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According and archaeologists
According to archaeologists Patricia Crown and Steadman Upham, the appearance of the bright colors on Salada Polychromes in the 14th century may reflect religious or political alliances on a regional level.
According to some archaeologists, PIE speakers cannot be assumed to have been a single, identifiable people or tribe, but were a group of loosely related populations ancestral to the later, still partially prehistoric, Bronze Age Indo-Europeans.
According to archaeologists, sufficient archaeological correlates of state-level societies coalesced in the 4th century to show the existence in Korea of the Three Kingdoms ( AD 300 / 400 – 668 ) of Baekje, Goguryeo, and Silla.
According to archaeologists and anthropologists, the earliest clothing likely consisted of fur, leather, leaves, or grass that were draped, wrapped, or tied around the body.
According to these two archaeologists this is the first archaeological evidence of the story reported by Herodotus.
According to Chinese archaeologists, the excavated skeletal remains of a people presumed to be the Wusun are of the short-headed Europoid Central Asian interfluvial type.
According to the Israeli archaeologists Magen and Peleg, the clay found in the cisterns was used for pottery factory facilities.
According to the U. S. National Park Service Website, Hohokam is a Pima ( O ' odham ) word used by archaeologists to identify a group of people who lived in the Sonoran Desert of North America.
According to archaeologists the Białogard stronghold was built in the fork of the Parsęta and Leśnica Rivers as early as the 8th century.
According to a minority of archaeologists, the Israelites emerged as a subculture from within Canaanite society, and not as an invading force from outside, and therefore it would be natural for them to have used similar religious practices to other Semitic nations, and these scholars suspect that the concept of Urim and Thummim was originally derived from the Tablets of Destiny.
According to recent excavations by Macedonian archaeologists it was a town way back at the time of king Phillip II of Macedon.
According to archaeologists, the villages in the area were home to approximately 3, 400 people year-round, and as many as 8, 000 during fishing and wappato-harvesting seasons ( wappato was a marsh-grown plant like a potato or onion and a staple food ).
According to Delirium, the artifacts the archaeologists uncover on the peninsula are not from the future, but a distortion of reality caused by Delirium and / or Destruction's presence in the area.
According to the archaeologists the presence of coins, coin moulds, statues and design of the houses, suggests that a town existed here sometimes in the Kushan, Gupta and the Youdheya period till 300 BC.
According to archaeologists, the evidence suggests that the locals were paid to do the farm work instead of being enslaved.
According to archaeologists it was " a classic German fortress longhouse like the Great Hall of Beowulf ".
According to archaeologists, the Ptolemaida region has been occupied since 6000 BCE.
According to medieval sources, Palatine István built the monastery next to his villa, and it is possible that the building the archaeologists uncovered was part of Palatine's private quarters.
According to archaeologists, it is only six thousand years ago that populations used the hydro graphic basin of the Tietê River, a river that was also important during the time of the Bandeirantes, and is for the electrification of the city of São Paulo.
According to Turkish archaeologists, the tomb of Ada has been discovered.
According to some historians and archaeologists, however, the pagoda was built by the Mon people between the 6th and 10th centuries CE.
According to the director of the Institute of Archaeology, Alexandru Vulpe, it is obvious they were made in 19th century and this was the opinion of both Vasile Pârvan and the archaeologists who studied them after him, some believing they were created by Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, who is known to have made other forgeries as well.

According and door
According to Groucho, when Shean visited he would throw the local waifs a few coins so that when he knocked at the door he would be surrounded by adoring fans.
According to police, Shakur knocked on the door of a room occupied by an out-of-town guest and asked " Is there a party going on here?
According to Numan, this was an unintentional result of acne ; before an appearance on Top of the Pops, he had " spots everywhere, so they slapped about half an inch of white makeup on me before I'd even walked in the door.
According to students, he ignored them and aimed only for the teachers, although two students were killed by shots fired through a locked door.
According to the Dowager Duchess in her book, Chatsworth: The House, one room still has " Third Postillion " painted on the door.
According to Dennis Showalter, " a major challenge of political anti-Semitism involves overcoming the images of the ' Jew next door ' — the living, breathing acquaintance or associate whose simple existence appears to deny the validity of that negative stereotype.
According to local historical records, many Quaker homes in this area had a trap door leading to the basement to help slaves escape.
According to Capdeville he may also be found on the outer rim of the Piacenza Liver on case 14 in the compound form CULALP i. e. " of Culśans and of Alpan ( u )" on the authority of Pfiffig, but perhaps here it is the female goddess Culśu, the guardian of the door of the Underworld.
According to Medak, the project got started one night that he and O ' Toole were returning from the theatre, which " meant stopping at every pub between Soho and Hampstead, and it didn't matter if it was after closing hour because he would knock on the door and just say ' Peter's here ,' and every door opened for him "; Later on, at O ' Toole's apartment, the deeply inebriated actor phoned his manager and said, " I'm with the crazy Hungarian and I know I'm drunk but I give you 24 hours to set this movie up.
According to co-writer Isaac Hayes, the title was inspired by news reports of soul pride that emerged after the 1967 race riots, where stories that painting the word " soul " on your door was a message for looters to bypass your house.
* According to a report in The New York Times, March 10 and 11, 1929, Isidore Fink, of 4 East 132nd Street, New York City, was in his Fifth Avenue Laundry on the night of March 9, 1929 with the windows closed and door of the room bolted.
According to Mingus ' telling, Lesberg used his double bass to " make a door " inside the club that aided in his escape.
According to the ISM's account, he had been going door to door looking for a place to go, arrived at the building ( which is also used by the Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres ) cold and wet, and was offered a chance to dry and warm up by an ISM volunteer.
According to Spencer, all those stunts " as well as tying the knots and opening the door and going into rooms and all of that " were done by Strip.
According to the one of Iran analyst's of International Crisis Group ( a NGO founded in 1995 by World Bank Vice-President and former US diplomats ), " Kurds, who live in the some of the least developed parts of Iran, pose the most serious internal problem for Iran to resolve, and given what they see next doorthe newfound confidence of Iraqi Kurds — there's concern Iranian Kurds will agitate for greater autonomy.
According to Edmond Ludlow on May 7th, about twelve o-clock we went to take our places in the House, Mr. Lenthal our Speaker leading the way, and the officers of the army lining the rooms for us, as we passed through the Painted Chamber, the Court of Requests, and the lobby itself, the principal officers having placed themselves nearest to the door of the Parliament-House, every one seeming to rejoice at our restitution, and promising to live and die with us.
According to halakha, the mezuzah should be placed on the right side of the door or doorpost, in the upper third of the doorpost ( i. e., approximately shoulder height ), within approximately of the doorway opening.
According to some accounts, Spaggiari brought his men a meal including wine and pâté, and reportedly they sat down in the vault for a picnic lunch, after welding the vault door shut from the inside.
According to Donald Routledge Hill, al-Jazari described several early mechanical controls, including " a large metal door, a combination lock and a lock with four bolts.
According to customs officials, Malcom threatened to use force to prevent them from opening the door ; according to Malcom and his supporters, his threat specified resisting any unlawful forced entry.
According to this exceptionally early writing, it was the face of the door of the temple which was rent in two.
According to contemporary musician, Dave Warner, " hey had a clean-cut boys-next door image ; a big contrast to the bad boy, weirdo, heavy-riff persona favoured by their peers ".

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