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According and editors
According to the studies of James Curran, the system of shared values among editors in Britain has generated a pressure among authors to write to fit the editors ' expectations, removing the focus from the reader-audience and putting a strain on the relationship between authors and editors and on writing as a social act.
According to columnist and biographer Mike Royko, Daley got along better with editors and publishers than with reporters.
According to the editors of these popular science magazines, the publications were designed to serve as “ organs of science ,” in essence, a means of connecting the public to the scientific world.
According to the auto editors of Consumer Guide it had " an unusually long option list for the era " so owners could have luxury and conveniences typically found in more expensive cars, and these options " came with a much higher profit margin " for the automaker.
According to 19th century textual scholars these rules originate from two different layers in the priestly source, thought by scholars to be one of the source texts of the Torah ; the priestly code within the priestly source is believed to be a series of additions to the text, from Aaronid editors, over a long period.
According to the new, full translation put out by the Naval Institute Press, nearly all errors can be attributed to the editors, with only a few being the fault of Jules Verne, who was meticulous in his presentation of science within science fiction.
According to his biographer Richard S. Lambert, the first volume of Barrington's memoirs about Australia, " A Voyage to Botany Bay ," is the work of Barrington's that is least changed, or wholly invented, by editors and publishers.
According to the editors of Dragon magazine, Pool of Radiance was based on Ruins of Adventure, and not vice versa.
According to this theory, in 1554, after the immolation of Michael de Villeneuve / Servetus, the editors and printers that had worked with him would have decided to make a new De Materia Medica as a tribute to their colleague and friend.
According to the editors of the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica:
According to the National Association of College Stores, the entire cost of the book is justified by expenses, with typically 11. 7 % of the price of a new book going to the author's royalties ( or a committee of editors at the publishing house ), 22. 7 % going to the store, and 64. 6 % going to the publisher.
According to the remaining editors of Green Anarchist, this happened following a conflict over what was perceived to be his nationalistic tendencies.
According to the editors of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, the prevailing notion in ancient middle eastern cultures was that bodily ailments and defects, such as blindness and loss of hearing, as well as circumstantial ailments, such as poverty, were punishments for sin ; the blind, together with cripples and lepers, were outcast by society and were prevented from entering towns, becoming paupers as a result.
According to the Dungeon editors, the adventure's defining moment was its froghemoth creature, and its full page color illustration.
According to DC editors, the Red Son universe is one of the new post-52 Earths, each of which represents a different incarnation of the standard DC comics characters.
According to the " Mark Twain Project " editors of this series, No. 44, the Mysterious Stranger is the definitive version of the text as close as possible to what Twain would have published had he lived to do so.
According to the commentary by the editors, " The Medallion " was not American-made, although Columbia-TriStar bought the distribution and editing rights worldwide except in Japan, France, and Hong Kong ( but these three countries retain the American cut of the film, the only cut ever made ).
According to the editors, the first edition was small ( 150, 000 copies ) and relatively expensive due to the limited supplies of paper available from the state.
According to the editors of Dragon magazine, Pool of Radiance was based on Ruins of Adventure, and not vice versa.
According to the editors of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia, the phrase netilat yadaim referring to washing of the hands, literally " lifting of the hands ", is derived either from Psalm 134: 2, or from the Greek word natla ( αντλίον in Hebrew נ ַ ט ְ ל ָ ה ), in reference to the jar of water used.
According to Volksfront, the editors of Gangland misrepresented the program to Volksfront and did not follow the terms of the agreement in regards to editorial control, other interviewees and source material.
According to Brut Aberpergwm, a purported medieval Welsh text which was accepted as such by the editors of the Myvyrian Archaiology but which is now known to be the work of Iolo Morganwg, Caradog was slain in the 796 battle.

According and 1897
According to the Russian Empire Census of 1897, 1446 persons in the Russian Empire reported Ainu language as their mother tongue, 1434 of them in Sakhalin Island.
According to the 1897 Easton's Bible Dictionary, it is possible that Malachi is not a proper name, but simply means " messenger of YHWH ".
According to the preface to the Code, " From 1897 to 1907 a commission was engaged in an effort to codify the great mass of accumulating legislation.
According to the census data of the Russian Empire, during the 19th century the ethnic Romanians decreased from 86 % ( 1817 ) to 47. 6 % ( 1897 ).
According to Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 66, 000, Jews constituted 41, 900 ( so around 63 % percent ).
According to Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 66, 000, Jews constituted 41, 900 ( around 63 % percent ).
" According to a 29 May 1897 diary entry written by her father's distant cousin, Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia, she was given the name " Tatiana " as an homage to the heroine in Alexander Pushkin's novel in verse Eugene Onegin.
According to Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 28, 700, Jews constituted 11, 200 (~ 39 % percent ).
According to the Russian Empire Census of 1897, there were 120, 191 Germans in Latvia, or 6. 2 % of the population.
According to page 7 of the book Coraopolis, by Gia Tatone, Coraopolis Historical Society ( 2007 ), " The newspaper Frank Braden, Jr. uncovered was simply called the News and was published in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, on June 5, 1897.
According to resident Charles Stuart, whose property contains the fabled rock where Blue Dog and his master were killed, the first written account of the Blue Dog legend dates back to 1897.
According to the Marble Hill Press ( Oct. 28, 1897 ), the McMinn Mill had recently burned.
According to Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who has written extensively about his hometown, the most likely story as to how the town received its name was that when George Frederick Colton was looking for gold in the area in 1897, he supposedly said that it would take a searchlight to find gold ore there.
According to the Russian census of 1897, Jews numbered 25, 500, 35. 3 % of the total of 73, 500. The population was also 25. 8 % Russian, 22. 7 % Polish, 6. 6 % Lithuanian.
According to the Russian census of 1897, out of a total population of 69, 700, Jews numbered 32, 400 ( so around 44 % percent ).
According to the 1897 census, the earliest census taken in the region, Kazakhs constituted 81. 7 % of the total population ( 3, 392, 751 people ) within the territory of contemporary Kazakhstan.
According to Francis B. Dedmond, " after a stay of well over a century at Fulham and years of effort to ffect its release, the manuscript was returned to Massachusetts " on May 26, 1897.
According to John Dewey's, My Pedagogic Creed ( 1897 ), education is only as individual as our society allows it to be.
According to a biography from the Nebraska Hall of Fame, Crawford was a star athlete at Wahoo High School, leading the team to two state football championships in 1896 and 1897 and was also noted for “ foot racing ” wherever he played.
According to the first census of the Russian Empire in 1897, the population of the Vilna Governorate was distributed as follows:
According to Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 30, 800, Jews constituted 9, 500 ( around 31 % percent ).
According to the Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 21, 200, Jews constituted 10, 800 ( around 51 % percent ).
According to imperial census in 1897 total population of Zangezur uyezd constituted 137 971 people.
According to a local legend, Perkins spent the summer of 1897 deciding which woman to marry while he conducted his topographical survey of San Jacinto Peak and its environs.

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