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According and booklets
According to Spiegelman, it's not clear whether mom and pop outfits or organized crime created the small salacious booklets.
According to the instruction booklets in English, the vehicles are male ; however, according to the Japanese instruction manual and the Japanese television commercial, the COUPE is female and every other vehicle is male.

According and accompanying
According to musician and author Albin Zak, the combination of the studio — engineered by Bill Porter, who experimented with close miking the doo-wop backup singers — production by Foster, and accompanying musicians, gave Orbison's music a " polished, professional sound ... finally allow ( ing ) Orbison's stylistic inclinations free rein ".
According to L. F. Rushbrook Williams, Shah began accompanying his father in his travels from a very young age, and although they both travelled widely and often, they always returned to England where the family made their home for many years.
( According to an essay by Jeremy Nicholas for the booklet accompanying the recording " Gottschalk Piano Music ," performed by Philip Martin on the Hyperion label, " He died ... of empyema, the result of a ruptured abscess in the abdomen.
According to Muslim historical accounts Umm Haram died on this spot in 647 AD while accompanying the Arab invaders.
According to Leonardo's preview in the accompanying text, written in mirror writing, it was made as a study of the proportions of the ( male ) human body as described in Vitruvius.
According to the letters accompanying the map, the existence of Estotiland was learned from fishermen who had sailed across the North Atlantic in the 14th century.
According to Rivera, " One More Cup of Coffee ," " Isis ," and " Mozambique " were all rehearsed with Dylan on guitar and Rivera accompanying on violin.
According to GM, no accompanying Pontiac model was planned prior to the Pontiac brand being discontinued, despite on-and-off rumors of a Firebird companion.
According to a Cree tradition recounted by Métis guides accompanying the North West Mounted Police in 1874, sometime around 1840 a band of Cree hunters followed a herd of bison into Blackfoot territory and made camp near the lake.
According to Dorothy K. Burnham who prepared an exhibit on textiles at the National Gallery of Canada in 1981, and published an accompanying catalogue raisonné, this type of finger weaving was learned by the residents of New France from the indigenous peoples.
* On According to Jim in the episode The Bachelor Jim and Andy sing Miss Susie ( omitting the first verse ) while accompanying the song with the piano and the harmonica.
According to eyewitness reports and notes accompanying offerings in later years, the original Toaster visited the tomb from sometime in the 1930s ( though no report appeared in print until 1950 ) until his death in 1998, after which the tradition was passed to " a son ".
According to the DVD accompanying the box set for 100, 000, 000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong, the Bon Jovi song " Out of Bounds " was written as the title song from the movie, but it did not make it.
According to the text, Sergius and Bacchus were Roman citizens and high-ranking officers of the Roman Army, but their covert Christianity was discovered when they attempted to avoid accompanying a Roman official into a pagan temple with the rest of his bodyguard.
According to Leonardo's notes in the accompanying text, written in mirror writing, it was made as a study of the proportions of the ( male ) human body as described in a treatise by the Ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, who wrote that in the human body:
According to her second surviving son, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Maria Barbara's death in 1720 came quickly and unexpectedly: J. S. Bach was accompanying his employer, the Duke of Köthen, as the duke went to take the waters at the Carlsbad spa ( the Duke brought his musicians along to provide him with entertainment ).
According to DVD commentary accompanying Voyagers second season, " Jetrel " was a conscious effort to use a similar delivery to create a metaphor for the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
According to the director, the four are introduced with accompanying characterisation: Ringo wanders aimlessly around Liverpool, at one point claiming that he has no imagination ; John appears with literary fanfare, as Frankenstein's monster who drinks a potion and turns into himself ; George appears in a surreal, Sitar-themed area that plays on his championing of transcendental meditation ; and Paul appears as a " modern Mozart ".
According to the accompanying episode commentary, actor Tom Smith, who played the Host, studied at drama school with David Tennant.

According and some
According to the fossil record, Lissamphibia, which includes all modern amphibians and is the only surviving lineage, may have branched off from the extinct groups Temnospondyli and Lepospondyli at some period between the Late Carboniferous and the Early Triassic.
According to economist Eduard Aghajanov, Armenia could have repaid them with low-interest loans from other, presumably Western sources, or with some of its hard currency reserves which then totaled about $ 450 million.
According to various ideas of the afterlife, the essential aspect of the individual that lives on after death may be some partial element, or the entire soul, of an individual, which carries with it and confers personal identity.
However, Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sussex said Kanzō Umehara considered the Ainu and some Ryukyuans to have " preserved their proto-Mongoloid traits " According to anthropologist Elsie Clews Parsons physical features of the Proto-Mongoloid were characterized as, " a straight-haired type, medium in complexion, jaw protrusion, nose-breadth, and inclining probably to round-headedness ".
According to the 2002 Russian Federation census, no responders gave the ethnonym Ainu in boxes 7 or 9. 2 in the K-1 form of the census, though some still might exist.
According to some writers, he even raped Cassandra inside the temple.
According to the Suda, a 10th century encyclopedia, Alexis was the paternal uncle of the dramatist Menander and wrote 245 comedies, of which only fragments now survive, including some 130 preserved titles.
According to the Suda he wrote 245 comedies, of which only fragments including some 130 titles survive.
According to Arab tradition, the ensuing war pushed Ghana over the edge, ending the kingdom's position as a commercial and military power by 1100, as it collapsed into tribal groups and chieftaincies, some of which later assimilated into the Almoravids while others founded the Mali Empire.
According to some scholars Ali ibn Yusuf was a new generation of leadership that had forgot the desert life for the comforts of the city.
According to some, however, she was killed by Telamon.
According to some traditional interpretations of the Book of Exodus, Book of Numbers, and the Letter to the Hebrews the Ark also contained Aaron's rod, a jar of manna and the first Torah scroll as written by Moses ; however, the first of the Books of Kings says that at the time of king Solomon, the Ark contained only the two Tablets of the Law.
According to their oral traditions, some time after the arrival of the Lemba with the Ark, it self-destructed.
According to some accounts, Hippotes married the same Melanippe who was the mother of Arne.
According to some accounts Aeacus was a son of Zeus and Europa.
According to some sources, the emir himself was behind Muhammad's fall, as well as Al-Mutarrif's death in 895.
According to some interpretations, the concept of ahimsa as expounded in the scriptures and law books is not meant to imply pacifism ; war is seen as a normal part of life and the natural duty of the warriors.
According to some scholars, he was more interested in spirituality than in critical text study, which was a specialty of many scholars at JTS.
According to some sources, Clinton was in his early years a death penalty opponent who switched positions.
According to Del Mar, this edition corrects nearly 3000 mistakes in the Breitkopf edition, some of which were remarkable.
According to accounts which vary in some of the details, in 340 BC the Byzantines and their allies the Athenians were under siege by the troops of Philip of Macedon.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word baroque is derived from the Portuguese word " barroco ", Spanish " barroco ", or French " baroque ", all of which refer to a " rough or imperfect pearl ", though whether it entered those languages via Latin, Arabic, or some other source is uncertain.
According to some Mahāyāna sources a bodhisattva is someone on the path to full Buddhahood.
According to the doctrine of some Tibetan schools ( like Theravāda but for different reasons ), only the first of these is recognized.
According to the Torah, Benjamin's ( or in some countries, Biniam's ) name arose when Jacob deliberately corrupted the name Benoni, the original name of Benjamin, since Benoni was an allusion to Rachel's dying just after she had given birth, as it means son of my pain.

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