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According and WWF
According to the WWF, the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be subdivided into three ecoregions: the Pannonian mixed forests, Dinaric Mountains mixed forests and Illyrian deciduous forests.
According to the WWF, the following are classified as freshwater biomes:
According to the WWF and Digital Map of European Ecological Regions by the European Environment Agency, Macedonia's territory can be subdivided into four ecoregions: the Pindus Mountains mixed forests, Balkan mixed forests, Rhodopes mixed forests and Aegean sclerophyllous and mixed forests.
According to the WWF, an ecoregion is defined as a " relatively large unit of land or water containing a characteristic set of natural communities that share a large majority of their species, dynamics, and environmental conditions ( Dinerstein et al.
According to Politico. com, " the WWF fired two men accused of harassing the young ' ring boys ' who followed the wrestling circuit from city to city, and accepted the resignation of a third ".
According to Triple H, WWF management wanted to keep The Kliq, of which he and Michaels were members, apart, so they were hesitant to pair the duo together at first.
According to WWE, she was also the first WWF Women's Champion and held the title a total of four times.
According to the WWF, there are now only four northern white rhinos left in the wild, however in June 2008 it was reported that the subspecies may have gone extinct in the wild.
According to the stipulations, Austin's manager Ted DiBiase had to leave the WWF.
According to Jannetty it was Curt Hennig who brought him back to the WWF, who was on good terms with Vince McMahon and convinced him that the bad performance at the Royal Rumble was indeed Shawn Michaels ´ fault.
According to Tammy Sytch in interviews post Candido's death, Candito and Sytch had a brief separation behind the scenes while working for the WWF.
According to Luna, as the two trained in the preparation for their WrestleMania match, Sable refused to learn how to " take bumps ", while Luna was threatened by WWF officials that hurting her opponent in the ring would put her job in jeopardy.
According to the stipulations of the match, Austin's victory meant that Vince McMahon could no longer appear on WWF TV.
According to the storyline, André was tired of Hogan being the top wrestler in the WWF and was jealous of Hogan's reign as WWF Champion.
According to 2009 WWF survey, the population of Sumatran elephants had reached 200 in the park, and around 350 elephant in Riau Province.

According and territory
According to Thucydides, the official aim of the League was to " avenge the wrongs they suffered by ravaging the territory of the king.
According to official figures, although the territory was at the time inhabited by 58, 240 Somali and 48, 270 Afar, only 14, 689 Somali were allowed to register to vote versus 22, 004 Afar.
According to a popular West Indian belief, Dominica is the only New World territory that Columbus would still recognize.
According to British legend ( see: Historia Brittonum ) the territory known later as Essex was ceded by the Britons to the Saxons following the infamous Brad y Cyllyll Hirion event which occurred ca.
According to both sources, he sent Yamatotakeru to Izumo province and eastern provinces to conquer the area and spread his territory.
According to the British government, the fence was erected 1 metre inside British territory.
According to Strabo their territory was divided in accordance with custom, each tribe was further divided into cantons, each governed by a military aristocratic ruler whose title chief of the tribe gave him the powers of a King-Priest (' tetrarch ').
According to the Sino-British Joint Declaration ( 1984 ) and the Basic Law, Hong Kong will retain its political, economic, and judicial systems and unique way of life and continue to participate in international agreements and organisations as a dependent territory for at least 50 years after retrocession.
According to Caesar, the territory abandoned by the Helvetii had comprised 400 villages and 12 oppida ( fortified settlements ).
According to Prof. Thomas Ambrosio, " Armenia's successful irredentist project in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan " and " From 1992 to the cease-fire in 1994, Armenia encountered a highly permissive or tolerant international environment that allowed its annexation of some 15 percent of Azerbaijani territory ".
According to the historian David P. Chandler, the leftist Issarak groups, aided by the Viet Minh, occupied a sixth of Cambodia's territory by 1952 ; and, on the eve of the Geneva Conference, they controlled as much as one half of the country.
According to Joseph Stalin writing in 1913 in Marxism and the National Question: " a nation is not a racial or tribal, but a historically constituted community of people ;" " a nation is not a casual or ephemeral conglomeration, but a stable community of people "; " a common language is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " a nation is formed only as a result of lengthy and systematic intercourse, as a result of people living together generation after generation "; " a common territory is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " a common economic life, economic cohesion, is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " a common psychological make-up, which manifests itself in a common culture, is one of the characteristic features of a nation "; " A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.
" According to Stalin, this would exclude Jews as they have no common territory.
According to two consecutive Bush Administration President's Task Force Reports, the latest of which was issued on December 21, 2007 Puerto Rico is an unincorporated organized territory of the United States, subject to the plenary powers of the United States government.
According to chronicles, the only common name for this territory was “ Pomerania ” and for its inhabitants “ Pomeranians ”.
According to Ralph of Coggeshall Henry the Young King was the instigator of rebellion against Henry II ; he wanted to reign independently over at least part of the territory his father had promised him, and to break away from his dependence on Henry II, who controlled the purse strings.
According to Puntland government documents, the Somaliland region's Riyale government in 2006 both financed and offered military assistance to Atom's men as part of a campaign to destabilize the autonomous territory via proxy agents and to distract attention away from the Somaliland government's own attempts at occupying the disputed Sool province.
According to archaeological finds, the territory of Saaremaa has been inhabited for at least 5, 000 years.
According to the American calendar, the U. S. summer season is commonly regarded as beginning on Memorial Day weekend ( the last weekend in May ) and ending on Labor Day weekend ( the first weekend in September ), more closely in line with the meteorological definition ; the similar Canadian tradition starts summer on Victoria Day one week prior ( although summer conditions vary widely across Canada's expansive territory ) and ends, like the United States, on Labour Day.
According to the laws of the feudal system of the Holy Roman Empire, the king had no claims on the vassals of the other princes, only on those living within his family's territory.

According and Moldova
According to the IOM data, in 2000 – 2004, Kosovo was consistently ranked fourth or fifth among the countries of Southeastern Europe by number of human trafficking victims, after Albania, Moldova, Romania and sometimes Bulgaria.
According to the 2004 Moldovan Census, 3, 383, 332 people lived in the areas controlled by the central government of Moldova.
According to Amnesty International, most of these women are trafficked from Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
According to the latest Romanian Census ( 2002 ), Moldovan Census ( 2004 ) and Ukrainian Census ( 2001 ) data, the region has a total population of approximately 9, 700, 000 inhabitants, 48 % of them living in Romania, 36 % in Moldova and 16 % in Ukraine, distributed among the ethnic groups as follows:
According to Article 75 of the Constitution of Moldova, "( 1 ) Problems of utmost gravity or urgency confronting the Moldovan society or State shall be resolved by referendum.
According to NATO, drug trafficking in Moldova is valued between $ 200 million to $ 250 million per year.
According to its Statute adopted in 2008, article 1, the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova is a " lawful successor and heir of the Communist Party of Moldavia both in terms of ideas and traditions ".
According to Pees informants from Moldova, the Gagauz there called themselves Hıristiyan-Bulgar ( Christian Bulgars ), and Gagauz was used only as a nickname ( Pees 1894, p. 90 ).
According to the last Moldovan census from 2004 there were 35, 488 people living within the city of Cahul ( making it the sixth largest city in Moldova ) and 1, 317 people within Cotihana.
According to the Article 77 of the Constitution of Moldova ( 1994 ), the President of Moldova is the head of the State and represents the State and is the guarantor of national sovereignty, independence, and the unity and territorial integrity of the nation.
According to Article 91 of the Constitution of Moldova ( 1994 ):
According to Article 89 of the Constitution of Moldova ( 1994 ):
According to Article 90 of the Constitution of Moldova ( 1994 ):
According to FIFTA ’ s webpage, FIFTA was left with ten members: Croatia, Russia, Moldova, Romania, India, Turkey, North Cyprus, Hungary, Macedonia, Georgia.
According to this decree, about 9, 400 Jehovah's Witnesses, including about 4, 000 children, were resettled from the Baltic States, Moldova, and western parts of Belarus and Ukraine to Siberia in 1951, an event known as " Operation North ".
According to Amnesty International, most of women are trafficked from Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
According to the IOM, 48 per cent of women who have entered its repatriation program-enabling them to return to their home country-originated from Moldova.
According to a study conducted in the Republic of Moldova in May 1998, when the self-declared Moldovans were asked to relate the Romanian and Moldovan identities, 55 % considered them somewhat different, 26 % very different and less than 5 % identical.
According to the 2011 census Agra district has a population of 4, 380, 793, roughly equal to the nation of Moldova or the US state of Kentucky.

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