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According and Soviet
According to Pasternak, during the 1937 show trial of General Iona Yakir and Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky, the Union of Soviet Writers requested all members to add their names to a statement supporting the death penalty for the defendants.
Sometimes he had to justify his European fame: ' According to the Union of Soviet Writers, some literature circles of the West see unusual importance of my work, not matching its modesty and low productivity …'"
" According to his suggestion, the Bolshevik party was renamed the Communist Party of Soviet Union.
According to the Stalinist development policy of planned interdependence, all the economies of the socialist countries were linked tightly with that of the Soviet Union.
According to C. Michael Hogan, the Daugava River began experiencing environmental deterioration in the era of Soviet collective agriculture ( producing considerable adverse water pollution runoff ) and a wave of hydroelectric power projects.
According to Judith Nagata, a professor of Asia Research Institute in the National University of Singapore, The Afghan mujahiddin, locked in combat with the Soviet enemy in the 1980s, could be praised as " freedom fighters " by their American backers at the time, while the present Taliban, viewed, among other things, as protectors of American enemy Osama bin Laden, are unequivocally " fundamentalist ".”"
According to a 1993 study of archival Soviet data, a total of 1, 053, 829 people died in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953.
According to many Marxists influenced by Soviet Marxism, historical materialism is a specifically sociological method, while dialectical materialism refers to a more general, abstract, philosophy.
According to former Indian diplomat G Parthasarathy, " only after we got nothing from the US did arms supplies from the Soviet Union to India commence ".
According to Genrikh Borovik, who worked from Soviet archives, Tudor Hart recommended Litzi and Philby in 1934.
According to data from Soviet archives, which were published only in 1990, 1, 803, 392 people were sent to labor colonies and camps in 1930 and 1931.
According to Soviet advisors ( in 1987 ), a bitter debate within the party had broken out between those who advocated the islamisation of the party and those who wanted to defend the gains of the Saur Revolution.
" According to Carr, an important advantage was that " if Soviet Russia had eventually to fight Hitler, the Western Powers would already be involved.
According to Dr. Vitalii Nikolaevich Tsygichko, a Senior Analyst at the Academy of Sciences, the author of the study, Mathematical Model of Soviet Strategic Operations on the Continental Theater, and a former member of the General Staff, military analysts discussed the idea of a " nuclear winter " ( although they did not use that exact term ) years before U. S. scientists wrote about it in the 1980s .< REF > http :// www. gwu. edu /~ nsarchiv // nukevault / ebb285 /</ REF >
According to the Mitrokhin Archives, the Italian Communist Party lodged several complaints with the Soviet ambassador in Rome regarding Czechoslovak support of the Red Brigades, but the Soviets were either unwilling or unable to stop the StB.
According to the Article 76 of the Soviet Constitution, the sovereign Soviet socialist states united to become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
According to several Western historians, Stalinist agricultural policies were a key factor in causing the Soviet famine of 1932 – 1933, which the Ukrainian government now calls the Holodomor, recognizing it as an act of genocide.
According to Paul Kurtz, considered by some to be the founder of the American secular humanist movement, one of the differences between Marxist-Leninist atheists and humanists is the latter's commitment to " human freedom and democracy " while stating that the militant atheism of the Soviet Union consistently violated basic human rights.
According to official Soviet estimates, more than 14 million people passed through the Gulag from 1929 to 1953, with a further seven to eight million being deported and exiled to remote areas of the Soviet Union ( including entire nationalities in several cases ).
According to the developers, the timeline leading to the Twilight War has been completely re-written, and will no longer focus on a Cold War confrontation between NATO, the Soviet Union and China.
According to its architect, Secretary of Defense Harold Brown, " countervailing strategy " stressed that the planned response to a Soviet attack was no longer to bomb Russian population centers and cities primarily, but first to kill the Soviet leadership, then attack military targets, in the hope of a Russian surrender before total destruction of the USSR ( and the United States ).

According and terminology
According to Herwig Wolfram, the primary sources either use the terminology of Tervingi / Greuthungi or Vesi / Ostrogothi and never mix the pairs.
According to The War of the Jewels ( Appendix D to Quendi and Eldar ), Fëanor, when he created his script, introduced a change in terminology.
According to Wolfram, the primary sources either use the terminology of Tervingi / Greuthungi or Vesi / Ostrogothi and never mix the pairs.
According to Bobby Sanabria, the 3-2, 2-3 concept and terminology was developed in New York City during the 1940s by Cuban-born Mario Bauzá, when he was music director of Machito's Afro-Cubans.
( According to later terminology, Mary Beth would be considered a traditional surrogate, as opposed to a gestational surrogate, because she was the genetic mother of the child.
According to a 1988 study of words ending in-onym, there are four discernible classes of-onym words: ( 1 ) historic, classic, or, for want of better terms, naturally occurring or common words ; ( 2 ) scientific terminology, occurring in particular in linguistics, onomastics, etc.
According to some terminology, an open formula is formed by combining atomic formulas using only logical connectives, to the exclusion of quantifiers.
According to The Washington Post, the phrases red states and blue states were coined by Tim Russert, although in that same article Russert states that he wasn't the first to use the terminology.
According to another terminology, these people speak Chaplino, and Ungazighmiit people speak one of its dialects, alongside with other dialects spoken by Avatmit, Imtugmit, Kigwagmit — and these can be divided further into even smaller dialects.
According to Bywaters, Jaffeir can be easily compared with the Popish betrayer Oates due to the proximity of the Popish Plot with the production of Venice Preserv ’ d, as well as the Catholic terminology that Pierre uses in reference to Jaffeir ( 2 ).
* Ilaj-bil-tadbeer wa Ilaj-Bil-Ghiza ( regimenal therapy )-The disease may be treated by the modification of six essential pre-requisites of health ( Asbab-e-Sitta Zarooriya in Unani Tibbi terminology ). This method of treatment is called as Ilaj-Bil-Tadbeer. Asbab-e-Sitta Zarooriya may be modified by the use of One or more regimens i. e. dalak, riyazat, hammam, taleeq, takmeed, hijamat, fasd, lakhlakha, bakhur, Abzan, Shamoomat ( Aromatherapy ), Pashoya, Idrar, Ishal, Qai, Tareeq, Elam, Laza-e-Muqabil, Imalah and alteration of foods. According to the norms of C. C. I. M.
According to the terminology of the French school it signifies a granite in which both kinds of mica ( muscovite and biotite ) occur, and corresponds to the German Granit, or to the English muscovite biotite granite.
According to this terminology, the stages of red blood cell formation would be: rubriblast, prorubricyte, rubricyte, metarubricyte, and erythrocyte.
According to Islam terminology, high quality human resource is human being capable to use all thinking and recitation potency inside himself or herself well balanced so that all domination of science, domination of technology and his / her skill give benefit to himself / herself, his / her environmental and world generally.
According to the Nazi government this goal was pursued by Germany to secure a fair rearrangement of territory for the " common benefit " of a new, economically integrated Europe, which in Nazi terminology meant the continent of Europe with the exclusion of the " Asiatic " Soviet Union.
According to him, the main difference between the 18th century Italian tenor ( no longer so deep a baritenor, or " tenor-bass ", as the seventeenth century one ) and the French haute-contre, was that the former would use falsetto ( and not falsettone, which Potter never explicitly mentions ) above G₄, whereas the latter would go up to B flat in full voice or, to be more exact, in a " mixed head and chest voice, and not the full chest voice that Italian tenors would develop later " which is consistent with Celletti and the editor of Grande Enciclopedia ’ s terminology, in falsettone ).
( According to bilingual Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab, " The English channel uses more neutral terminology ; the Arab channel is much harsher.

According and peasants
According to the political theory of Marxism-Leninism of the early 20th century, the kulaks were class enemies of the poorer peasants.
According to this document, the Byzantine emperor's ancestors were not mere peasants as everyone believed but descendants of the Arsacid Dynasty of Armenia.
According to classical Marxism, revolution in peasant-based countries, such as Russia, prepares the ground ultimately only for a development of capitalism since the liberated peasants become small owners, producers and traders which leads to the growth of commodity markets, from which a new capitalist class emerges.
According to all this testimony, her initial victims were the adolescent daughters of local peasants, many of whom were lured to Csejte by offers of well-paid work as maidservants in the castle.
According to the reports of Peder Claussøn Friis, he executed refractory peasants so willingly that the district thought it was to excess ; he was the district's bogeyman for many years thereafter.
According to Country-Data, even though there had been a considerable redistribution of land, the amount received by individual peasants was not enough to meet most families ' basic needs, " About 75 percent of the peasant owners had less than 7 hectares, an amount generally insufficient for anything but subsistence agriculture.
According to a Cultural Revolution attack on him by the radical group within the finance system, he reported the peasants as saying: " In the days of Chiang Kai-shek we had rice to eat.
According to Pol Pot, Cambodia was made up of four classes: peasants and workers, bourgeoisie, capitalists, and feudalists.
According to the study, with around 7 million hectares of land redistributed via the land reform, 49. 9 % of those who received land were rural peasants, 18. 3 % were “ unemployed or in low-paid jobs in regional towns, growth points and mines ,” 16. 5 % were civil servants, and 6. 7 % were of the Zimbabwean working class.
According to him, peasants
According to the Decree on Land, the peasants had seized the lands of the nobility, monasteries and Church.
According to Abdullah Schleifer, Al-Qassam was :' An individual deeply imbued with the Islamic social gospel and who was struck by the plight of Palestinian peasants and migrants.
Again, the resistance to Napoleon was “ never a popular, national war .” He states in his book that “ there was no mass participation by the peasantry in the guerilla bands and in their activities, and their part in the campaign was strictly limited .” According to Tarle, “… it is clear that if the Spanish guerilla warfare might justifiably be called a national war, it would be impossible to apply this term to any Russian movement in the war of 1812 .” Tarle supported his interpretation by “ denying that the peasants fought against the French and describing the burning of Smolensk and Moscow as systematic acts of the Russian army in retreat .” Naturally, Tarle also gave references to Lenin ’ s words on Napoleon in his book.
Moreover, he gained popular support by his benevolent treatment of the inhabitants in the areas he controlled: According to Sven Rubenson, Kassa " shared out captured grain and money to the peasants in Qwara and told them to buy hoes and plant.
According to figures given by Deutscher, the peasants opposed forced collectivisation by slaughtering 18 million horses, 30 million cattle, about 45 per cent of the total, and 100 million sheep and goats, about two thirds of the total.
According to an English cleric of the late 10th century, society was composed of the three orders: those who fight, those who pray, and those who work ( the nobles, the clergy, and the peasants ).
According to Steven Roper, the FSN had strong support among the peasants and the urban industrial workers, while the PNL and PNŢCD had strong support among the intellectuals.
According to Matthias Bel, an 18th century scholar, the word was first used in 1514 for the armed peasants led by György Dózsa.
According to opposition spokespersons and some of the people arrested, many of the Colombian nationals were merely unemployed and impoverished peasants.
According to one estimate, among those condemned by the revolutionary tribunals, about 8 percent were aristocrats, 6 percent clergy, 14 percent middle class, and 70 percent were workers or peasants accused of hoarding, evading the draft, desertion, rebellion, and other purported crimes.
According to Hanafi and Hanbali and Maliki it is not permissible to kill old men and monks and peasants and employees and traders ( this meaning male non-combatants ).

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