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According and article
) According to a November 1950 Time article, " Capp parted from Fisher with a definite impression, ( to put it mildly ) that he had been underpaid and unappreciated.
According to article 37, paragraph 4 of Charter of Fundamental Rights and Basic Freedoms people who do not speak Czech have the right to get an interpreter in a court of law.
According to an article in The Guardian, Guest attended the House of Lords regularly until the House of Lords Act 1999 barred most hereditary peers from their seats.
According to an article in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Technology Review, these Knuth reward checks are " among computerdom's most prized trophies ".
According to a 2008 article in The Wall Street Journal, Dartmouth graduates also earn higher median salaries at least 10 years after graduation than alumni of any other American university surveyed.
According to Fahrenheit's 1724 article, he determined his scale by reference to three fixed points of temperature.
According to Jan-Gustaf Ljunggren, in an article in the Swedish journal Läkartidningen ( 1983 ; No 32-33 ), in the 12th century, Zayn al-Din al-Jurjani, another Muslim physician, provided the first description of Graves ' disease after noting the association of goitre and exophthalmos in his Thesaurus of the Shah of Khwarazm, the major medical dictionary of its time.
According to an article by the math historian Kenneth May, “ Maps utilizing only four colours are rare, and those that do usually require only three.
According to an article in the New York Times, however, his actual height was.
According to an article Fahrenheit wrote in 1724, he based his scale on three reference points of temperature.
According to the article cited, the still classified NSA report is incorrect based on the CIA documents that were declassified which show that Powers ' account of being shot down at altitude was accurate.
According to Anthony Harkins in Hillbilly: A Cultural History of an American Icon, the term first appeared in print in a 1900 New York Journal article, with the definition: " a Hill-Billie is a free and untrammeled white citizen of Alabama, who lives in the hills, has no means to speak of, dresses as he can, talks as he pleases, drinks whiskey when he gets it, and fires off his revolver as the fancy takes him.
According to a 1938 Times magazine article, this was one of the first times that commercial use of hydroponics was used on such a large scale to feed people.
According to one incest participant who was interviewed for an article in The Guardian:
According to Scheer's article on the subject, a nearby slave patrol responded and killed ten slaves on the spot in extrajudicial killings without the benefit of trial.
According to Frances FitzGerald in an April 1987 New Yorker article, " They epitomized the excesses of the 1980s ; the greed, the love of glitz, and the shamelessness ; which in their case was so pure as to almost amount to a kind of innocence ".
According to an article by Nicholas Wade published in the New York Times, genetic evidence published in July 2012 in the journal Nature by David Reich of the Harvard Medical School " vindicates " Greenberg's hypothesis of three waves of migration into the Americas.
According to a 1907 magazine article about Landis, " Corporations smiled pleasantly at the thought of a corporation lawyer being on the bench.
According to a 1978 article in the American Economic Review, 90 percent of the economists surveyed agreed that the minimum wage increases unemployment among low-skilled workers.
According to a 2007 article in Commentary magazine, his " parents were moderately observant, but Friedman, after an intense burst of childhood piety, rejected religion altogether.
According to the Party Act ( article 46 ) adopted in 1980, " KPA is the revolutionary armed forces of the KWP.
According to the Catholic Encyclopedia article on the Canon of the New Testament: " The idea of a complete and clear-cut canon of the New Testament existing from the beginning, that is from Apostolic times, has no foundation in history.
According to the article, Abdul said the medications made her " get weird " at times and that she suffered from physical withdrawal symptoms during her recovery.
According to a New York Times article from Feb. 1, 1893, Smith allegedly: " picked up little Myrtle Vance ... near her father's residence, and ... carried her through the central portion of the city ... En route through the city he was asked by several persons what he was doing with the child.

According and Anita
According to transmedia creator Anita Ondine Smith, the NFB is a pioneer in interactive web documentaries, helping to position Canada as a major player in digital storytelling.
According to an official family statement she was surrounded by her sisters Ruth and Anita as well as brothers Aaron Pointer and Fritz.
According to biographer Anita Shapira, he suffered from depression and problems of sexual identity.
According to Davidson, the decision to kill Andy lead to various script changes as he claims that it had been the original plan for Andy to marry Angie Watts ( Anita Dobson ), whom he had a brief affair with on-screen.
According to a 2008 article by children's literature expert Anita Silvey in the School Library Journal, one member of the Newbery committee stated that she voted for Secret of the Andes rather than Charlotte's Web " because she hadn't seen any good books about South America.

According and Dunn
According to Kahoe and Dunn, people who are most firm in their faith and attend religious services weekly are the least afraid of dying.
According to Peter Dunn, the following sections were situated at Iron Range:
According to Dunn, " Music was as natural as breathing in our house.
According to the short statement released on their web site, Brooks & Dunn intend to release a greatest hits album, tour throughout the rest of 2009, and have a farewell tour in 2010.
According to Dunn and co-writer Terry McBride, it was inspired by Gretchen Wilson, who was touring with Brooks & Dunn and Big & Rich on the Deuces Wild tour at the time.
According to Brooks, the decision to split was on good terms ; he told CMT that he and Dunn are " still good friends ", while Dunn said that " We've ended up more like brothers.
According to Jimmy Thomason, " It happened when Dunn was working at Coney Island in New York ... he ran into this black guy who was playing a steel guitar with a homemade pickup attached to it ... hooked up to this old radio or something and was playing blues licks ... and he got this guy to show him how he was doing it.
According to Dunn ( 2001 ) the Ekibin Hospital was bounded by Sexton Street and Toohey Road and encompassed parts of Cracknell, Effingham, Fingal and Lutzow streets.
According to The New York Times, Dunn " had difficulties with Harry Lott ", a Rapides Parish member of the Louisiana House of Representatives ( 1868 – 1870, 1870 – 1872 ).
Kekionga ( meaning " blackberry bush ")< ref > According to J. Dunn, Jr., the name " usually said to mean " blackberry patch ," or " blackberry bush ," this plant being considered an emblem of antiquity because it sprang up on the sites of old villages.
According to a Capuchin Provincial Archivist, Dunn entered with the intention of becoming a Capuchin non-ordained Brother.
According to Dorin, Dunn saved her from drowning during filming of the episode, The Night of the Murderous Spring, plunging underwater to tear her free, when her costume became entangled in machinery used to sink a boat on the set.
According to Dorin, Dunn often traveled to visit such children at his own expense, delivering encouragement to them and stern counsel to overprotective parents.
According to James Forrest and Kevin Dunn, the privileges of being white might accrue largely to certain white ethnic and cultural groups, as opposed to white people as a whole.
According to FBI Agent Michael Repucci, during the trial of Diggs, Dre, and Curtis, the FBI and VPD ’ s informant, Cory DeAndre Dunn, was used by the three men to steal getaway cars used in the robberies.
According to Detective Becker of VPD, Dunn was “ wired for sound ,” and that during the drive from Vallejo to a hotel in Fresno, Diggs, Dre, and Curtis discussed the robbery, which was scheduled to take place March 26.

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