1968 Lion being awarded to the radically experimental Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: Ratlos ; the website says that the awards " still had a statute dating back to the fascist era and could not side-step the general political climate.
According to Jacob Stein's treatise on asset protection, common provisions enacted among some, but not all, of these countries are: ( i ) there is no recognition of foreign judgments with respect to trusts ; ( ii ) there is a very short statute of limitations on fraudulent transfers ; ( iii ) to establish a fraudulent transfer the creditor must show that the debtor was insolvent, and must establish the debtor's intent to " hinder, delay or defraud " beyond a reasonable doubt ; ( iv ) the anti-duress provisions are incorporated into the statutes ; and ( v ) spendthrift protection is extended to self-settled trusts.
According to Federalist No. 78, the federal courts have a duty to interpret and apply the Constitution, and to disregard any statute that is inconsistent with the Constitution:

According and amended
According to the World Bank's Articles of Agreement ( as amended effective 16 February 1989 ), all of its decisions must be guided by a commitment to promote foreign investment, international trade, and facilitate capital investment.
According to Captain Phillip's amended Commission, dated 25 April 1787, the colony included all the islands adjacent in the Pacific Ocean within the latitudes of 10 ° 37 ' S and 43 ° 39 ' S which included most of New Zealand except for the southern half of the South Island.
According to the Society's bylaws, membership may be refused to applicants whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the Society ; in 1982, the bylaws were amended explicitly to exclude " any practice or application of freezing deceased persons in the anticipation of their reanimation ," over the objections of some members who were cryonicists such as Jerry Leaf.
According to the preamble of the 1929 constitution as amended, the UNIA is a " social, friendly, humanitarian, charitable, educational, institutional, constructive and expansive society, and is founded by persons desiring to do the utmost to work for the general uplift of the people of African ancestry of the world.
According to the publisher a second ( amended ) edition will be published in August 2012.
According to the head of the Marine Corps Awards Branch, " The law governing the Prisoner of War ( POW ) Medal was amended in 1989.
According to the amended complaint, it is “ not reasonable to expect that in the future the State of Nebraska will enforce its laws regulating the sale of alcohol at Whiteclay .” Bruning had said he believed the State of Nebraska should not be involved in the suit ; that shutting down the beer stores wasn't the solution ; that reservation residents would drive further afield to purchase alcohol, which might lead to increased drunk driving ; and that any money recovered in damages by the OST, in this suit or others, might be used to buy alcohol.
According to constitutional scholar Shad Saleem Faruqi, the Constitution has been amended 42 times over the 48 years since independence as of 2005.
According to the newly amended Indian animal welfare act, 2011 cruelty to animals is an offence and is punishable with a fine which shall not be less than ten thousand Rupees, which may extend to twenty five thousand Rupees or with imprisonment up to two years or both in the case of a first offence. In the case of second or subsequent offence, with a fine which shall not be less than fifty thousand Rupees, but may extend to one lakh Rupees and with imprisonment with a term which shall not be less than one year but may extend to three years.
According to Senate Rule 25, as amended at the time, the committee was to consist of 16 Senators.
According to the constitution a county is not to be joined to a portion of another county for purposes of creating a district ; this provision has been overridden by the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States in Baker v. Carr ( 369 US 182 1962 ) and Reynolds v. Sims ( 337 U. S. 356 1964 ) The Tennessee constitution has been amended to allow that if these rulings are ever changed or reversed, a referendum may be held to allow the senate districts to be drawn on a basis other than substantially equal population.
According to the amended Securities Registration and Issuance Regulation – 2065, hydropower companies must float shares for the locals before they open the issue for general public.
According to U. S. Army's Institute of Heraldry, the shoulder sleeve insignia " was amended to delete the airborne tab effective 16 October 2008 " when jump status was terminated.
According to Bradley, the SER ‘ exerted great pressure to get the East Kent ’ s Bill thrown out of Parliament on the grounds of non-compliance with Standing Orders, but a petition by over 9, 000 inhabitants of the district persuaded the House of Commons, persuaded them to suspend their Standing Orders and allow the Company to deposit amended plans.
According to Russell T Davies ( among others ), this episode was called " Aliens of London, Part Two " until the last minute, when the name was changed to " World War 3 ", soon amended to " World War Three ".

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