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According and Victoria
According to the American calendar, the U. S. summer season is commonly regarded as beginning on Memorial Day weekend ( the last weekend in May ) and ending on Labor Day weekend ( the first weekend in September ), more closely in line with the meteorological definition ; the similar Canadian tradition starts summer on Victoria Day one week prior ( although summer conditions vary widely across Canada's expansive territory ) and ends, like the United States, on Labour Day.
According to Neilsen in 2009 Victoria Bitter was claimed to be Australia's only billion dollar retail beer brand, selling the equivalent of one slab every second.
According to one account, Byron was born with an intellectual disability in 1854, a condition Victoria believed was caused by her husband's alcoholism.
According to the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust, Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathearn — due to his having lived in Canada between 1791 and 1800, and fathering Queen Victoria — is the " ancestor of the modern Canadian Royal Family.
According to Gary Presland Aborigines have lived in Victoria for about 40, 000 years, living a semi-nomadic existence of fishing, hunting and gathering, and farming eels.
According to former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, " We won't be renaming the National Gallery of Victoria.
According to a local park guide, the Obelisk was originally inscribed " Culloden " but Queen Victoria had " Culloden " removed.
According to the Museum Victoria, Aubrey Ping, a medical student at the University of Sydney, suggested " farlap " as the horse's name.
According to a survey of teachers in the U. K. conducted in 2008 by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers young people frequently chose role models from celebrity culture such as David and Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton and emulate their appearance and manner.
According to Prelude to Dune, Dmitri's first wife Victoria bore Vladimir ; the marriage had ended with a bitter divorce.
According to the 2010 INEGI population count, the city had 305, 155 inhabitants, and the Victoria Municipality had a population of 321, 953.
According to the autobiography of Tolbert's wife Victoria, the First Lady witnessed a masked man with a " white " hand stabbing her late husband.
According to Geoffrey Madan, although invited by Queen Victoria each year to stay at Balmoral, he never accepted.
According to Victoria, he never accepted any extra pay for being a chapelmaster, and he became the organist rather than the chapelmaster.
According to Victoria Police statistics and ABS Census data for 2006 / 2007, Parkville has the highest incidence of burglary in Victoria, with a rate of 1 burglary for every 15 properties in the suburb.
According to the Victoria County History of Surrey ( volume 3, published 1911, p 374, s. v.
According to Victoria Sherrow, those Romans who were fair-haired preferred to dye their hair dark in the early period of Ancient Rome ; at one point in time blond hair was even associated with prostitutes.
According to Local Government Victoria, Maribyrnong has the second most ethnically diverse population in Victoria, with 40 % of residents born outside Australia.
According to an article in the September 23, 2007 Victoria Times Colonist, he is an enthusiastic, skilled, and competitive race car driver having won the 2007 Diamond Class Ontario championship for Formula Fords at the age of 67.
According to John Green, the Inspector of Aboriginal Stations in Victoria and later manager of Corranderrk, the people were able to achieve a " sustainable " degree of economic independence: " In the course of one week or so they will all be living in huts instead of willams housing ; they have also during that time months made as many rugs, which has enabled them to buy boots, hats, coats etc., and some of them even bought horses.
According to the Land Conservation Council of Victoria, it has been assessed as " being of State botanical significance for its ecological integrity and viability, rarity and representation of community types ", and is home to 22 species assessed as regionally threatened, rare or restricted in the greater Melbourne area, including roosting colonies of Large Bent-wing Bat and Eastern Horseshoe Bat, and the Powerful Owl, Brush-tailed Phascogale and Barking Owl.
According to Sharf and Victoria Suzuki was associated with Japanese nationalism and its propagation via the appraisal of Japanese Zen.

According and County
According to Geoffrey Keating, the main Beltane fire in medieval Ireland was on the hill of Uisneach, in what is now County Westmeath.
According to an 1892 letter, Casement believed that she was descended from the Catholic Jephson family of Mallow, County Cork.
According to Oxford County Sheriff deputy Matt Baker, King was hit from behind and some witnesses said the driver was not speeding, reckless, or drinking.
According to his father's desire that his youngest son should choose a < em > gentleman's </ em > vocation, William, after his graduation from high school, entered the Cayuga County National Bank of Auburn as a clerk, where he spent long hours adding numbers.
According to the 1841 Census, County Donegal had a population of 296, 000 people.
According to the 2011 Census, 17, 132 say they can speak Irish in the County Donegal Gaeltacht.
According to Sherman, the trek across the Lumber River, and through the swamps, pocosins, and creeks of Robeson County was " the damnedest marching I ever saw.
According to its website, " Choose Civility is an ongoing community-wide initiative, led by Howard County Library, to position Howard County as a model of civility.
According to the City of Las Vegas ' 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the greater Clark County area are:
According to the U. S. Census Bureau, Orange County has a total area of, of which is land and ( 6. 10 %) is water.
According to Bo Bryan, a noted Carolina Shag historian and resident of Beaufort County, the term was coined at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.
According to the Florida Times-Union, in October 2004, there were 106, 114 registered voters in Clay County.
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Clay County were African 56. 3 %, English 35 % and Scots-Irish 4. 5 %.
According to the census of 2000, the largest ancestry groups in Montgomery County were African 44. 95 %, English 42. 1 %, and Scots-Irish 1 %.
According to the 2000 Census the largest European ancestry groups in Marion County were English ( 18. 7 %), German ( 16. 7 %) and Irish ( 14. 0 %).
According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the Montgomery County has a total area of 502 square miles ( 1, 299 km² ), of which, 492 square miles ( 1, 273 km² ) of it is land and 10 square miles ( 26 km² ) of it ( 2. 00 %) is water.
According to the Maryland Geological Survey, the highest point in Kent County is 102 feet above sea level, approximately 2. 25 miles west of Coleman's Corner ( shown on maps as " Coleman ") just northeast of the mouth of Still Pond Creek.
According to the former Bedfordshire County Council's estimates, the town had a population of 80, 000 in mid 2005, with 19, 720 in the adjacent town of Kempston.
According to Benjamin Edelman, who reported his findings in the article " Red Light States: Who Buys Online Adult Entertainment ?," published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, Sevier County has the highest rate of online pornography usage in the United States.
According to " The Boone Family " book by Hazel Atterbury Spraker ( 1982 ), " was buried near the body of his wife, in a cemetery established in 1803 by David Bryan, upon the bank of a small stream called Teuque Creek about one and one-half miles southeast of the present site of the town of Marthasville in Warren County, Missouri, it being at that time the only Protestant cemetery North of the Missouri River.
According to the most recent estimates from the U. S. Census of 2009, the total population of Broward County had risen to almost 1. 8 million people ( 1, 754, 846 ), and increased by 10. 1 % between April 1, 2000 and July 1, 2006.
According to an October 2001 Census Brief of the 2000 Census, Charlotte County had the highest median age of any U. S. county with a population of more than 100, 000 people at 54. 3.
According to the Supervisor of Elections website, for the 2008 general election there were 536, 584 registered voters in Duval County, of which 417, 599 cast ballots for a voter turnout of 77. 83 %.
According to the World Atlas USA, Hernando County is the geographic center of Florida.

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