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According and Primary
According to the Primary Chronicle, Olga was born in Pleskov ( Pskov ) ( perhaps in Plisnensk near Lviv ), into a family of Varyag origin.
According to the Primary Chronicle, a Varangian from Rus ' people, named Rurik, was elected ruler of Novgorod in 862.
According to the Primary Chronicle: upon his expeditions he carried with him neither wagons nor kettles, and boiled no meat, but cut off small strips of horseflesh, game or beef, and ate it after roasting it on the coals.
According to the 12th century Russian Primary Chronicle, prisoners of war were sacrificed to the supreme Slavic deity Perun.
According to Russian Primary Chronicle, Smolensk ( probably located slightly downstream, at the archaeological site of Gnezdovo ) was the capital of the Slavic Krivich tribe in 882 when Oleg of Novgorod took it in passing from Novgorod to Kiev.
According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg was a relative ( likely brother-in-law ) of the first ruler, Rurik, and was entrusted by Rurik to take care of both his kingdom and his young son Ingvar, or Igor.
According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg died in 912 and his successor, Igor of Kiev, ruled from then until his assassination in 945.
Primary groups According to Charles Horton Cooley ( 1864 – 1929 ), a primary group is a small social group whose members share personal and lasting relationships.
According to the ' Value Added ' measure, the most successful is Mill Hill Primary School, in Doxford Park.
According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, the town was the seat of Rurik's brother Truvor from 862-864.
According to various findings residents who receive resident-oriented care experience a higher quality of life, in respect to attention and time spent with patients and the number of fault reports after the introduction of Primary Nursing.
According to the Primary Chronicle, in the early 11th century, Anthony, an Orthodox monk from Esphigmenon monastery on Mount Athos, originally from Liubech of the Principality of Chernihiv, returned to Rus ' and settled in Kiev as a missionary of monastic tradition to Kievan Rus '.
According to unofficial results, Terry received 18 % of the vote in the 2012 Democratic Oklahoma Presidential Primary.
According to Canadian Forces Chief of Review Services about 45 % of all CIC branch personnel have former Regular Force or Primary Reserve service.
According to the Primary Chronicle he tricked and killed Askold and Dir using an elaborate scheme.
According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, in 980, Vladimir I of Kiev « placed the idols at the hill outside the palace: wooden Perun … and Hors, Dažbog and Stribog and Simargl and Mokosh ».
According to the Primary Chronicle, which dates their settlement between 860 and 862 AD, Rurik settled in Novgorod, while Sineus established himself at Belo Ozero, on the shores of lake Beloye, and Truvor at Izborsk, although archaeological findings have also suggested that his residence was in Pskov.
According to O ' Donoghue she was very happy living at Colebrooke and said she received a sound education both there and at the Quorn Primary School.
According to the Primary Chronicle ( its record for year 969 ), Svyatoslav explained to his courtiers that it was to Pereyaslavets, the centre of his lands, that " all the riches would flow: gold, silks, wine, and various fruits from Greece, silver and horses from Hungary and Bohemia, and from Rus ' furs, wax, honey, and slaves ".
According to the Primary Chronicle, Sineus, a brother of Rurik, became the prince of Beloozero in 862.
According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg died in 913 and his successor, the prince Igor, ruled from then until his murder in 944.
According to the inlay which comes with the Special Edition, all previous CD editions of the Primary & Secondary Phases played back slightly fast due to capstan wear on the mastering tape machine, with the result that the audio was pitch-shifted up by half a semitone.
According to the Primary Chronicle, the Severians, having paid tribute to the Khazars, along with the neighboring Polans, were conquered by Oleg of Novgorod, who incorporated their lands into the new principality of Kievan Rus '.
According to the Primary Chronicle, Oleg of Novgorod ( Helgi of Holmgard ) conquered Kiev in 882.

According and Chronicle
According to the Lanercost Chronicle, Alexander did not spend his decade as a widower alone: " he used never to forbear on account of season nor storm, nor for perils of flood or rocky cliffs, but would visit none too creditably nuns or matrons, virgins or widows as the fancy seized him, sometimes in disguise.
According to the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Ælle and three of his sons are said to have landed at a place called Cymensora and fought against the local Britons.
According to the Chronicle of the Kings of Alba he was killed by Causantín either in 871 or 872 when he returned to Pictland to collect further tribute.
According to the Chronicle, Áed was followed by Eochaid, a grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin, who is somehow connected with Giric, but all other lists say that Giric ruled after Áed and make great claims for him.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, by 1989 Unification Church members preferred to be called " Unificationists " rather than " Moonies.
According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, for 2004 The University of Tulsa's freshman class ranked 9th nationally among research universities in the number of National Merit Scholars per capita .< ref >
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Wessex was founded by Cerdic and Cynric, chieftains of a clan known as the Gewisse, who were said to have landed on the Hampshire coast and conquered the surrounding area, including the Isle of Wight.
According to Cosmas's Chronicle, one of Boleslav's sons was born on the day of Wenceslaus ' death, and because of the ominous circumstance of his birth the infant was named Strachkvas, which means " a dreadful feast ".
According to the historian David Bates, this probably means that little happened of note, and that because William was on the continent, there was nothing for the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to record.
According to the genesis chronicle of the majority Sinhala people, the Mahavamsa (" Great Chronicle "), written in 5th century CE, the Pulindas believed to refer to Veddas are descended from Prince Vijaya ( 6th-5th century BC ), the founding father of the Sinhalese nation, through Kuveni, a woman of the indigenous Yakkha clan whom he had espoused.
* According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 4, 000 Britons are slain at Crecganford in battle against Hengist and his son Aesc.
* According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Hengist dies and is succeeded by his son Oisc as king of Kent.
* According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Aelle, first king of the South Saxons, lands on the Sussex coast ( England ), with his three sons, near Cymenshore.
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the witan would only receive him back under the condition that he promise to rule better than he had.
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Edward was sworn in as king alongside Harthacnut, but a diploma issued by Harthacnut in 1042 describes him as the king's brother.
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle he " did nothing worthy of a king as long as he ruled.
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Harold Harefoot ruled for four years and 16 weeks, by which calculation he would have begun ruling two weeks after the death of Cnut.
According to Flora Wellman's account, as recorded in the San Francisco Chronicle of June 4, 1875, Chaney demanded that she have an abortion.
According to the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493 AD, the emperor martyred the Roman priest during a general persecution of Christians.
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, it was given to him " because of his valour " in resisting the Danish invasion led by Cnut the Great.
According to the chronicler John the Deacon, author of the Chronicon Venetum (" Chronicle of Venice "), written about AD 1000, the office of the Doge was first instituted in Venice about 700, replacing tribunes that had led the cluster of early settlements in the lagoon.

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